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Unbiased Radio/News: (National Public Radio)

Updated on April 28, 2012

NPR Logo

What Is NPR?

NPR stands for National Public Radio, their site is

Most of you probably know what to expect when you turn on the radio. Advertisements, rock, pop, hip-hop, country, and other popular types of music. Sometimes there are news and politics, but these are more often than not biased in one form or another, usually they are biased towards Republicans and others towards Democrats. And a few toward radical groups. But with so much influencing it is easy for somebody to accept a point of view, even if it is NOT what happen. Public radio (like NPR news) delivers news stories as pure fact, and they do not tilt or alter news in favor of one side, because they are funded by the people and by very small companies that have no influence in the way the radio NPR broadcasts it's news stories and what NPR has to say on the public radio.

For example, let's say that a new healthcare act was passed that pleased the Democratic side more than it did the Republican side of congress.

A biased radio would deliver the story like this:

"This health care bill doesn't address problem A,B,C....Z. And completely dissatisfies people with no health coverage."

An unbiased radio would deliver the story like this, letting you draw your OWN conclusions:

"A healthcare act was passed today which left the Democratic side more pleased than the Republican side. This act covers the following issues: A,B,C...Z. The Democrats find this act pleasing because A,B,C. The Republicans find this act dissatisfying because D,E,F..."


In addition to politics NPR also provides enlightening cultural music from other countries, and educates the masses on the art of other countries. They have many diverse topics of cultural interest that are worth checking out (by clicking the link at the beginning of the hub). 

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    • profile image

      trose 8 years ago

      I LOVE NPR. Thanks for spreading the word...