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The Dark Secret of Christianity - Everyday Murder?

Updated on July 8, 2016

Love Everyone! Except God's Animals...

I've met a lot of Chrisitans growing up (I was raised in the church) and only a TINY portion of them really grasp and practice living a life of love. The sermon at church would be on something related to the Bible, its teachings, love, kindness, gentleness, sacrifice, etc. Then at potluck they would serve the product of abuse, rape, torture and murder in the form of bacon, steak, and cheese.

They study the Bible. They pray 3 times a day. How do they miss some of the most basic biblical concepts?! We're suppose to treat our bodies as a temple. That entails proper nutrition. Opening the Bible to page 1 ('s on the FIRST page) we learn our bodies are designed to eat fruits and grains (Genesis 1:29). We also learn in the first book of the Bible that we're suppose to look after the animals. So....Where is it lost to the majority of Christians that we're not suppose to eat animals?

No, they were not put here for our consumption.

No, God did not give us His blessing to pay for factory farming.

Yes, Jesus ate fish. No, he did not have super markets full of grains and fruit from all over the world at his fingertips.

Most people don't see cheese and think, "rape, infection, steroids, puss, blood, murder." But that's the reality of it.

A Brainwashed Nation

Most Christians (and people in general) are simply unaware of the horror they're inflicting on other living souls. They're not evil, hate filled people. But there's a disconnect between slaughter houses and a hamburger. Most people don't see cheese and think, "rape, infection, steroids, puss, blood, murder." But that's the reality of it.

Meat and dairy are poison for our bodies and poison for our souls. We're taught at such a young age that it's ok to participate in paying people to slaughter animals so we can eat them. It's SO selfish and heartless. But we weren't always this way. Give a kid an apple and a bunny. Do you think he/she would eat the bunny and play with the apple? OF COURSE NOT! It's not in our nature - our design - to consume animals. We've been so socially conditioned to find it normal.

Society today finds it normal to murder an animal for the taste of it's flesh. It's so far from normal though. It's making our nation obese, sick, and sad. Our bodies don't want it. The animals don't want it. God doesn't want it.

Do you ever feel guilty about consuming meat and dairy products?

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A Plate Full of Hate

I've been called "extreme" before because I abstain from murdering animals for my pleasure. Isn't it funny how twisted the world has become? Origianlly, meat was used BECAUSE an extreme sitaution required it. Even athiests I've met know the story of the flood. Humanity was so sinful, sick, and corrupted that God sent a world wide flood and saved anyone willing to listen and get on the arc. He sent animals onto the arc as well to repopulate the world and use as food. I can't imagine what it must've been like to kill the animals for food for the first time on that boat....But apparently the practice stuck. It flourished. And now it's one of the leading industries in the US.

If people love God, they would love his creation too right? They would WANT to care for their bodies by eating fruits and grains. They would WANT to see animals alive and happy. How is there so much disconnect that the people who claim to follow God (and honestly believe that they are) don't see the murdered soul on their dinner plate?

A prisoner who wants to live
A prisoner who wants to live


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