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Top 10 Recommended Study Habits

Updated on August 4, 2020
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Being a student is not that easy, you lose focus on things and tend to feel unmotivated. Here's a highly recommended study habits for you.


Studying effectively is a thing where most of the students find difficulty. There are some factors that can affect your study habits, one of them is a lack of sleep due to this, our brain lags and can become the cause of a short attention span. Good thing, there are habits that we should remember for studying. Choosing the right environment, limiting distractions, setting schedules and exercising your brain through games can help you improve your studying habits.

Some students have life issues and because of this, they feel unmotivated because of the thoughts that's bugging their head and attention but you need to remember, it is a phase where lots of challenges really occurs and you need to progress from time to time.

If you want to achieve a better grades, you need an effective study habit. Cramming is not a solution to this, it only builds pressure and most of the time it only messes things up. The only thing that can help you is to study smarter. Here are some guides to help you to have an effective study habits.

1. What is studying to you?

Many people think that studying is just a task and not an opportunity to learn. Some says that it's a matter of approaching the situation if something matters then you will approach it differently and delightedly. The right mindset can help you in order to study smarter.

Remember, you cannot force yourself to the right mindset and it is during the times you should simply avoid studying. Being distracted by different issues before studying will just make you vent the frustrations on your study. Remember to always come back once your problem is settled.

Tips to help you improve your study mindset:

  • Think positively, you need to remind yourself that you have the ability and skills to finish the task that is given to you.
  • Avoid those thinking that will let you down yourself even more or simply the catastrophic thinking. Example: "I am so messed up, I can never do this, I don't have much time to finish things up"
  • Do not compare your progress to others. Yes, some can finish everything in just a short time, while some takes a longer time, but the most important thing is, you finished it.

Lessen your negative thoughts, start thinking positively.
Lessen your negative thoughts, start thinking positively. | Source

2. Study environment.

A lot of people make mistakes in choosing the best place to study, which is not favorable to concentrating. It means that a lot of distractions makes a poor study area. If you are in a dorm, the TV, computer and even your roommate can be a more interesting subject than your reading material.

The best environment that you can try is the library, a peaceful coffee shop and a study lounge. Just make sure to go to a not crowded place or loud spaces. Do not settle to "good enough" there are many best places for your study habits. It is not just good for studying, maybe sometime in the future you can rely to this places.


3. Bring everything you need, not everything you don't.

People often forget to remove unnecessary things on their bags, that's why we became disoriented in finding the necessary. For instance, laptops can be a convenient way to write down notes, but did you know that it can be a cause of multiple distractions because it can do many things? An old fashioned pen and paper will do the trick. Researchers found that using those will help you remember things easily. Keep your phone in your pocket or purse at to lessen the distractions.

The things you need for your class is the top priority, it is a waste of time and energy running back and forth for the things that you forget. This may result to a less focused mind. You can also play your music while studying if you are comfortable with that but limit the changing of track because your phone is the worst enemy of concentration.


4. Rewriting and outlining your notes.

Most people find that outlining your notes can make you boil information up to the last drop. Connecting similar concepts makes it easier. Always remember when outlining that you need to outline those only important key words. You can rewrite it, to make it more understanding and also to remember those important items.

Writing notes can be helpful because it awakens your senses, the more senses you use, the more you are going to remember the needed information. Writing puts your ideas and information into the words that you understand. Saying words out loud while writing your notes is another part of your senses.

Outlining your notes is a must
Outlining your notes is a must | Source

5. Mnemonic devices and memory games.

Giving mnemonics to your reviewers and playing memory games can help you remember the pieces of information that needs to be retained. Most people make sentences even if it is nonsense because that is easy to remember. Do you know the "EBGBDF" (Every Good Boy Deserves Fun) mnemonic? It is for the five notes of the treble cleft that students used to remember.

Your mnemonics must be easy to remember and should be memorable. Take note: Some people find it hard to remember mnemonics and it doesn't work for them that well, if this doesn't work for you, it is better to not use them.

Mnemonics are used to remember visual and active images than remembering the items on your list. A better memory comes from using more of your brain.

Mnemonics for your brain
Mnemonics for your brain | Source

6. Practice with your friends or by yourself.

Old but a good way for starters! Practice makes perfect. The means of practicing by yourself is about testing what have you learned from your study session. Making practice exercises, exams, and flash cards can be a way to measure it. Use exams as a guide and challenge for you studying. Do not focus on the old exams because you might get disappointed when your expected question does not appear.

You can also enjoy reviewing with your friends, if you can't understand something, you can ask them directly and let them explain it to you. Compare class notes to see if you miss anything, work through the chapters together and answer your prepared review questions. But remember, not everyone find this helpful, nonetheless, it might work for you.

Group study can help you excel
Group study can help you excel | Source

7. Make a schedule.

Have a study schedule, some people do read their notes everyday for just 30 mins a day. It can help you to remain a good pace when you are starting. Prepare your schedule before-hand and you can see that it is much less hassle. Cramming session is not always the answer especially studying before an exam. It will drained you brain cells up to the last minute and get you pressured.

Study regularly through the entire semester. You can do it once or twice a week. Just make sure you open your book, read it advanced before a week before the exam and it can help you quite a lot.

Scheduling will make it a lot easier
Scheduling will make it a lot easier | Source

8. Have breaks, take rewards.

Because many people think that studying is a task, it's our nature to avoid it. However, using a reward system can help you be consistent and surprised that you can do the job easily.

Grabbing a snack for 5 minutes after an hour of studying can be much more realistic than having no breaks. You can find this more sustainable and enjoyable.You can also say to yourself that "I'll have some good dessert tonight because I worked hard today" or "I'll play my favorite video game because I finished my task". Taking a break is not a bad thing, just be responsible.

Treats for your fatigue
Treats for your fatigue | Source

9. Be healthy and balanced.

Having a balanced life while enrolled in a school can be challenging. There are parties, hang outs and many other form of distractions. Think of it as a good challenge. If you hang out and party the night before an exam, you might get in trouble. Instead of having a failing grades and retaking the subject, why won't you finish the exam productively and party after?

A good sleeping time can help you improved, same goes with a balanced diet. Took vitamins and exercise regularly for the oxygen to cycle through your brain. Brain need a lot of oxygen because it's the most exhausted organ of our body. Some people doesn't like to eat whenever they are going to study because they feel sleepy or their brains cannot function entirely. Eat vegetables, they are much faster to digest than meats. Being disciplined is always the key.


10. Know the class expectations.

Professors and teachers have different expectations on their students. Some loves it when you are taking notes while listening, while others just want you to focus on their discussion. Talking to your professor can help you to see the difficulties of the course. Ask him/her about the course outline and their specific requirements to pass the subject. If you cannot understand their teaching, you can always approach them and say that you didn't get this part.

You also need to set your own expectations. The more you want to get a high grade, the more you will put effort and time to your class. Always listen to what the instructor says, you can write their key points and review it after they finished the class.

If you get a bad grade on your exam, you can talk to them and they will help you understand what happened and what efforts you should do more.

Learning is a challenge, not a task!

Studying is not always about passing or having a failing grades. It is a way to learn new things and to gain knowledge. Have some fun while learning, enjoy the new things and take it as a new way to show your interests.

Always remember that it is only a phase in life which you can come through. If they can do it, definitely, you can do it too. Do your best, have some faith and you'll realize that the career you are taking will not waste your energy and time. Hopes up! You can do it!

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