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Tips to Ace Your Disney College Program Phone Interview

Updated on April 14, 2016

Do your research

What I think is the most important thing to do is to know what role you want and know about the “Disney Look.” The interviewer will ask you what roles you think you are most qualified for, so really think about this before your interview, it’s important that you have a good answer. Also, you will be asked about the “Disney Look,” if you don’t know what it is, look it up. Your interviewer will tell you their guidelines, but it’s best if you go in knowing how they want you to look.

Find a quiet, comfortable spot

Many people will tell you to walk around or talk to a mirror during your interview, but I think you should do whatever makes you the most comfortable and relaxed. I interviewed while sitting in bed, for example, and this helped to calm my nerves because I was relaxed and not all stressed out. It’s absolutely fine though if you do want to pace or talk to a mirror, do whatever you think is best for you. You should just make sure that there’s phone reception wherever you decide to interview.


I have a bad habit of talking too fast and forgetting to breathe (not to mention, I also have asthma, which doesn't help). While you’re waiting for your phone to ring, do some breathing exercises. Try breathing in for four counts, hold the breath for four counts, and exhale for four counts; do that four times. This will help relax you and clear your head so your blood is pumping and you can appear calm, cool, and collected.

Remember your interviewer's name

This is an important one because it shows that you’re paying attention and professional. They will tell you their name when you first answer, so if you don’t hear it, it’s okay to ask them to repeat it. I would suggest you try to use their name a few times during the interview, especially at the end when you are thanking them.

Have fun

This is the “Happiest Place on Earth” you are interviewing for, so this isn’t a strict interview. You are aloud to laugh. This will actually help you, not only to calm down, but also develop a better relationship with your interviewer. It’s okay though if you don’t laugh because you’re too nervous, just do whatever feels natural.

I’m not saying that if you follow these tips that you’ll guaranteed to get accepted, I’m saying that, by doing this, I have calmed myself down enough to have two successful interviews. I would like to wish you luck on this magical journey. I will be sending faith, trust, and a whole lot of pixie dust your way.


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