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Type Faster and Reduce Spelling Errors using Autosuggest and Autocomplete Tools

Updated on November 15, 2016
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John uses his scientific skills (PhD) & experience developing 50+ websites to research, review & evaluate SEO, website design, Social Media

Autosuggest Tools

Google and Bing and may other search engines have added Autosuggest and Autocomplete features their search boxes, Autosuggest helps you get your search term finalised faster by suggesting words and phrases that match the first few letters of your search. These tools help you type less and speed up your search. Autocomplete search tools are becoming common with database search, e-commerce applications, and many other web applications.

Autosuggest was a feature of many early versions of word proceessing software applications such as Word, OpenOffice and StarOffice. However it is not generaly available in modern versions. For many of these programs, Autosuggest and Autocomplete tools can decrease the amount of time a user spends typing words and phrases, especially long and complex words.

Autosuggestion Methods

Autocomplete tools predict a word or phrase that the user wants without the user actually typing in the complete word and display the completed word, replacing what you typed.

It is closely related to Autocomplete tools which present various options without completing the word.

Autocorrection and Spelling Error suggestions - various tools can detect incorrect spelling and will either automatically replace the word with the correct one or will present a set of options in a pop-up box.

Recently various online word processing and HTML editoring tools have been developed to offer the advantages of Autosuggestion and Autocompletion.

What of the Advantages of these Tools:

  • Faster Typing - There are some advantages to the time you will save from not having to complete the words. You may enter 3 letters and then simply type a single key to complete the word. This time-saving may be offset by the time spent looking at the screen and deciding which option to choose. The main time-saving is that your typing will be more accurate as the words you select will have the correct spelling.
  • More Accurate Typing - Fewer Spelling Mistakes - Because the words are presented to you this will avoid having to come back and edit to remove the spelling mistakes.

Who would benefit from using these tools:

  • Students with poorly developed typing skills - These tools are very useful for students, especially those with poor keyboard skills and weak spelling.
  • Experienced people with good typing skills but with poor spelling
  • People with English as a second language
  • User that want a quick draft sections and components for longer articles.

Option and Features

There are two major options:

  1. Tools with pop-ups that display a number of options
  2. Tools that show the suggestions 'in-line' as you type.

The in-line methods are preferable as you don't have to stop typing and click the mouse to select the word you require. The 'in-line' methods can be run solely using keyboard.

Give these methods a try - they may save you a lot of time and inprove your writing.

© 2010 Dr. John Anderson


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  • thevoice profile image


    8 years ago from carthage ill

    terrific detailed hub read thanks


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