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Top 3 Meteor Showers 2011

Updated on June 15, 2011

One of the coolest things to do, as well as one of the coolest things to see, on the entire planet is a full-fledged meteor shower. Think about it. There you are, laying on some piece of ground, maybe it's on your deck, perhaps on the roof of your car; the black expanse opens up above you, thousands - millions upon millions - of stars, their faint glow, filling your iris. Then suddenly one moves. Then another. Your eyes become wider, your heart filling up with something intangible.

Alright, so that was a tad bit of granduer imagery. But you get the idea. Meteor showers are cool; they are astronimical events that can be shared by the world. 2010 meteor showers were said to be some of the best in years. But how about 2011 meteor showers?

The list of 2011 meteor showers is actually quite large; there are hundreds of different meteor showers in 2011, some big, with some only being a few hundred shooting stars. Although the small ones are cool to glance at, it's the big 2011 meteor shower events that you want; you want the ones where, in a single minute, you can witness hundreds of shooting stars.

Luckily the schedule of 2011 meteor showers has a few dates of these. For example August 2011 meteor showers are set to be the biggest yet; furthermore the Perseid meteor shower 2011, well, it's going to be spectacular.


Great Video of Perseid Meteor Shower

Perseid Meteor Shower 2011

The Perseid meteor showers 2011 is one of the leading shooting star events of the 2011 August meteor showers.  Set to occur in Early august, the Perseid meteor shower occurs when the comet, 'Switf-Tuttle', at least the tail of it, passes by Earth, resulting in thousands, if not millions, of particle to burn up in the atmosphere.  The results?  One of the best meteor showers of 2011. 

The Perseid meteor shower 2011 is set to occur sometime between August 12 - 13th .  At it's peak, observers should be able to witness 60 meteors, or shooting stars, per hour. 

The one downfall for this years Perseid meteor shower is that it's likely to coincide with a full moon.  This will, of course, take away some visibility.  Still, in places away from city lights, you should still be able to see a good show. 

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Draconids Meteor Shower 2011

This is the meteor shower date of 2011 that is flying under the radar.  No one, at least not in the mainstream, knows about this little secret.  How amazing of a meteor shower is this going to be?  Very amazing.

The meteor shower is set to take place between October 6th to October 10th 2011.  Usually, at least in the past three or four years, this shower has taken place a long side a full, or half-full, moon; this has resulted in the skies not being quite as dark as they normally world.  This year, however, there is expected to be a new moon in early October, giving the skies the perfect opportunity to be lit up. 

The climax?  On October 8th, 2011, Earth will have a head-on collision with a tendril of dust, which, should, in theory, result in - get ready for it - 750 METEORS per hour.  Now I don't use caps often but, come on.  750 meteors per hour will be one of the largest meteor storms in the last decade. 

Geminids Meteor Shower 2011

The Geminids meteor shower is often called the best meteor shower every year. Why? Because it happens in December, the darkest time of year, giving way to some spectacular and even colorful shows.

The peak of the meteor shower, as well as the 2011 meteor shower, takes place between December 13th and 14th; it usually gives arise to 60 - 70 meteors per hour, which, on average, is the highest out of any 2011 meteor showers (except for the Draconids).

Best viewing for this meteor shower will be after midnight.



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