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Washington DC Aerospace and High Tech Jobs

Updated on March 30, 2016
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Ms. Inglish offers 25+ years successful experience in Medicine; Health- and I/O Psychology; STEM courses, and Aerospace Education (CAP).

Greater DC Suburbs in Virginia

Three suburbs to the west and northwest of our nation’s capital are recognized by in the 2010s listings of the Best 25 Places to Move for work in the country. These are:

  1. Franconia VA – Number 13
  2. Leesburg VA – Number 16
  3. Centreville VA – Number 17

All 25 of these Best Places to Move are so-recognized, because more people move into these cities from out-of-state and from other countries than is true for other cities around the country, even if they are expanding.

A larger number of people are migrating to the 25 places honored on the list than into other places around America.

Washington DC Area

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Downtown Leesburg, Virginia - a suburb of Washington DC.
Downtown Leesburg, Virginia - a suburb of Washington DC.
Downtown Leesburg, Virginia - a suburb of Washington DC. | Source

American Migration

A larger number of people are migrating to suburbs honored by than into other places around America.

Alexandria Area

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A markerFranconia VA -
Franconia, VA, USA
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B markerAlexandria VA -
Alexandria, VA, USA
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Franconia, Virginia

Franconia is nearest Washington DC. This unincorporated community is about 15 miles away and an unincorporated community in Fairfax County, Virginia. Its population approximately 35,000 in 2009. Franconia is also near to Alexandria VA, a historic city in its own right and often visited by vacationers in the DC area.

Franconia was established around 1870 after the Civil War by the construction of a railroad station called Franconia on the site, initiated by the old RF&P Railroad. It was just a whistle stop community until is began to develop 80 years later around 1950 during the Cold War. It drew increasing numbers of residents as a suburb of DC. It is likely growing the most quickly of the three suburbs mentioned here, because it is the closest to the American Capital.

West In The DC Metro Area

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A markerLeesburg VA -
Leesburg, VA, USA
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B markerCentreville VA -
Centreville, VA, USA
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Centreville, Virginia

Centreville is next farthest of this trio of suburbs from the capital, approximately 20 miles away. It is also located in Fairfax County and enjoys a population of 51,000+. It is also an unincorporated community.

Leesburg is furthest from DC – about 40 miles away to the northwest - and is the county seat of Loudoun County, Virginia. It sits along the Catoctin Mountains and beside the Potomac River with a population of about 40,000 people. Leesburg is also an incorporated city and located at the end of Dulles Greenway toll road that joins the Dulles Toll Road for Washington Dulles International Airport. This makes Leesburg an excellent residential suburb for Washington workers. The city is growing quickly, with marked expansions around the Dulles Greenway and along the Potomac River towards DC. In addition, another important feature of the city is the Washington Air Route Traffic Control Center, a vital transportation facility for our nation.

Another very quickly growing DC suburb on the Forbes list is Gaithersburg, Maryland (review at the link).

Area Map of Selected DC Suburbs

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A markerLeesburg VA -
Leesburg, VA, USA
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B markerFranconia VA -
Franconia, VA, USA
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C markerCentreville VA -
Centreville, VA, USA
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D markerGaithersburg MD -
Gaithersburg, MD, USA
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Large Numbers of Jobs Open

Recently, the job search and trending organization named Washington DC the Easiest City in the US to Find a Job, because of the number of job openings compared to job seekers.

Effective job matching services by government employment services, career coaches, recruiting agencies. and staffing services can help make these job openings useful job seekers.

Job postings recently included approximately 225,000 employment openings for this metro area, out to a radius of 25 miles from city center, largely in IT, Healthcare, and Sales.

National Conference Center - Leesburg, Virginia

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Aerial view (public domain).Toll booth on the Dulles Greenway (public domain).Centreville Confederate winter quarters, American Civil War (public domain).
Aerial view (public domain).
Aerial view (public domain).
Toll booth on the Dulles Greenway (public domain).
Toll booth on the Dulles Greenway (public domain).
Centreville Confederate winter quarters, American Civil War (public domain).
Centreville Confederate winter quarters, American Civil War (public domain).

