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Turtle Constellation Nightlights for Kids

Updated on April 30, 2014

Constellation Night Lights For Kids

Night lights for kids are coming in really cool shapes and functionalities nowadays. The most popular one nowadays is a nightlight which has been released by Cloud b. It’s called the Turtle Constellation Nightlight. It's one of the bestselling products in Kids Nightlights at Amazon.

The turtle shaped nightlight will not only appeal to the kids but they will also prove useful and education for them at night. The constellations are displayed on the ceiling above and your child can learn much more with the use of helpful resources that come along with this product. Such a constellation nightlight is also available in the form of lady bugs. A combo offer is also shown here so you can get the best of both for a nice discount.

This would make a perfect gift for someone with kids or for your primary school students in case your a teacher.

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What Is This Turtle Twilight Constellation Night Light?

The Turtle Twilight Nightlight is special because it not only provides a soothing light at nighttime but is also educational. The turtle’s shell highlights stars on the ceiling and if you want to learn about the different types of stars that are being projected then there is the free constellation guide for you. The light turns itself off automatically after 45 minutes which is enough time for your child to drift into sleep. In case your child needs some sort of light in the room when he's sleeping, this would be a great product to buy because it is educational as well. This might be the reason why it's a bestselling product and many people are purchasing this off online where they can get good offers from.

What Are The Different Types of Kids Nightlights Available?

There are many options available (all bestsellers) :

1. Oxo Candela Rechargeable Nightlights

2. Butterfly Night Light

3. Ladybug Night Light

4. Megabrite Led Color Changing Night Light With Photo Sensor

5. Mobi TykeLight Portable GloMate

6. Wood Clock Night Light

If you are confused about what to go for, why not ask your child? Show them pictures and see if they show a liking towards any particular design. This would make them more comfortable with having the night light in the same room.


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    • divacratus profile image

      Kalpana Iyer 7 years ago from India

      Phil - Yes! I have added it to the list on my Squidoo page. Thank you for mentioning!

    • profile image

      Phil 7 years ago

      I've just bought this great little children's night light. It's got a fantastic green/blue glow that's just bright enough to keep the kids at ease but not keep them awake. It's low energy too, very pleased, it's called a Moonlight.