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Top 5 Legendary Swords of All Time

Updated on August 21, 2019
Rui Carreira profile image

Rui Carreira is a pop-culture-oriented individual, and he loves all things cinema, anime, gaming, and entertainment.


The Most Memorable Fantasy Swords, Coolest Historical Swords... and Epic Legendary Swords

Swords were always an item that represent the best virtues - honor, glory, courage, skill - and a fine collectible for lots of people worldwide (I'm a sword collector myself!).

This hub is about the top 5 most famous and legendary swords - If your favorite sword is not among these, make sure you leave me a comment to check them out!


Kusangi-no-Tsurugi: The Grass-Cutter Sword

Kusangi-no-Tsurugi was looted from the body of a giant snake and later on gifted to Yamato Takeru.

Yamato was with it one day when he found himself trapped on a plain full of grass - his enemies were plotting to set the plain on fire and this way turn Takeru into ashes.

Takeru had a panic attack and, with his panic, he started waving around his sword, trying to cut off the grass around him to avoid the fiery death.

Takeru awed when he realized he was controlling the wind itself and he waved his sword even harder, turning the fire towards his enemies, killing them all.

From that day on, Kusangi-no-Tsurugi was called the "Grass-cutter Sword".


4 - Anduril and Narsil: Elendil and Aragorn's Sword

Narsil was the sword of Elendil of the Dunedain - the sword he used while fighting Sauron and his forces.

The sword got broken in shards and Elendil killed, however his son, Isildur, picked up the hilt piece and with it he cut off the finger of Sauron which held the One Ring thus defeating Evil.

Later on, the sword was reforged and presented to Aragorn to prove him the heir to Isildur and rightful King of Gondor.

Aragorn renamed the reforged Narsil: Anduril "The Flame of the West".

Honjo Masamune
Honjo Masamune | Source

3 - Honjo Masamune: The Shogunate's Might

Masamune, a Japanese Blacksmith, was known to be the best metallurgic in the world. His weapons are all legendary, but his most important work was the Katana Honjo Masamune.

This sword represented the Edo Shogunate, passed down trough generations and symbolizing the Shogunate's Might.

The artifact disapeared around 1946 - the last known owner was Sgt. Coldy Bimore (U.S. 7th Cavalry).

I would love to find it for myself.... oh well...


2 - The Lightsaber: Cinema's Most Iconic Weapon

The Lightsaber is probably one of the most famous fictional swords.

Even tough it is fictional, there is a lot of science involved in building a lightsaber and about their colors, hilt types, class requirements (being force sensitive, Dark Side vs Light Side...)

It is a very complex weapon and you can unravel all it's secrets here.

Its the only sword in the list that isn't made of metal.


1 - Excalibur: King Arthur's Sword - Not the Sword of Mars

The magical sword that marked our childhood is often confused with the sword of Mars. You see, the sword of Mars is the sword that Arthur pulled from the stone to prove his lineage while Excalibur was the one given to him by the Lady of the Lake - It isn't the same weapon.

Excalibur had the power to blind Arthur's enemies and it was unbreakable. Its scabbard made King Arthur invulnerable - but it got lost, so Arthur died in the Battle of Camlann.

In his deathbed he ordered one of his knights to toss it back to the lake... where it still is.

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