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Unicorn Deer

Updated on November 2, 2011


Prado, Italy

TUSCANY, ITALY _ the mystical legend of the Unicorn does exist, however, in reality not with a horse. Oooops, it makes sense that it would be on a deer doesn’t it? Most of them got horns anyway, so what’s one or two genetic screw-ups? Hey Santa can vouch for his remarkably strange flying herd, plus Rudolph the red nosed reindeer with his nose so bright. But this Roe Deer, named “Unicorn”, I’ll call him “Uni” cuz it’s better. Was found in Italy with a single horn on top of his head will generate magical powers of healing and calm. No Pfizer® ya can’t grind down Uni’s horn to make a new “horny” pill, “VenissonAgra”!

Ap Video

This shy young, four-leaf clover nibbler with one centered horn is drawing hundreds of curious away from the “David” statue, by Michelangelo in l’ Academia di Bella Arte. Prado, Italy is in the Tuscan hill and is quite near to Florence. The throng is swelling like they usually do for a “Crying Madonna Statue” sighting! But unicornial, unicornucopia mythical mysticism and religious dogmatic mysticism are on either sides of the coin.

Photoshop fake (HORN) by yours truely

“Uni” who lives on a nature park and was born in captivity, shares his media stardom with all the other creatures in the park, especially with his one-year old twin. His twin is not single-horned and tries to live a tranquil “Oh my deer life.” But he’s eclipsed by his bro’s shine and sparkle. “Hey twin bro, don’t complain, Uni got ya both booked on YouTube and CNN, plus FOX too! “Larry King Live” is next, “Doan’ Go ‘Way!”

But seriously though, all kidding a side, for now at least. The unicorn, a horse-like creature with magic healing powers, has appeared in legends and stories throughout history, from ancient and medieval texts to the books of today, such “Henry Potter.” But a deer, a sweet, gentle vegetarian creature that doesn’t hurt a fly. The name “deer”, sounds like “dear”, and one of its definitions is; “heartfelt loved one”, really describes Uni to the “T!” Now we need a Disney® cartoon and some stuffed-animal toys. Ya know like “ Sue the T-Rex or Nessy’s” got. A“Beanie Babies® would work! “John Deere®”, wait your turn guys. Hmmmmm… I don’t think a deer logo with a single-centered-horn on his head would fit the image. It would look too much like Uni got his antlers caught in the combine…ouch!


And lastly, you hunters out there! Stay away from Uni, he poops gold pellets and born Italian his venison veal tastes like its mixed with lasagna con pesto basilico, fava beans and a nice chianti. Fortunately it’s bad luck to mess with Unicorns… Capice!

Unicorn Crossing in Italian
Unicorn Crossing in Italian

Unicorn Song


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    • profile image

      6 years ago

      Harry Potter not Henry Potter

    • PaulieWalnuts profile image

      PaulieWalnuts 7 years ago from Chicago

      You are welcome and thanks for commenting. The deer are so sweet aren't they?

    • Kaie Arwen profile image

      Kaie Arwen 7 years ago

      these were beautiful......... I've never seen one. Thank you for the look; they're gorgeous! K

    • PaulieWalnuts profile image

      PaulieWalnuts 8 years ago from Chicago

      ANNA, IN GOOD FAITH I TOOK THE IMAGE DOWN OF YOUR CALLED "LITTLE BOOTS." YOU SHOULD UNDERSTAND THAT I FOUND THAT IMAGE ON "GOOGLE IMAGE" AND THEY SHOULD ALSO BE CONTACTED WITH THE SAME MESSAGE AS I RECEIVED. UNLESS ONE HAS © Copyright or a ® Registered Trademark, then all is fair game. But Google is the culprit here, they need to ask the creator's (PHOTOGRAPHER/ARTIST) permission if an image can be made available to the public as they do with their GOOGLE IMAGE! NOW I ASK YOU IN GOOD FAITH TO REMOVE YOUR LINK IN THE COMMENT BOX ABOVE. THANKS

    • PaulieWalnuts profile image

      PaulieWalnuts 9 years ago from Chicago

      That would be a shame to slaughter the one and only! However, using stem cells in a DNA-God playing role, they could grow another "UNI II" in the test tube. And another......and another.........and another....and, etc.,etc. Then with a herd of Unicorns they then can at least farm the horn clippings as they grow back. Like I said, Pfizer®, could highest bidder for horny powder, the key ingredient in the new magical pill, VenissonAgra LOL! Hey, I'm still waiting for the "Yeti" vs. "Centaur" debates, maybe for the 2020 Election, lol!

    • dutch84 profile image

      dutch84 9 years ago

      I wonder if you slaughter it and make veal will it's powers be transferred to you?

    • solarshingles profile image

      solarshingles 9 years ago from london

      Paulie, what a beautiful unicorn deer! This is certainly the first live unicorn I have seen. Unicorn has such a strong symbolic value in many nations and countries throughout the history, with very secret but strong magic powers.