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Top 5 Extra-Ordinary Open Subject Papers, sure to get you an A on uniqueness alone.

Updated on April 29, 2013

Number 5 - English Lit

While many people know that Winston Churchill was a diplomatic leader, and historian. Many people do not realize he was also an Author. I would suggest writing about Churchill's life, and referencing his rise and fall. As well as bring to light one of his books, "A History of the English Speaking Peoples."

This is a sure fire way to teach your professor, that Winston Churchill was more than a diplomat.

This Paper could work for History as well.


Number 4 - Sociology

Look, everyone is going to write a paper about how Facebook is changing the world of sociology and social interactions. Avoid popular subjects. The professor has to read why 40 people believe Facebook is changing the world. Stand Out.

This depends on your professor. Write something in depth about the rise and fall of a fad in around the time frame, your professor, was growing up. Note the social interactions of the people revolving around the fad. For example, if they were in college during the 80s, write about leg warmers or Jheri Curls, and the social interaction of the sort.

Be sure it relates to them. The more interesting you make it the more likely you are going to get an A for creativity.

I would definitely suggest, taking note of the race, age, and personality of your professor in this case. If they are of African decent, avoid writing about the social implications of the Civil Rights movement. They are going to get a ton of these papers. If they are White, be careful of US Presidents, and politics.

If you find it necessary, introduce something new, and relate it to something from the past, that they would remember living. Avoid political, race, or religion. You will take a chance on offending the professor, if you offend your Sociology professor, you are undoubtedly screwed.


Number 3 - Biology / Science

Avoid Current Events, like above, Biology professors are not an exception to the rule. They will read 40 papers on the Higgs Boson Particle, or the eradication of Polio. Be unique. Pick a subject that is going to stand out.

For Biology, I usually found it easier, for math or science, to pick a movie. Find a movie that has something to do with science, then disprove the movie on every annoying little fact.

For Example, A medical tv show or movie. Explain, how hokey, and stupid it is, that on the TV Show "Lost" Every time the doctor did CPR, he got the patient back, and the patient had no brain damage after having been down for 10 or 15 minutes.

Just an example, although I am sure, the "Lost" nuts, are going to tear me a new one on that topic. If you feel it necessary, we shall discuss this one in the Comments Section below, unless you are chicken.. If you are chicken, I understand.

The point is, to find, an unusual subject, write about it, and present it to your professor. College Research Papers, are not hard to complete. All the other things you have to do at the end of your semester, makes it hard. The best thing to do, is find a subject that is fun to write about. If it is fun to write about, it will be fun to read about..

** Just a side note **

If your class is medically based, you will find in the future, when you become the doctor, or the nurse you want to be. Medical TV shows will annoy the piss out of you with the inaccuracies. Professors in this subject are no exception.. Pro tip: Write about it!

Number 2 - History

Remember those subjects you spoke about in class?

From American History, to World History, it never fails. The majority of the kids in your class, are going to write a paper about something big that happened in history. This is your opportunity to distance yourself from that, and write something unique.

American History is so easy to write about. If you all have to write about the same subject. For example the German Attack on the Lusitania, defend the Germans. I guarantee, your paper will stand out above all. Because if you are American, you are programmed from birth that the Germans during WW2 and WW1 were evil!

The Germans during WW1 were tactically sound. Like WW2, their military was in tune. It was political egos, ultimately, that caused their demise in both wars.

Although, the Germans Attacked the Lusitania, killing American Citizens, from a military stand point, it was a just move. It was a just move, because the Lusitania, while carrying mostly passengers, was also transporting weapons and ammunition. Which changed it from a passenger vessel to a military vessel. The US would have, and has done the same thing the Germans did. The point mind you, is not to start a great debate. The point is to stand out to your professor, and ultimately land you an A for the paper.

History professors love to learn. They are not professors in history because it is easy. They do it for the love of the subject. Teach them something, or include facts about big topics, that no one else will. Do not do research from your text book. Interview people, hell even interview your professor, and ask questions about the subject in which you are writing.

Again.. be unique!

Number 1 - MATH

Want to talk about a hard subject to write about.. Jeez, math takes the cake. It is important to remember you are not actually writing a paper about 2+2=. You are writing a paper behind the definition of the Mathematics.

I always use history as my fall back. If I had to choose a subject to write on it would definitely be history. There are so many things that have happened in our past to write about. Mathematics is no different.

Like in the subjects above, I have harped on being unique. Math being the hardest subject to write a paper about. I only have a few suggestions for papers, that could, stand out, and get you an A for the paper.

  1. Mathematics wasn't just introduced as a precursor to currency.
  2. Mathematics wasn't just a precursor to physics.

Its important to remember those points. Mathematics, in some cases, had WAR intentions.

Did you know, without Mathematics, the Catapult, would have had no chance of success?

Without the Catapult, the Romans would have had a tougher time defeating the Kingdom of Dacia.

Again, without Mathematics, the Catapult, would never have been invented. Without Math, the computer or the phone, you are reading these tips from, would never have been possible.

Without Math, we as a whole.. Are screwed.

Pro Tip: Think about all the things that use math, and write about it. Avoid Cell Phones, computers, and today's technology.. Take it back, and do as the Romans did :)


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    • Ashleign profile image

      Ashleign 4 years ago

      Totally. At one time I worked in EMS. I have since changed careers. However, I spent many of the days I worked, in nursing homes. I found it to be a hobby of mine, rather than sit on the couch, to go back to the nursing homes, and get to know some of the residents there. Nursing Homes unfortunately are the last stop. There are plenty of people there, who just want someone to talk to. I have been writing a short story over the course of several years, involving one of the discussions I had with a resident at one of these nursing homes. Although, I know my elementary writing, could never do justice to this man's story, I feel it must get out. This man told me wonderful things about his life. Whether they were made up or not, well that's for the reader to decide :)

    • Jean Bakula profile image

      Jean Bakula 4 years ago from New Jersey

      It's interesting you said that. I've written a book of poetry and was thinking of going to a local nursing home just to read it, or any book, to the people there. I'm sure they would welcome visitors, and I'm a little shy, I need something to get my foot in the door. But I know so many families have members in homes like that, and don't go to see them too much. That's not a judgement, everyone is busy. It's just something I would like to do. You learn a lot of history from older people too.

    • Ashleign profile image

      Ashleign 4 years ago

      Thank you for your comment. I have always found it to be easier to stand out of the crowd of papers to write about something odd. Usually, off base material, and unheard of stories are usually the way to go. The best thing I have found for a source of these stories are to go to a nursing home. Sit and speak with the residents, see if they tell you some stories.. Usually you can find all different types of stories, many, no one has ever heard before.

    • Jean Bakula profile image

      Jean Bakula 4 years ago from New Jersey

      This is clever and informative, as everyone does tend to jump on the "latest" fad or improvement in any area. I recall when my son was in college, and was in a group of 4 guys who had to write about an important issue in our time. It was sort of BS, but they put a stick figure on the smartboard, and discussed how women in today's society feel they have to maintain a ridiculously low weight in order to be considered "acceptable" and "looking good." While I was skeptical, they got an A. And it was a strict, no nonsense professer. They get bored too! Nice job!