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~~~CAPRICORN Traits~~~

Updated on June 1, 2012

Meh Meh I am a goat and that’s no

joke. Oh Please don’t choke! I was

born under the sun oh yeah that sounds

like much fun.

I am a Capricorn and that’s just

how my life runs. Serious by nature

but you get to know me and I am

a clown I make people laugh a lot

with my perky sense of humor.

I like straight forwardness and when

you come to me please don’t bend no corner.

I take no side with wrong and right is right

with me. When I have an opinion I always

have a proper explanation to satisfy your quest

and thirst for my REASON.

I speak my mind if you want an honest answer

check me because I WONT tell you No lies. I

don’t like deceitful people and I obey Rules

to the letter and believe every one should to.

I am very loving and giving and will

go to the end of the world to help someone.

I put myself many times out of the way, yet

I seldom even receive thanks for it,

I get a kick in return. OUCH!!! It hurts but I

guess I don’t learn. People take my

kindness for weakness and my soft heart

becomes a trampling ground to run up and


I am very persistent at whatever I want to achieve.

I have patience to endure and endure but get this

goat real turned off and you will see my horns

flared high as can be. Believe you me you

won’t like to see a goat get real Raunchy.

I take insults VERY SERIOUSLY and can get

offended at some silly joke or someone trying

to make fun of me. I keep in the background

because I fear ridicule and embarrassment.

Yet on the other hand, get to know me and I

am a real chatter box.

I am very reserve when it comes to relationships

I do not rush into anything. I believe in waiting

being very subtle is my way. SHY as can be oh yeah

that’s me. I love my family and friends endlessly.

I am very emotional but keeps it under lock and key.

Don’t really display it to anybody I can be in love

with you and you’ll never know! Oh an when I

fall in love its deeper than the deep blue sea.

Oh yeah be always alert for when the GOAT gets

into one of its moods swings. We just feel like being

all alone, keep your distance because you will receive

a horn or two I am warning you.

Written by: Joanna Chandler

Copyright © 2012


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    • LadyFiddler profile image

      Joanna Chandler 5 years ago from On planet Earth

      Hi Polly Caps is between Dec 22- January 19th. My Bday was Jan 4th.

    • Pollyannalana profile image

      Pollyannalana 5 years ago from US

      You said this right! I think Mom was Capricorn, Dec 1? When is yours?