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Top 5 reasons you shouldn't worry about the world ending.

Updated on November 30, 2012

Armageddon, The end of times, Doomsday, the list goes on and on. Whatever you want to call it, people are bugging out thinking that the world is going to end this year. Which is kind of funny, since about every 10 years there is a new reason the world is ending. Most recently it was Y2K, Global warming, now the end of the Mayan calendar makes us all targets to die at the end of the year. Doesn't it sound kind of silly?

Well don't you worry darling, don't fret, don't be scared. The world is probably not going to end, and even if it did end, I have the top 5 reasons you should not even worry about it.

Drumroll please....................

5. The world can end for anyone, any day as it is now. - I am sure you are saying to yourself, how is that possible? The world can end any day, anytime?? Yes it can, when you die. Anyone can die at anytime, and when you die, the world ends for you. Think about it, let that one marinate in your cerebrum. OK, so I am pretty sure you get it, good job, go and collect $200 when you pass go.

4. Do you think that people on the Internet have some doomsday secret that you don't? - Well surprise, because they don't. It's all a guessing game, they know as much as you do on this subject. There is no clear answer to the end of the world, or a timeline to dictate it. And since when have you valued the ancient Mayans predictions so much? So you don't believe in psychics but believe in the Mayans predicting Armageddon? C'mon man. Go call Dionne Warwick for financial advice then.

3. You don't want to look stupid when it doesn't happen. - There is nothing wrong with being prepared for the unexpected. But there is something wrong with making huge decisions affecting your present life based on expectations of a future outcome in which you don't know. You want to fill up the pantry and stockpile ammunition in your basement? Fine, that's cool, if anything happens you will be one up on the competition. But don't go quiting your job, robbing a bank or doing something crazy, because when January 2013 is on the calendar and we are all still alive, you will regret doing something stupid.

2. Stressing a problem that may or may not happen, does not stop it from happening or not happening. - I have talked to plenty of people that are really stressing the world ending. I am not even exaggerating one bit. They are so consumed with dwelling on this happening that they can't even function in their daily lives. You are allowing the stories to fill your mind. This is like being worried about captain hook kidnapping you, its not going to happen.

1. What could you even do about it? - Nothing. Unless you are secretly living as captain planet or spider-man by night, then chances are you couldn't stop the world from ending if it was to end. So get over it. If you insist on going crazy and preparing an arsenal for a zombie apocalypse, then do what you want to do, to me seems like a big fuss for nothing.

What do you think about this? Comment and let me know!

- Gritty

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      18 months ago

      Christian Viewpoint: The world will end, we just don't know when. Humans can speed up that time that it will end in a sense, but, I just want to live life to the fullest. But, thinking that the world will end today helps me live and do stuff I wouldn't do otherwise!


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