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Top Reasons to Study in London

Updated on November 15, 2012

Undeniably among the most influential, renowned and visited cities in the world; London attracts a whole bunch of visitors every year. It has a very appealing mix of culture and heritage, political progressiveness, forward fashion and art, modern lifestyle and world renowned educational standards. Due to this, along with its regular tourists it predominantly attracts foreign students from all around the world. To most of whom, to study in London is a dream of a lifetime.

London City
London City

Metropolitan City

London, being the foremost capital city in Europe offers a wide variety of historical, artistic, cultural and social activities. Studying here allows a student to gain first hand insight from a key figure in western democracy and one of the most progressive and influential cities in the world. When one decides to study in London; its dynamic social scene would presents avenues for creativity and developing fine social ethics. The city is known for having many restaurants, clubs and cinemas. Students studying the liberal arts can take full advantage of these. Those who are attending courses with intensive concentrations can also take these as diversions. It is not a secret that the city is one of the best locations in the world; and many take advantage of such.


Cultural Awareness

To study in London is to be culturally immersed. It is a house to world renowned museums, art galleries and theaters. All year-round, students have the opportunity to experience productions acclaimed not just in the city but throughout the world. These are not also limited to western culture productions. Most nationalities would have certain activities during the year, so it would not be hard being a foreign student as the city caters to a multitude of nationalities. There are thriving communities in the city that help create a ‘home away from home’ feeling. Getting around the city and these communities would also be easy as London has a sophisticated public transportation infrastructure. It would be easy commuting from school to a favorite hangout place. Safety is also assured.

Queen Mary University of London
Queen Mary University of London | Source


Kicking off one’s career in London is one of the best decisions an aspiring foreign student can make. To study in London is to study in internationally recognized institutions. A certification or diploma obtained from a London institution is given great value anywhere in the world. Most of these schools also present a variety of concentrations, affordable arrangements and even flexible time schedules. There are even certain institutions that hold classes at night. So the choice is definitely wide – to the delight of its huge student populace. The city alone holds approximately 900,000 students from about 200 nations. The possibilities are virtually boundless in this global city.


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