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Tragedy Story behind TajMahal structure

Updated on April 22, 2011
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 TajMahal a symbol of love built by Shah Jahan. Everyone knows that Shah Jahan built Tajmahal for his lover Mumtaz. But rarely people knows about the painter who gave the design of TajMahal.

This hub will reveal the story behind TajMahal design. When Mumtaz passed away, Shah Jahan was in great depression and he wanted to do something for his lover. So he decided to build a building in the memory of his third wife Mumtaz.He wanted the structure to be highly appreciated by everyone, famous even after his death and also should symbolize the love that he had on his lover.Hence, he made an announcement to his country men. Announcement was for the painters to get a best design that should symbolize the love and the painters would be rewarded with whatever they want.

More than thousands of painters participated in the competition and a painter got selected. Shah Jahan requested the painter to bring a design or picture of the building symbolizing the love in a weeks time. The painter brought a painting in a day but the emperor did not like and asked to get a better painting. After two days the painter painted another design and shared it to the Emperor but Shah Jahan did not like the painting as well. Shah Jahan was so frustrated and informed that if the painter failed to bring a painting that impresses him then he will be sentenced to death.The unhappy painter went and met his lover and informed her that he would be dead by the next day.When the lover enquired the reason, the painter explained that "Shah Jahan is depressed with his wife's death and so he is expecting a painting that expresses his depression or sorrow but I couldn't bring that depression in my painting because my lover is still alive and I am so happy with my lover. Hence, I am unable to bring the emotion on my painting".

The lover gave hope to the painter that he could paint a better design tonight. Painter did not understand anything and went home. By the time, he reached home he got a news of his lover's death and a letter. In the letter it was written "Now you should be able to bring the emotion". The lover sacrificed her life by drowing herself in a lake. The same day the painter painted a wonderful design and gave to the emperor. The Emperor was so happy and he told that "This is the design that I was expecting". He also asked the painter to take anything of his wish. Painter told that "I lost my lover for this painting. I will not be happy with anything you give me without my lover." Painter killed himself.


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    • Health Talk profile image

      Health Talk 6 years ago from World

      What about he cut the hand of 20,000 workers who build this beautiful structure. more tragedic than this.

    • Leptirela profile image

      Leptirela 6 years ago from I don't know half the time

      Excellent hub...I had no idea this was the case :)

      useful hub brilliant

      you have a new follower