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Tribute to Modern Times

Updated on October 2, 2012
Evolution of the Camera
Evolution of the Camera | Source

Snap! That’s all it takes, one snap of the camera and you successfully capture a moment in time. Everyone knows cameras were not always around. Once upon a time you would sit for hours on end for your portrait to be painted. But now taking a picture is just a normal part of this crazy thing we call life, we don’t even think about it, about how amazing this invention truly is and most of us don’t even know how it works or would even come close to reinventing it, but that is true for most things we see in this modern day. Think about it if we dropped a camera into medieval times the most kings and queens would make of it was that it was shiny, delicate and would attack you with random bursts of bright light, but it would probably brake before the last observation was made. We live in a time when we do things daily that are pretty amazing, things most people don’t even think of that much. Hundreds of years ago if you asked someone who traveled across Europe whether they flew or not they would think you were more than a little crazy.

Wright Brothers Airplane
Wright Brothers Airplane | Source

To live in a time when we can complain about how much time we wait on a runway before we fly off into the sky. Something that up until the Wright Brothers was impossible. But we didn’t stop in our atmosphere we flew to the moon something we have only stared at for as long as we’ve existed, something that was a constant unstoppable, mysterious figure, always changing in our eyes till the day we found out that the moon doesn’t change it stays the same and all the while we were admiring the beautiful changes of the moon, we were the ones who were really changing.

To live in a time when nowhere is invisible to our eyes, sonar guides us in deep of the ocean, the satellites see every country, every island and our telescopes that allow us to gaze into the heavens. We predict the weather now, we can track the path of a tornado, we can tell where an earthquake might appear. We can say with confidence that there is no unknown land. Explorers once thought that humans could never discover all of the world that there would always be more, now we can say that they were wrong.

To live in a time when you don’t have to be scared of certified doctors letting you bleed because of old superstitions. When you go to have surgery be glad that it is not with the unsanitary instruments used in the last one and that you have anesthesia. Be glad that today we have vaccines and antibiotics for illnesses that used to kill people on a daily basis.

To live in a time when we can make any type of music or art we would like to and it is accepted. There was once a time when you were killed for your artistic beliefs, or unable to find work unless a certain type of music was made. There was once a time when books were burned by the church for going against their beliefs, but today that is not so.

To live in a time when you are not born into a profession when you can choose your own, a time when a millionaire can come from anywhere, a time when an author can make billions on a series of books and never have to work again.

But don’t only be thankful for all the things that have changed through the ages, be thankful for what did not. I try to look at the constants, the things that were always there for everyone to see. The sky filled with enormous clouds of white in autumn a time when my favorite colour blue is splattered across the sky, the trees in fall when the wind carries red and orange on a dozen paths through the air, in spring when the crab apple tree blooms. When I look at these things I think of the others from different times and I think on how lucky I am to be living in this one.


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