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To be thankful to God, Doctor Bongiwe Tlailane.

Updated on February 14, 2016

To be thankful to God, Doctor Bongiwe Tlailane.


To be thankful to God, Doctor Bongiwe Tlailane.

‎BongiweDoctor Tlailane.

‎Ma and Dad left us on this with knowledge a private school education St Pauls Orange Grove, St Dominican Convent Jeppie‎ and land..........‎‎

‎Ma and Dad were in love and only had children amongst each other, soul mates.‎

‎What I learned from Ma and Dad even through demise be faithful, and the inheritance and stability of the family will be preserved.No other children surfaced when daddy passed, even though he was a multi million aire, that is the graceful wisdom I have adopted into my way of life and take on love, should it be true.‎

‎You studied for 7 years and became a Docter.If you study for 7 years passing at varsity you get your honours degree on the 4th yearand your masters degree on the sixth year.a professor on the 7th year.....

My little sister you have done well.

‎You were cautious, and did not smoke and drink when you gained your independence, university.You dated the man of your dreams and married him after 9 years and had a baby on the 7th year of courting, after you calculating, you completed your studies within the allocated period.

You secured your stature and class academically materially and spiritually.

‎You owned a property in waterkloof at age 30.Grace, hard work, execution and luck (mercy)

Nkgwete goes to an elite private school in waterkloof.

‎And you look meticulous, your brains, beauty timeless and those Calf muscles 10 out of 10 no matter which race colour or creed you renounce your inheritance‎.‎

stay amazing Doctor Tlailane.

‎May my niece Thembani "Baby Joyce" and Nephew Nkgwete "Pheko Jnr" have your endurance to succeed in all spheres of life.

May God Watch over Buthi Pheko and your in laws.

Do not be complacent there is more milestones to adventure, enjoy the ride, the darkness and worst is in the light.

Ma and Dad the universe :God and our angels are always protecting and guiding you.

‎Love Uncle Nathi‎


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