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Surprising Science - Water Has a Memory Part 2

Updated on October 8, 2018
Universal Laws profile image

Linda is a published author and has worked for 35 years as a Holistic Life Coach. She has a particular interest in healing our thoughts

Water has a memory .......

From the higher beings.............

It is in the blessing, the power of water. Water is mostly composed of hydrogen and oxygen and nothing much else except for the pulse of electricity which it forms as it moves. But there are secrets within this pulse. This pulse is what makes it a secret device for communicating around the world, around your own body, around the bodies of all insects, mammals and other creatures.

To be masterful over your own body you will need to be masterful with water, not over water but with water. It is in the merging of your pulse with the pulse of water that the blessing or communication may begin. We are talking here of an energetic pulse one which comes from your radiating force field and the force field of the substance water. It was given to you for imaging what it is you want from yourself and others. The all powerful substance of water is the binding factor around the world, it is the complete matrix of communication both on a physical, emotional and spiritual basis. Within your emotions are electrical pulses which charge the water within your bodies, you will sometimes feel the heat of this emotional charge as you get angry or even sad. There is a heat in the pulse which powers the water to give off a radiating charge. This charge is what makes it difficult for you to be in an over emotional field when you are yourself calm and harmonised.

To understand the charge on a spiritual level you will need to have reached a point where in meditation you become mindless. At this point all of the water in your body has become at one with itself in a state of grace. When you leave your meditating spot you will take with you this state of grace and indeed most of the day after this point will go well with no upsets and mishaps up and to the point at which you become emotional again and then the charge is released once more and flurrys your energy field once again.

In the mental capacity water is becoming charged with everyone of your thoughts every minute of the day which in itself causes mahem. As this water in your system changes and revolves around in the ever moving merrygoround of thoughts it becomes very opaque and not clear at all. It is clear water that resonates with the highest frequency. All of the acute mental thoughts are charging the water over and over again. This makes it very hard for you to remain balanced. If we did not have a majority of water in our systems then we could not be charged and would not be "a live" . You will be able to understand this more profoundly if you again look at yourselves as an electrical unit which is being charged unconsciously all of the time. The frequencies are going up and down, one minute you love, another minute you are in fear, what will become of you, you know your destiny! How can an electrical unit function when it is overloaded with so many diverse instructions.

So the higher mind is capable of cleaning all of this....

But first you will need to be clear to address higher mind, it is the chicken and egg situation. First you must clear yourself from these lower levels of thought which are programming the water within your body and causing the wholeness of this water structure to relate on much lower levels. Secondly your attitude to your higher mind is mostly that it is outside you and not within your own sphere of consciousness. There are in fact two types of higher mind, the one that you have control of yourself within your own sphere of consciousness and the other which is the one mind where all minds join together. It is in this one mind that you can find the ultimate peace and harmony that you so wish for. So by taking control of your own higher mind you will therefore help to programme the "one mind" so that it can indeed take over the consciousness of the planet.

We are at a point right now where the consciousness of the "one mind" is gathering higher energy at a much faster rate and therefore there is a spin off of energy which again draws to it more finer energy spin off. We are at the pivot of the balance, we are at the top of the mountain facia which leads to the summit, this is the last spin of the dice as it were.

Where do you wish to be, at the foot of the mountain watching others walk to the top for you. Or as a precis of what we have been addressing, at the bottom of the mountain trying to understand why you are not at the top or addressing any of the challanges which will begin your journey in ernest. For the challange is great to become the master of this unit which you call body. we cannot address more closely this issue than to begin discussing with you the element of water.

Water has a Memory

How important is the water in our bodies

Water is your body, encased around an electrical charge which is 'you'. You have all been given the charge which is needed to allow you to begin the ascent into mastery but not everyone has acknowledged that they have a charge. If you have a charge but do not cleanse and reboot the water in your bodies then the charge cannot pulse very far. If you are operating from a clean energised water system then your charge will carry much weight and much power.

Now we must cover how this body operates within the system of charge and carrier for the water is the carrier. Within this water are the nutrients that are used by your system to sustain the qualities of movement, thought, love, caring and all other qualitites. But what are you putting in your bodies. If these nutrients are to be carried through your water system then you must be prepared to use combining elements which also carry a clear clean water flow with no toxins which need rinsing out. All of your natural food resources carry clear, clean water within their systems. If you are eating fruit, vegetables, herbs and grains, nuts and berries which are grown with no adulteration then you will be able to acquire the free flowing energised nutrients in an easy form which merges with your own system. If you are contaminating all of your food stuffs with other interesting elements like poisons, metals and other adulterations then can you see that your system will dis-ease and die. We do not put in our systems anything that is not of the highest content so that we do not need de toxing. We have a great reverence for our bodies whether they are being used or not, for we have free usage of our spirit bodies too and do not always require to be at home as it were. But we would not pollute our systems for we are at the mercy of this system for our response mechanisms and our ability to "live" be "a live" which we would not be able to do if the charge was not able to be given space to pulse.

For the blessing of food....