Snapshot of Jobs 2016 - 2020

The highest demand jobs in the large metro area include:

  1. Project Managers - IT and others
  2. Software Engineers
  3. Systems Engineers
  4. Java Developers
  5. Program Managers - IT
  6. Occupational Therapists - These will help us learn how to live and work in outer space.
  7. Network Engineers
  8. Business Analysts
  9. Registered Nurses - RNs - Includes Travel Nurses
  10. Physical Therapists - Needed for Wounded Warriors, the elderly, active retirees, and the US Space Program.

Companies hiring the most new employees:

  1. Booz Allen Hamilton - Aerospace
  2. Bae Systems - Aerospace
  3. Northrop Grummon - Aerospace
  4. CACI International Inc - Aerospace
  5. General Dynamics - Information Technology, Aerospace
  6. Leidos - IT, Aerospace, Defense
  7. Safeway grocery stores
  8. Harris Teeter grocery stores
  9. PetSmart
  10. CVS Health
  11. McDonalds Restaurants
  12. Barr-Nunn Transportation - Trucking and Freight

Employment Projections for the DC Area to 2018

Official government predictions for jobs expected to increase in number most significantly by 2018 in the larger DC area, including the suburbs include the following positions.

  1. Cashiers and general Clerks/Attendants
  2. Full Service Waiters and Waitresses
  3. Retail Salespeople
  4. Food Service Jobs, Fast Food and Casual Dining
  5. Janitors and Cleaners, except Maids
  6. Office and Accounting Clerks
  7. Security Guards
  8. Management Analysts
  9. Business Operations Specialists
  10. Accountants and Auditors
  11. Registered Nurses (RNs)
  12. Computer Software Engineers all types
  13. Computer Systems Analysts
  14. Network Systems and Data Communications Analysts
  15. Mainstream Elementary School Teachers (Pre-K through5)

High Demand Centreville Job Listings

The following openings were found within 15-miles of Centreville.

  1. Intelligence Analysts
  2. Registered Nurses (RNs)
  3. Systems Engineers
  4. Certified Nurse’s Asstss (CNAs)
  5. Network Engineers
  6. Project Managers
  7. Systems Integrators
  8. All Source Analysts - Intelligence
  9. Systems Engineers
  10. Software Engineers
  11. Physical Therapists
  12. Program Managers
  13. Java Developers
  14. Business Analysts
  15. Operations Subject Matter Experts

Top Franconia Job Listings

Top jobs listings are located within 15 miles of Franconia and do not overlap with Centreville job openings.

  1. Registered Nurses (RNs)
  2. Project Managers
  3. Systems Engineers
  4. Program Analysts
  5. Program Managers
  6. Administrative Assistants
  7. Java Developers
  8. Physical Therapists
  9. Care Team Clincial Techs
  10. Network Engineers
  11. Business Analysts
  12. Clinical Nurse III’s
  13. Occupational Therapists
  14. Web Developers
  15. Systems Administrators

Top Hiring Companies Among the 3 Suburbs

  1. General Dynamics IT
  2. Inova Health System
  3. Northrop Grumman
  4. SAIC
  5. CACI International, Inc.
  6. Booz Allen Hamilton
  7. Lockheed Martin Corporation
  8. BAE Systems-IT
  9. Raytheon
  10. CSC Computers
  11. ManTech International Corporation
  12. Freddie Mac
  13. CriticalConnection – Healthcare
  14. Deloitte
  15. Mitre Corporation
  16. Shady Grove Adventist Hospital

Best Leesburg Job Listings

Over 50,000 job openings were found within a 20-mile radius of Leesburg, Virginia:

  1. Intelligence Analysts
  2. Project Managers
  3. Systems Engineers
  4. Network Engineers
  5. Certified Nurse’s Assts (CNAs)
  6. Java Developers
  7. Software Engineers
  8. Physical Therapists
  9. Business Analysts
  10. Systems Integrators
  11. All Source Analyst - Intelligence
  12. Systems Engineers
  13. Administrative Assistants
  14. Program Managers
  15. Occupational Therapists

Variety of Jobs Available

There are so many job openings, that each suburb above boasts a Top 15 Hot Jobs, rather than only 10 hot job titles. Although several similar job listings appear for the three suburbs listed above, these are not the same job openings.

Each of the communities offers these positions within a 15-mile radius of city center. All of these suburbs are job-rich and many suburban residents commute back and forth to DC for their careers as well. Efficient, well maintained light rail services help to make this possible, reducing commuting times and drawing increasing numbers of new workers to the DC suburbs.

Visit Washington DC - Practical Info

© 2009 Patty Inglish

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