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Top 5 Most Expensive Universities

Updated on October 26, 2017
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Gaurav Verma is a creative an Automobile Engineer also a creative Technical writer.

The most expensive public colleges in the U.S. It is the dream of many people in the United States to go to college. One of the main problems with that though is college can be very expensive, especially out-of-state. And some people can't justify the cost with the benefits. Next time you're looking at public U.S. colleges to attend, keep in mind that these are the most expensive ones out there. Let's get into this top five ranking.

Davis University
Davis University

5: Davis UC, California

Number 5 in our list the University of California, Davis UC. Davis is one of the 10 universities in the University of California system. It is the home of 36,100 students, of these 36 thousand about a fifth of them are graduate students, which is pretty high for such an expensive college. This is no surprise though once you find out that this is named one of the 31 public Ivy League schools in the U.S. large program.

It includes the engineering law and science schools giving a 36,000 students plenty of choices. Though there are some downsides to going to this college, if you're coming from out of state, expect to pay around $36700 per year for your schooling, and with an acceptance rate of just 42 percent, you might just want to cross this one off the list. If that price doesn't scare you though, UC Davis has a beautiful campus and incredible weather moving on to number four.

4: The Virginia Military Institute

The Virginia Military Institute ranked by Forbes is one of the top 25 public universities in the nation. The Virginia Military Institute is a small University located in Lexington Virginia with just 1653 students. This is certainly not at the top of many people's lists when it comes to looking for a college for the students that go there. The majority of the programs fall into the engineering sciences and liberal arts categories. The Virginia Military Institute is hardly what you think of when you think of public colleges through the day-to-day measures.

Here include strict military discipline combined with physically and academically demanding environment, if you decide to attend this college just know that there will be no sleeping on beds for the next few years of your academic life, there will also be no TV, music or unsupervised phone calls made. Combine that with a cost of around $39,550 and it's not puzzling why the student count is so low students. Come out of this university, completely ready for whatever the world throws at them, though and for some, that is exactly what is desired from a college. Coming in at number 3.

3: The College of William and Mary

Yet another college located in Virginia, the college of William and Mary is quite a large college with a few students like our last Virginia College. Many people probably haven't heard of this one, even with it being around for the past four hundred years or so. It was just a hundred years ago that the college was made public and since then the student count has barely grown.

At just eight and a half thousand students the population isn't too impressive for the twelve hundred acres at the college covers and with an acceptance rate of 34% there's not too high of a chance that this is the college you'll be calling home in the near future. This college comes in at number three on our list for its cost of around $40,500 per year. Luckily most of the majors here can put you in a job that will let you pay your debt back relatively quickly. Creating astronaut's, two head coaches, two secretaries of defense this school is definitely worth checking out if you have the money and the grades.

University of Virginia
University of Virginia

2: The University of Virginia

Next on our list at number two the University of Virginia. Being the third University on our list located in Virginia, you can probably tell that Virginia is full of some prestigious schools. This school, in particular, has a little something for everyone, with 121 majors in total along with 26 collegiate sports. This university was created in the 1800s after Thomas Jefferson. During the past two hundred years or so UVA has had some notable students attend and find their fame after graduating.

Some of these people include author Edgar Allen Poe, President Woodrow Wilson, eight astronauts, and several Pulitzer Prize winners. But with such fame comes large costs and low chances of attending. UVA admits just 29% of their applicants every year and that 29% will be set back around $43,800 yearly. That may be expensive but if you're lucky enough to get admitted into the school you might have to do a double-take for the University of Virginia.

University of Michigan
University of Michigan

1: The University of Michigan

Finally coming in at number one, The University of Michigan. The northernmost college on our list comes in at number one. Do you know, its year cost of around $50,300 being highest of all other schools on our list. The University of Michigan is one of the best research universities in the country and offers many programs to feel the desires of all students attending it. UM is also Division one in NC double-a and is over three thousand acres large enough to hold the 43,500students that go there and easily the biggest campus on our list.

With so many students you'd think that the acceptance rate at UM would be high in fact, it's just the opposite. UM accepts just 28% of applications each year and with fifty thousand applications made. This means that over thirty thousand people are denied to go there. To be one of the twenty-eight percent is special though. If you end up graduating you'll be in an elite group of alumni, some of the more prominent alumni include President Gerald Ford, Michael Phelps and many incredible figures in the science and engineering department. To be accepted to this school would be an honor and a privilege. But before attending keep in mind that you will be in a house's worth of debt by the time you finish school. Hope you guys enjoyed this.

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