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Transformed Humans

Updated on December 2, 2013

Transformed Memories

Volume 4, Issue 14, November 27, 2013

In the new world of Nano-technology and transhumanism we ponder the capabilities of the nanoids, nanites, and the nanonites as the serotonin and hormones of the transhumanistic structure or world of Artificial intelligence. For both genders of the human existence the hormones in our cellular structure are the dictators of our memories and our pleasure center. The memories of the mind-brain are stored primarily in the hippocampus region of the mind-brain. There are different chemicals that are produced in the mind-brain to maintain a healthy and vibrant mind-brain. Serotonin and hormones are produced and affect the mind-brain’s memory and the regions of the brain where cognition is concerned. If the levels of serotonin are either too low or too high it affects the mind-brain in an unusual manner. The gender Hormones like estrogen and testosterone are also chemicals that affect the mind-brains memory and the receptors that are electrified in responding and reacting to neural impulses are called to respond or react. Each impulse is stored, trashed, or developed in the mind-brain where it decides whether it was a routine or not or memory or not. The functions that a mind-brain performs are similar to Artificial Intelligence (AI) or robotics in their respective Computer Programming Units (CPU’s).

What is fascinating is that artificial intelligence has been around for quite some time even before the 1980’s when the computer was born. Robotics has been around since 270BC when a Greek engineer made a robotic bird his name was CTesibus ( The theory of Artificial Intelligence has been around since the dawn of time and those philosophers who theorized on the subject were those who lived prior to Plato. Digital artificial Intelligence was designed and engaged by numerous engineers including these scientists:

  1. Norbert Wiener (Cybernetics)
  2. Claude Shannon (digital signals)
  3. Alan Turing (computation)
  4. W. Grey Walter (analog circuitry)
  5. John Hopkins (analog circuitry)

The artificial intelligence revolution

The evolution of Artificial intelligence to robotics and more recently transhumanism is something more profound that is in the making and intellectuals are theorizing about, and actually transitioning into in the present time, with the integration of new technology. So just what is transhumanism? It is an international cultural and intellectual movement with an eventual goal of fundamentally transforming the human condition by developing and making widely available technologies to greatly enhance human intellectual, physical, and psychological benefits ( The technology and human being are merged together to create an advanced being either intellectually or through enhancements in body parts that have more longevity and function more optimally than the human body alone.

Currently medical science is rapidly advancing and engaging new technology in the medical and science fields that include a revolutionary system called “Nano technology.” This advancement would definitely meet the definition of developing and widely available technology to enhance the human condition. The advancement of nano-technology is changing the existence of the human condition molecularly and cellularly ( So you can imagine the new sciences delving into Nanorobotics because science and engineering in the nano-technology fields is becoming more and more prevalent in all types of new fields especially biotech. The nanobot modifies and morphs the molecular system to improve health by either changing the composition of the cells or moving about like a cell to damaged areas and improving them. Furthermore, robotics like Alice whose developer has moved the robotic world into a new humanistic and futuristic phenomenon called, “transhumanism.” These types of robots are more humanistic and the first robot that had artificial muscles was called Lara, she was made in 2006.

We can all see that the rapidly changing environment that we live in is affected by new technology and the fusion of some of the most powerful intelligently designed capabilities are revolutionizing the current landscape. It is even projected that most US households will have robots in the home for home automation between 2017 and 2035.

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