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Understanding the World

Updated on June 12, 2014

There are many things I do not know; and the things I think I know now may not quite be complete but there are some truths I do understand. It seems that religion and science can not go hand in hand but I do not see it that way. We are finite beings; our understanding is limited to our perception of time as a way of life. God is not held by our boundaries. His time frame for creating the universe and life is beyond our comprehension. I believe God created the universe using the laws of nature we understand about our universe. he did so for our benefit. God is logical, methodical, organized, and always just in all He does. The world was created in seven days as the Bible states however God can use time on His plane, not always ours. I was watching a show called "How the universe works" and that it stated there is a measure of time known as planck time. (History Channel, Wednesday evenings) It said that there is more planck time in one second than all the seconds since the Big Bang. Clearly there is a time frame that is different than the one we know. I believe we, being finite set up time so we could measure a life time and understand it. We broke down the days, months and years by the patterns we saw in life. Summer, spring, fall and winter was pretty forth coming; the rest we broke down from the equinox days of the longest and shortest and hours by a reasonable period from dusk to dawn. God lives in a much different time existence. Our seven days and what we can do in them have no bearing on Gods seven days and what He can do with them. Our billion years are His blink of an eye. I do not think science and religion are really that out of sync when seen in the light of Gods understanding and not our own. The same with life as we know it. Neanderthals and cragma man may have evolved from monkeys but we as human beings are created in Gods image. I do not believe we are different branches of the same tree. We are separate and gloriously made in the image of our God. The curiosity we have was given to us by God so that no matter our circumstances we would be able to see the glory of God all around us. To look out to the heavens we see the splendor of what God created for us; not others on other planets. God had one Son, Jesus, and He died for our sins. I do not believe there can be any other life in the universe created just to be destroyed with no hope of eternity. We are Gods creation and Jesus was His grace to us to be forgiven of our sins. The Bible does not say that Gods other son died on planet x for them. We are alone in that standing. We are to know Gods word and study it so that we can not be mislead by deceivers. Study the Bible as Gods chosen people and see what revelations are there for the finding.


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