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United Against Bullying Challenge

Updated on April 7, 2018
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Kayla is a mom of three, taking life one adventure at a time. Kayla has her BA in Psychology. She enjoys reading and traveling.

Bullying Within Our Own Home

Although bullying is something that has taken place for as long as we can remember, the age of the internet has only increased how often bullying occurs. Not only is this happening more frequently, it is happening to children younger and younger. Unfortunately, bullying is something that has even occurred in our home, my son was only 5 years old when he fell victim to being bullied for the first time. He was bullied over his backpack while riding the school bus. When the issue was brought to my attention I was not sure if I should feel more upset and heart broken he went through this experience or proud of how he handled the situation at only 5! My child did not tell me or anyone else he was getting teased about his backpack, it was his brother and sister who brought this to my attention. The principal talked with him privately, and when asked why he didn't say anything his response was "I didn't want to get them in trouble".

My heart hurt for him to know what it felt like to be teased over something so small as to what a backpack looked like, but my heart was filled with tremendous amounts of joy that he still cared about their feelings. He was only 5; today he is 8 and he is still that sweet little boy who cares about other's feelings- and that is something I will always be proud of. United we stand as a family against bullying.

United Against Bullying

Bullying has increased throughout the years, becoming a never ending cycle. A lot of times bullying used to take place within the school yards, classrooms, or bus rides; where it would be able to end for the day once the child got home. Even though the child would still think about the events that occurred they were able to escape it for a few hours. However, with the internet and phones- it's a never ending cycle. With smartphones and social media children are constantly hurting one another, making them twice as more likely to take their own lives then in the past. According to the CDC around 4,500 children are taking their lives per year, the third leading cause of death for children. (

This is heart breaking fact! These children are ranging from ages about 8-18 years old. They are so hurt by other children that they think their own solution is to end their lives. Many children are trying to find ways to stay home due to the fear of facing those who are continuously bullying them, not knowing how to face the depression that comes along with it.

Schools are trying to implement programs to help those who have fallen victim to bullying, but are these programs helpful or just becoming more hurtful. Schools nearby are adapting to the "buddy benches". These benches are designed for kids to sit on if they are being bullied or do not have friends to play with. Obviously, this is targeting elementary school children as high-school kids would not use these benches. Are these benches a good idea? One could argue that it could lead to the child being bullied more, by showing others they are in need of friends.

If you think your child or friend is a victim to bullying and have become depressed there are signs to look out for. They might become isolated and with drawn from those around them. A lot of times they will offer hints about sadness or wanting to die, by talking about how the world would be a better place if they were gone.

If you or anyone you know needs help, the national hotline is always open!


My challenge for you is to stand united against bullying. Stand up for someone who needs a friend, be their voice, because even that one small kind comment can make their whole day. Can you do this Challenge?

Looking For a Safe place?!

Looking for a safe place to talk or meet friends. Safe Have United Against Bullying offers a safe place for those who have experienced bullying and need a friend.

Facebook link offered below


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