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Two ways of looking at things

Updated on August 5, 2009


There are always two ways of looking at things, or looking upon situations, circumstances, or matters.


Recently, a website, to which I had sent a poem of mine, (written painstakingly, with high hopes of seeing it published,) refused to publish it. Boy, was I disappointed! There were two ways I could have looked at it. And frankly speaking, the immediate thought which came to my mind was that I would not bother to write any more articles or poems for the site, after all why should I take pains without getting any appreciation for my efforts. But the very next moment, I am happy to say, I changed my mind. I made up my mind to work harder, to come up with a write-up so good, that they would have no choice but to publish it, and if I failed to do so, the second time around too, to keep trying till I eventually succeeded. After all, to keep trying is the name of the game called life. Two simple ways of looking at things, and yet, what a difference between them.


Imagine someone berates you for something; you have two ways before you to tackle the situation. You can sit and brood over the matter, and fill your heart with hatred for the person, and refuse to think the matter over in clam, devising ways to say something really hurtful to that person, who gave you so much pain, so as to get even. The second way would be to not take it to heart, but think logically, whether there was any fault on your part, and if yes, try to correct yourself, if no, try to make the other person understand your point of view, and if he/she still fails to look at it that way, just get the thing out of your mind, instead of needlessly spending time, pondering over it. Two ways, so different from one another.


Here at hubpages, I have not tasted much success till now. I can lookt at in either of two ways. One, to stop coming to this forum, and stop posting here, another, to continue my efforts, to visit the site each day, to find out if my articles, my hubs, have been liked, if not, try to gauge the reason, and try to learn from articles which I genuinely like. I choose the latter.What a contrast between the two courses of action.


I can choose to be happy, because of my achievements, my possessions, or choose to be sad, thinking of lost opportunities, thinking of all that I do not have. I choose to be satisfied with whatever it is that I have, whatever I have achieved, and strive for more, but always remembering that trying takes you one step closer to success.


There are always two ways, for each and everything, which way you choose to take, which path you wish to follow, is entirely up to you. TWO seemingly simple ways of looking upon things, yet a WORLD of difference between the two.


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