You will be required to say this as you eat and as you prepare food for as you are preparing the food it is taking in the frequency that you are vibrating at. If food is a large proportion of water then it has the ability to take on any charge that is around it, which is why it is good to eat straight from the vines and the trees so that the charge is as pure as it can be. You will notice that the flavour is pure and full when you do this, it is no coincidence for there has been no real pollution on an energetic level at this point. As soon as the food leaves the main stem it is then open and receiving from a different source, from where it is stored and who is handling it. Do not eat food that is handled and prepared by those that you would not want to be around in your normal lives. It is wrong for your energy. You will feel this the more sensitive you become. There is a heavenly grace in preparing food and eating it in the same way. Be joyous and respectful when you are preparing and eating food and then you are living the blessing. To live the blessing is much more powerful than to contemplate blessing your food as you begin to eat it but if you are growing and moving forward and need time to reach this point then blessing your food will repair some of the damage.

A true blessing of your food needs to be carried out with your hands around and over the dish. The words to be spoken or arrived at within your thoughts can be very simple, purity is the key to the detoxing of the damage to the food from its surroundings and energetic contamination. So asking for purity and clean energised nutrients would be sufficient. For a simple blessing use "I am eating clean, pure food which has been energised and balanced with the right nutrients for my system". This blessing used every meal, every day will begin to programme your mind to use different ingredients and will give you a completely different approach to food. You are energising the water and clearing the way for the pure charge as you speak the words.

Let food be the fuel of love, let love be the fuel of your life, may you walk in beauty all of your days.


How does water affect us in our daily lives

Rice experiment showing water holds your thoughts.....


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    • Dmitriy bestlife profile image

      Dmitriy bestlife 

      10 years ago from Moscow

      Yes, water has a memory and we can benifite from it.

      Water is a natural medium for the information storage and propagation. It ia subjected by the influence of th Earth's magnetic field, remembers it with the help of the structural changes. Then every living creature gets the governing information influence of the Earth's magnetic field/ It is a natural way to recieve an information through water. It is possible to influence the water structure in a definite way. Much like in the Masaru Emotto experiments. Such water helps to rise one's mood, energy, and have a distinctive positive health effect. There is a device created in Russia which is able to pose infuence on the water structure with a prerecorded positive information

    • Universal Laws profile imageAUTHOR

      Linda Joslin 

      10 years ago from UNIVERSE

      Yes, chuck your tv away, buy only conscious informed material and do not get involved in violent movies etc. its all possible its choice.

      As we choose so we become, every minute in every way.



    • profile image

      Kevin James Legarrie 

      10 years ago

      We are constantly brainwashed on a daily basis by television and other media like magazines, or music to think bad thoughts. We are constantly surrounded by things like sex, violent music and movies, gossip, murder, hate. Is it any wonder the world is the way it is today? We have made the world the way it is today by our thoughts and actions. Instead of rejecting these negative thoughts and actions spewing out of our T.V's we have accepted it as a daily part of our lives. It is no ones fault for the wars, famines disease poverty death it is the fault of humanity as a whole for embracing these negative thoughts and ideas. Take a look at the rice experiment and imagine our world as that negative bowl of rice. The more negativity in this world the more our world will begin to rot as well as our relationships. Love, caring, kindness, compassion, is the key to a healthy planet, a healthy mind and body, and a healthy relationship with our family and friends. Lets spread the message of love. Let's make it MANIFEST.

    • profile image


      10 years ago


      Thanks for waking me up and allowing me to "tune" I love your work and it's very thought provoking. Your writings on water and how it relates to our electrical pulse bodies is fascinating, thanks!

    • Universal Laws profile imageAUTHOR

      Linda Joslin 

      11 years ago from UNIVERSE

      Hi Bob, the message I have just deleted is completed taken from info from the internet not your own knowledge, it is old stuff, old sabotage that the government carried out.

      Do you know how many attempts there were on Jacque Benveniste's life because of what he found out, His funding was cut years before he died, he completed the work with no funding because he had to for truth. Put a bit of your negativity into a glass of water and then freeze into crystals, I can tell you now the result, they wont be beautiful. if you have a friend that could send love vibrations to a glass of water, let them do it and then freeze those crystals and compare your results you can then apologise to Jacques Benvenistes spirit and Dr. Emoto. Then you will see the science for yourself.

      And personal insults about why I do the work I do couldnt be further from the truth, I follow my blueprint for awakening others, it does not bring me fame and fortune, most of my work is done for free, I live very naturally and simply. Do not make comments on things you have no knowledge of it is very childish.

      Linda at UNIVERSAL LAWS

    • Universal Laws profile imageAUTHOR

      Linda Joslin 

      11 years ago from UNIVERSE

      Bob Lloyd Ummmmmm where would we begin to educate you. Its a big question because there is so much proof of the fact that water has a memory. Check out Jacques Benveniste who first did the experiments which opened up this whole chapter of science. Then have a look at Emoto who froze the crystals to prove it again with photographs and microscope slides.

      There is a beautiful, magical world out there Bob and if it is true from what you wrote on one of my other hubs that you believe there is no such thing as energy then you are missing a lot of experiences.

