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Tornado Safety Tips for Children

Updated on April 3, 2011

Tornadoes are one of natures most dangerous natural disasters. They can cause a lot of damage to homes, businesses, land, and in some cases harm people. Sometimes tornades can strike with little to no warning. Tornadoes all have different levels of power. Weak ones may tear roofs off of houses. Strong ones such as F5 tornado's are known to pick up vehicles are throw them a 100 meters or more! It's also very difficult to predict how powerful a tornado will be -- and if it will even spawn down from the sky. Funnel clouds may form, but a tornado may not always spawn.

Tornado Safety for Kids

Tornadoes can be very scary, and taking the necessarily precautions can help ensure that you are safe in case of an emergency. A tornado watch means that its possible that a tornado could form, but there's also a chance it may not. It is basically a prediction. A tornado warning is more serious; it means a tornado has actually been seen in an area.

What to do if there's a chance a tornado may strike?
Listen to the radio or television closely to see whether or not there is a chance of a tornado. If there is a heavy storm forecast, there could be a tornado watch. If the tornado watch turns into a tornado warning, be prepared to seek cover. Local news channels will keep you posted if tornadoes could spawn in your area.

Key tips to keep in mind if a tornado strikes or there is a possibility:
Don't linger outside if there is a tornado warning. Get inside as quickly as possible. Take shelter in the basement of your house. If you don't have a basement, seek shelter elsewhere, or find the safest room in your house possible.

(1) Don't stay near windows. Heavy winds can break open windows. This is very dangerous and you could get injured.

Generally, bathrooms do not have windows and may be a good place to take shelter. Closets are also good places to take shelter. Find a safe room, and hide underneath a heavy piece of furniture or something similar. Trailers are easily damaged by tornadoes. If possible, seek shelter at another friend, neighbor or family's house if you have the time.

Tornado Safety for Children

Key tips to keep in mind if a tornado strikes or there is a possibility (cont.)

(2) Outside during a tornado? If this occurs, find the nearest building. If you can not find any buildings close enough, seek the lowest level such as a ditch, and protect your head Do not try to run from a tornado the entire time. Debris may be flying through the air and could hit you.

(3) If you are at school, listen to your teachers instructions. Schools usually have drills to protect children in case there is a chance a tornado may spawn. Most of time, individual classrooms will have an area of the school they go to. This is the area of the school that does not have windows.

(4) Also, never hide under a bridge. You are still outside during this, and even though the bridge may not be destroyed, TONS of debris will go underneath it.

After the Tornado is over
Even after a tornado strikes, it is still dangerous outside. Watch for broken glass on the ground or other debris that could hurt you. Also, be sure to make sure its safe, and there is no sign of another tornado. Power lines might have been damaged during when the tornado touched down. Stay away from those.

Tornadoes are very dangerous. Keep in mind that the size of the tornado does not indicate how strong it is. Treat every tornado just as dangerous as the next. Smaller to medium size tornadoes could have strong wind speeds. On the other hand, large tornadoes may have a weaker wind speed. Regardless, stay safe!!!


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