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Understanding How Death Works

Updated on February 15, 2020
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I have been writing poetry, fiction and short stories for many years and have completed a book of poems. I also enjoy comedy writing.

Understanding Death
Understanding Death

Understanding Death

Death is something most humans fear. Whether that death be for themselves or for someone close to them. But despite the fear of death, it is something that we all one day must face. But why are people afraid of death? What is so bad about death that no one wants to experience it? Is death the final journey in our being? Or is it the beginning of something much more beautiful than our mortal lives? There are so many questions surrounding death and so little answers. But before we go any further on the journey of death and pay the boatman to bring us to other side, we need to understand what death really is. I will define death as I see it in this realm. Death is simply the absence of consciousness from the human body. So what this translates to is the soul of an object leaving the body and not returning. Death occurs in all living things. Death occurs in humans, plants and animals.

What Causes Death?

The simplest things can cause death, as well as the evilest things can cause death. Death can be sudden or death can be planned for. No one wants to die, but the truth is that we cannot see our future and thus the walk of life can bring death to us at any time. So what causes death? Just about any and everything. Death can be caused by accidents such as choking on food, a fall to the ground hitting your head, a lightning strike, earthquake, hurricane, a car accident, organ failures caused by illnesses, weapons such as guns, knives, poisons etc. Death can be caused by emotional illnesses such as stress and depression.

Is Death Painful?

Death itself shouldn’t be painful, but dyeing slowly in agony sure is. But who am I to give factual answer to that as I have never experienced death. But have known individuals who have passed off smiling. I can only assume that they felt no anguish as their gentle souls left their bodies. Death may be a painless adventure, but people may believe that death carries pain because of the way some people might die. But I can only assume that the infliction of pain comes from the object bring death and not death itself. So let us say a Politician was walking down the road planning something evil on his phone. A Mugger came up to him and demanded his wallet. The Politician fought back and the mugger stabbed him several times all over the body and ran away. The politician laid on the ground bleeding with severe pain but still alive. The ambulance reaches and he dies while being transported to the hospital. The knife used to murder the individual caused the pain. But when his soul left his body, death was probably painless.

Understanding Death
Understanding Death

Can You Cheat Death?

Don’t try. You will die. Trying to cheat death is like trying to not breathe and yet want to live. Death is a part of life as is life apart of death. From the day of birth you are ordained to die, so don’t cry. You cannot hide or run from death, you will make your living experience even more difficult. How some people believe they cheat death is simply hiding themselves away from anything they believe is harmful or dangerous. So they avoid touching things, they avoid being around anyone ill. They avoid places that they think is dangerous like the rodeo, car race, bull fight, hockey game, etc. But what they don’t understand is that you are marked to be taken out by something. So even if you are in a dangerous environment and you were not marked to die there, nothing will happen to you. Some people believe also that because they had a close call with death it means they cheated death. But you can’t escape the grim reaper. It was simply not your time.

Who Owns Death?

What kind of dumb question is that you say? Well, your life given to you is not yours else you would be able to command your own soul. Your life is given to you by your creator, whether you believe in a higher being or not. Your creator is not your mother or father. They are the living flesh with the capability of developing another living flesh. They are incapable of giving life at birth. If they were able, you wouldn’t have still born. Life is controlled by the higher being and death is also controlled by a higher being. Death can only be taken away by that being who gave it to you.

Appreciating Death

We as humans are emotionally attached to other humans. When they pass on or die, we go into mourning for our loved ones and closest friends. death takes a heavy toll on many of us and cause many to have a change in life. This change can be negative or positive. It is a matter of how you interpret and react to death around you. But in the end, as sad as it is. Death has it's purpose in the cycle of life and should be respected and even appreciated. It is what causes renewal and replenishment. It is what causes us to appreciate life even more. My friend, death is a gift of life and it is a curse for the living.

© 2020 Clive Williams


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