      By the way, it does hold the energy of all the contaminants it has been in contact with, this is why it is not good just to filter water it needs to be energetically charged or re balanced - lots of new technology out there now that does this for you.

      I wish you joy and energy,

      Linda at UNIVERSAL LAWS

    • BobLloyd profile image


      11 years ago

      Interesting theory that water has intelligence and a memory. The supporters of homeopathy claim that as well but the problem is that if it was true, water would contain the memory of everything it had come into contact with including all the contaminents. That's a fatal flaw in the homeopathy theory since they claim only their therapeutic ingredient remains active.

      The same problem is faced for anyone making these claims. Unless you have some evidence, the claim is fatuous. We could equally claim that water has emotions, that it is intrinsically purple, that it likes Beethoven, that it speaks French and that it is alive in another dimension. Such thoughts are ten-a-penny and don't have anything to do with the real world.

      It might be a good business pushing these ideas, but let's not pretend it has anything to do with the real properties of water. You might be aware that the Royal Society two years ago conducted extensive controlled physical tests of the properties of water and it demonstrated categorically that these claims are utterly false. But I'm sure that won't influence you.

    • f@biani profile image


      11 years ago


      Any comment would be an under estimation... Thank you and ... please do more...

    • Jodi Hoeksel profile image

      Jodi Hoeksel 

      11 years ago

      a great awareness shared here. Water is very powerful as we are. Aligning ourselves within the higher frequencies within and through the collective sets forth miraculous opportunities! :)

    • profile image


      11 years ago

      THe term Pure water in every day language is water with no dissolved solids. Referred to as parts per million. In my part of the World it is very high-200ppm because there is a lot of calcium from the chalk dissolved in it. There can be other dissolved solids such as Antimoney, Arsenic, Benzene, Boron, Cadmium, Selenium and pesticides etc. usually in very small amounts.

      Schauberger talked about mature and immature water and water corpses.

      Mature water has gone through a process both energetic and chemical. Energetic because of the way it moves and chemical relating to the materials in the ground.

      Mature water from a high mountain spring will have a subtle energy field that lasts about 24 hours. When drunk from the spring it is revitalising.

      Immature water or distilled water has non of these energy fields.

      If you drank only distilled water it would leach from your body salts so that there is equilibrium across the blood gut barrier, this is called Osmotic pressure. What we need is water in the form of an electrolyte, distilled water taken with food may work because of the minerals and salts in the food.

      Water from the tap Schauberger called a water corpse. Even if it had all the balance of salts it is stagnant all its subtle field has long gone. Water likes to move, it dances down a valley, even your shower screen. Put it in a pipe and you have put it in a straight jacket. Energised spring water has a blue tinge.

      Pure water is energised water and the instructions in this amazing post will teach us how to do that.

      John Byde

    • profile image


      11 years ago

      This is a very thoughtful hub. Very informative. Thanks.

    • Universal Laws profile imageAUTHOR

      Linda Joslin 

      11 years ago from UNIVERSE

      Hi AlexK, our alive part is in the energy which is carried in the electrical charge/energetic charge which also carries our consciousness. What is the difference between an alive person and a dead one, it can be felt in the energy! or lack of! Also Pure water means with no other element or materials added. Distilled water as you know is water that has gone thru a process of evaporation and condensing its vapour. Thanks for reading and sharing.


    • AlexK2009 profile image


      11 years ago from Edinburgh, Scotland

      An interesting hub though the idea we are merely electrical charge feels wrong to me. I agree we need water but pure ( i.e distilled) water is harmful.

      I have read a recommendation to charge water by focussing on a rune and pointing at a glass of water.

      Water is often a symbol of the unconscious and is one of the four elements in the western tradition and one of the five in chinese mythology.

    • someonewhoknows profile image


      11 years ago from south and west of canada,north of ohio

      Kim Garcia I can tell you are healthy by looking at the blue coloring in your Avitar.

    • profile image

      Kim Garcia 

      11 years ago

      I enjoyed this hub very much. Water is cleansing, and healing. The blessing of the food during preparation and prior to intake is significant in the Macrobiotic diet. I believe this too!! Thanks for your knowledge.

      Be Blessed,


    • Philipo profile image


      11 years ago from Nigeria

      Wao. This is a very thoughtful hub. Very informative. Thanks.

    • emohealer profile image

      Sioux Ramos 

      11 years ago from South Carolina

      Once again thought provoking, delving deeper into the lack of what we try to call mysteries. There are no mysteries, only things not acknowledged in our conscious.

      Even biblically it is so, the waters are in the beginning before all else, the waters were moved upon and divided to create the appearance of all things we call creation.

      You call it "live" and "a live", I call it "be-live", it is the same. I appreciate as you call to my awareness things I "be-live" yet sometimes "for-get" to put in their proper place of importance, ie; the horse befor the carriage.

      Continue to let your light shine!

    • msorensson profile image


      11 years ago

      A drop of water or the ocean. Water has been symbolically used to guide us to unity with everything and everyone so thank you for this hub, Universal Laws.

      with Love,



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