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A Creature Discovered In the Oeans that Cleanse Earth

Updated on December 14, 2021
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Claudette Carter has been a writer for more than 30 years. Graduated from Widener University and enjoys focusing on positive things in life.

A Photo from CBS This Morning of this Amazing Newly Discovered Creature

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A photo of the newly discovered Larvacena creature that uses mucus to clean our oceans of carbon.
A photo of the newly discovered Larvacena creature that uses mucus to clean our oceans of carbon.
A photo of the newly discovered Larvacena creature that uses mucus to clean our oceans of carbon. | Source

What are Larvaceans?

Kakani Katija explains, “What is really amazing about these animals is their ability to create complex structures completely out of mucus that they secrete. This camera give them these images of the tiny creature at the center of the sometimes three foot diameter web of intricately constructed mucus.”

A Creature Discovered In the Oceans that Cleanse the still Earth

It was awe inspiring to see such an amazing creature called #Larvacean. In the special series called Climate Change Warriors where Deep Sea Creatures Help Remove Carbon from the Oceans. The television news program CBS This Morning featured this unique creature. It was amazing because once again our Grand Creator Jehovah still astounds us with newly discovered animals that impress us through their abilities.

News anchor Anthony Mason of CBS This Morning expressed, “This morning we are launching a new series called, Eye On Innovation. It will feature stories about the increasing roles science and technology is now shining a light on a mysterious sea creature called a Larvacean. Write that name class. We will be quizzed on that later. The little critter appears to be a vital and powerful ally in the fight against climate change. Jonathan Vigliotti spoke with scientists at the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute who introduced us to an animal we might not be able to live without.”

National News Correspondent Jonathan Vigiotti explored this peculiar creature by stating, “If you drained Monterey Bay in central California you would see a chasm the size of the Grand Canyon. It’s here that scientists just discovered a key to how the oceans keep #carbon out of our atmosphere. Kakani Katija of Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute said, ‘These animals that are less than ten centimeters in size are playing outsized roles in how things are moving around in our oceans. There’s the lazer housing here.’ Jonathan continued, Kakani Katija is the engineer who built and deployed this unique camera and lazer scanning system. It was just used to look inside a creature that has puzzled and amazed scientists for decades. Her team attached that system to a remote underwater vehicle that dove almost a mile deep in the bay to find their elusive subject.”

Now this new creature became even more intriguing. What do Larvaceans do and how do they cleanse the oceans? Jonathan went on to ask with an inquisitive smile, “What are Larvaceans?” Without hesitation Kakani expressed, “What’s really amazing about these animals is their ability to create really complex structures completely out of mucus that they secrete. This camera give them these images of the tiny creature at the center of the sometimes three foot diameter web of intricately constructed mucus.“ Jonathan laughs like a giggling school boy amazed by Kakani’s response, “So three feet of snot as you put it?” Katija agreed, “Exactly. So some people say snot palace. So I feel like a palace is a better term than just a house just because of the complexity. Right?” Jonathan continues as he reveals, “It was only when the crew deployed their new lazer scanning device, they were about to expore the interiors of those palaces. That’s when they discovered the creature‘s vital role in the ecosystem.”

Additional descriptions were presented by Kakani as she explained, “Those structures filter serves to filter particles and food from the water around them. You know if thise particles are essentially made up of carbon. They actually stay or confined are within those mucus structures and these animals will actually abandon these structures, swim away and build new ones.“ Katija shows Jonathan the animal’s mouth on a screen where she says, “It’s right there.”

Jonathan goes on to explain other interesting features, “As the Larvacena swim away the particle-laden web sinks to the ocean floor keeping the carbon trapped or in the marine food cycle out of earth’s atmosphere. Kakani then explained, ‘We have estimates that they filter anywhere from forty up to eighty liters per hour.’ Jonathan in shock with her response asked, Eighty liters of water an hour? Katija responded again, ‘Per individual. Here in Monterey Bay there is approximately 500 olympic pools being filtered per hour.‘ Jonathan said, Since carbon in our atmosphere traps heat and warms the planet scientists say anything that helps keep it sequestered in the ocean is a huge ally in our battle for climate change.”

Nature is a major source of inspiration. Our Creator Jehovah God is intelligent, humble and loving. When each of us take notice and highlight outstanding aspects of creation Katija explains, “I spend a lot of time looking to nature for designs or developments that could be inspirational for new engineering technologies. And so this is where I’m hoping the research will go.”

Jonathan Vigliotti now wanted to know, “How is it for man and woman to mimic what the Larvacean does? Katija responded, ‘It’s a great question. I wish l knew the answer.’ She laughs! Jonathan stated, It seems to me that if we could somehow tap into what the Larvacean knows and does, we could eliminate carbon permanently. Katija said, ‘Perhaps. It’s hard to say at this point.’ Jonathan responded, What’s easier to say since Larvacean have been found in every ocean basin on earth. These tiny palace builders of the sea play a huge role in keeping life sustainable for us back on land. He then asked, Are they amazing engineers? Katija explained with pure excitement, ’They are amazing engineers.’ Jonathan finalized the interview by stating, For CBS This Morning this is Jonathan Vigliotti, Monterey Bay, California.”

It is always interesting to hear the responses of Gayle, Anthony and Tony back in the New York studio. Anthony Mason with a broad smile said, “Wow! Is that fascinating. Gayle King responded with her opinion, ‘It loses the creepiness when you see what their doing.‘ Tony Dokoupil laughed, ‘A little creepy but a mucus palace.’ Gayle mentioned, ‘You lost me with the snot and the mucus palace but l got pass that to see what they did.’ Tony aadded, ‘I love this new series. Now the bar is set pretty high for good stories. That was an amazing piece.’ Anthony agreed, The images were stunning. Gayle laughed again as she said, ‘And Kakani Katija, one of the best names ever, like that too!’ Anthony laughed at Gayle as well and teasingly said, You liked everything but the mucus?”

What an amazing news report. It is my hope that we will see more information on God’s outstanding creations. This series will keep our interests as more of these beatiful animals are revealed. For more information on these and other magnificent creations go to the website

Disclaimer: Angelladywriter is not responsible for the advertisements that surround this page. She volunteers her services and receives no financial support.

Disclaimer: Angelladywriter, is not responsible for the advertisements that surround this page.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2010 Claudette Coleman Carter


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