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Turn On Your Two Levered Sacred Power Switch Fourth House Esoteric Astrological Data

Updated on June 23, 2011

MODE of Cosmic Therapy Esoteric Psycho-Analysis

Play Those Funky Soul Blues Of Our Roots
Play Those Funky Soul Blues Of Our Roots | Source

MODE Of Cosmic Therapy Esoteric Psycho-Analysis: Way Down In The Fourth House of Human Sorrow

It is impossible for you to be grateful to another human being. You may think you are grateful or more importantly think you are supposed to be grateful but in all actuality you are NOT!

Now, we have audaciously stepped inside the 4th house segment of the MODE Of Cosmic Therapy Esoteric 1/12 part house division of the Astrological Natal Chart. There are three other segments that are available for your reading pleasure prior to this article.

Should you be so inclined to read them, the material may offer insight into this dark cavern of which we are about to enter. IF you are especially sensitive, you may want to swallow hard before entering this very dark ‘no holds barred’ sphere.

However unpleasant these words will sound to you, they are none the less pertinent for proper understanding in your being able to inhabit your temple (body) (home) and exercise your soul fulfilling innate talent without all of the self-sabotaging complications involved.

Also, you will be able to freely exhibit your chosen sexuality without feeling guilty or ashamed. If, in fact, you possess nymphomaniac tendencies, it’s a joy to discover freedom here in this house before trying to conquer the unconquerable in the world. Sexuality is the highest form of spirituality available to mankind.

It is also the most misunderstood and vehemently most perplexed source of secrecy and shame. It should not be this way. It's a natural free flowing force of neutral cosmic electricity designed to sustain creation.

In the fourth house, you will come to terms with your most basic desires. But, in order to do that, you will face some pretty deformed mental demons.

You genuinely believe yourself to patient, gentle, kind, nurturing, loving and supportive but you know deep down IF there’s not something in it for you; you are not all that enthused to participate.

People do what they do for the benefit of pleasure they receive. Believe it or not but in some cases {majority} pain acts as pleasure benefit for them.

They, have not learned, (nor do they care to), at this juncture in their lives, that they, like everyone else must forget their own path without resistance, refusal, aid, benefit, help, support, validation and encouragement. In other words, they must, “…work out their own salvation through fear and trembling…” (Paraphrased)

We are going to get down to the nitty gritty in this house of the natal chart. It’s a tough nasty journey, but necessary. This is where the chicken squat hits the fan! First of all, you are human; and, because you are, you are fallible, deceptive and weak.

Despondent, selfish, mad, vain, self-centered, whiny, envious, jealous, paranoid, defensive, phony, and typically dissatisfied; bottom line; you are ‘all about you.’ Dependent upon the sign (and the ruling planet) on the cusp of your fourth house, you will rise up in defiance to prove me out to be a vicious cold hearted liar.

Or, at least, you hope I am. You know the meaning of working out your problems in solitude and secrecy but instead of doing what you KNOW is the only self-sustaining appropriate honorable action to engage in, you pretend to show another face for ulterior motives.

“It’s all part of the game”. (Convincing Breath) “I’m not hurting anyone,” you say encouragingly to yourself. “It doesn’t really matter; it’s not that big of a deal, anyway. What I did I did for his/her own good.” (Slight tilt of the head in affirmation.)

After all I do or have done …” (Congratulating yourself for the good decent person you are)

“And, it sure as hell don’t really bother me enough to make me change my thoughts or ways. I’m who I am and that’s just how it is.” That’s all well and good, BUT then, you go and switch on me. You complain about how you are under valued, appreciated and respected. {How you were used, abused, abandoned, cheated on, lied to and taken completely for granted.} I thought you said it didn’t matter.

If you get in rhythm with the unmistakable raw tone of remarkable vibration of the 4th house sign on the cusp, you will not dance to any other tune but your own. You will not have to continue with inner dialogue of conviction.

You won’t be so wishy-washy, pissy wissy wantonness. That’s the only problem you have. You say one thing and then do another. Here’s the deal: fall in love with the planet who rules your fourth house. Find his position in the natal chart and see what areas you are a dominant irreplaceable force. In this sign and house you will NEVER get stuck.

You will never get comfortable with phoniness. You’ll never get lazy and fall asleep with the key satisfying elements of your seductive life. For example: IF Aquarius rules the 4th house cusp, Uranus is the man in the $5,000 Black Pin Striped Suit you’re looking for. You won’t be able to miss him. Everybody knows Quarie and what he’s about!!!

The point is while you are stationed in the fourth house, you have to abide by the rules of the landlord. In this case, he runs the show and the only thing you say is, “Yes, sir!” It’s really immaterial how many times you fall down.

Keep moving and tumbling and getting up again.{Over and over and over.} When you use the energy from the planet on the cusp, just think about how fast you can and will recover from emotional disasters.

It’s kind of fun, entertaining, quick witted spontaneous activity in full panoramic view for anybody who wants to watch you put on a show.

The fourth house is all about tremendous materialization----Turning intangible force into tangible form.---- Yeah! MONEY! Property. Possessions. That’s right good old sexual activity at it’s finest, too. What ideal creations will you bring to the table? (World)

Written right here in bold mitotic letters are the instructions for your creative endeavors. Pretty simple, huh? But, there’s just one little glitch: you must cross the land of the barren unproductive devouringly uninteresting pointless fruitless unmanageable unsettling unnerving devastatingly debasing hardship whereby the end of calamity is no where is sight.

The point is to show you that you’re made of flesh and bones which bleeds and breaks.

Your secret coded power switch is a two way lever located in the fourth house directly under the heading: Beware; warning! Your idealized illusions are about to be shattered. Brace for resounding shock.

The obfuscated episodes involve hideous secrets revolving around parents (mother, most especially) marriage, family, friends, birth situations, and of course ‘flesh piercing’ denials, loss and tribulation for a season. Your fourth house is the foundation upon which you build your entire life! No other house offers what the fourth house can.

You are literally in a symbolic monastery learning the ways and means of how the best way to serve your time on earth. The other part of the secret coded lever involves total and absolute forgiveness and releasing all grudges for whatever is perceived as having been perpetrated against you. No way around this one.

This is not a friendly receptive warm inviting loving open sphere of activity. You are encased in a human body which feels like a gated barbed wired prison with no possible way of escape. (Spirit in flesh) You are to experience the dehumanizing paths allocated on your behalf.

If you deny these scenarios with Polly Anna stories of bright shining twinkling lights, the picture will grow dimmer until you get the picture. You must walk through the valley of the shadow of death to be released from its overwhelming influential pull. The secret fear of death lies in this house alone. Look to the temperature of the sign on the cusp for resolution.

Remember: gratitude belongs to an invisible sublime sacred cosmic dimension. Gratitude expressed from this level is purely selfish and self-serving. Do what you do because you want to do it and for no other reason.

When people appear to do something for you they receive the reward in the act itself. No need for mealy mouthed slobbering appreciative gestures. Be real. In order to birth an idea, project, love affair, baby, artistic endeavor, song …you must get the graciousness out of the way. It’s damn hard laborious work!{But, so rewarding.}

PS (The purpose of the fourth house) "Did I mention you will be denied your most cherished desires for an undisclosed amount of time?"

4 Ball In The Corner
4 Ball In The Corner


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      wow. great stuff. GREAT! GREAT. Just fantastic.....