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Updated on June 20, 2011


The difference between Corporate law and constitutional law is the difference between international business law and international sovergnty law.

Sovergns are real persons not artificial persons

Monarch's are considered Sovergns,as opposed to you and me.who are not considered Sovergns by them.

Definition of Sovergn

"Having independent Authority"

It's interesting to note that the definition of the word Soviet means an elected official in a communist country.I'm sure the people voted for them must have been Sovergn. as well.

Sorry,I must be wrong about that ,It's the Sovergn's who tell the elected officials what to do!

Corporations.are considered artificial persons not real persons

Definition of a Corporation

A legal creation authorized to act with the rights of a person

or A political body legally Authorized to act as a person

Did you notice a contradiction here?

How can a corporation act as either a person or a political body ? Corporations are not real people.Only people can make decisions.Corporations only exist as legal creations with limited business purposes that can be taken away and dismantled by real persons who created them ,or had the Authority to create them.

Shouldn't there be a difference between a person and a representitive of a body of people,or more than one person? yOU WOULD THINK SO !

Incorporated is the more apporpriate term to use when defining more than one person being a part of a corporation with limited intended purposes.

The word corporation more appropriately describes one and only one "Artificial person" ,if a corporation could be a person at all,which I dispute since the definition of a person is ;

1."A human being;

2.The body of a human being;

3.The individual personality.of a human being.

A corporartion is not a human being,nor does it have an intrinsic personality,such as a human being.although some human beings might identify with a corporation in a personal way for PSYCHOLOGICAL reasons.

A corporation not being a person or human cannot recipricate .Only a "person" who worked for the corporation could do that.

Apparently there can be a marrage between two or more corporations.But I sincerely doubt that there can be a legal or lawful marrage between more than two Sovergn's or real people which the courts recognize as Sovergn's unless they are poligamists.

The difference should be as clear as night and day and yet many people still don't know the difference between a corporation and a Sovergn.Why? It's very important to know the difference.

Corporate "NAMES" are always spelled in "CAPITAL" LETTERS.

Sovergn names are always spelled with the first letter of both the first and last names's well as the middle name.with a capital letter first followed by small case letters

For example; First Middle Last ----real person's names.

The following is the percieved notion of the law as it exists today ,by the courts.

When you recieve any mail or any legal document with your name in all capital letters ,that is a corporate name of a "artificial person" created by an international business entity that has some control over you if you allow it to,.by "accepting a benefit" from it ,and continuing to accept a benefit from it ",just as if you had signed a contract."

The word "Contract" has more than one meaning.I thought I would take a little time here to elaborate on the meaning 1.a binding agreement; 2.COVENENT; 3.TO DRAW TOGETHER


I find it amusing that the the word compact is also a short binding agreement ,considering how lengthy some contracts can be.

When you are asked as a legal matter, "Are you a citizen of the "UNITEDSTATES"

They are asking you if you are a citizen ,or believe you are a citizen of the corporate "UNITEDSTATES" Instead of the continental unitedstates in lower case letters.which is under the original constitution rather than their seperate corporate constitution.

If ,you accept any benefits of their corporation,which includes any privilages,or licenses,for the purpose of traveling in any way,you see fit such as flying, driving,riding a bicycle,motorcycle,or any motorized vehicle you are required to follow THEIR RULES.

Birth certificates are the first offical contract we make, knowingly or unknowingly with the corporate 'UNITEDSTATES".

Social security card,which they said was required to be able to get a job ,was just another "privilage" they trick people into believing is required to make a living.

The fact is,social security and the incometax are required if you want to contract with their corporation for benefits that come with those required agreements,that everyone thinks is manditory.

Think about all the licenses,and other paperwork or legal requirements you have to agree to to get a benefit from,You may think it's a necessary obsticle to keep records for legal reasons.I would have to agree that records are required for many practical reasons.However,many of these records are for reasons you wouldn't expect.Like inurance companies denying you health care due to previous health problems that are all recorded by your private family doctor.

The Income tax is the biggest reason they want you to contract with them.

Then there is social security,which they never had enough money for to take care of all the people now retiring.In fact they never fully funded social security.They just made interest payments on the money they loaned to us to pay for the social security system at interest,compounded of course.

It's in the trillions by now,They keep raising the retirement age ,hoping that you will die before you get any benefits from it.




CONTINENTAL unitedstates

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    • John Sarkis profile image

      John Sarkis 

      7 years ago from Los Angeles, CA

      Great hub - thanks

    • artfuldodger profile image


      9 years ago from Earth

      nice. few people get this distinction, we'd have fewer problems today if more did. That, and if we abolished the fed, but that's another story.


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