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University of Florida Medical School; Is It For You?

Updated on July 6, 2013
University of Florida Medical School
University of Florida Medical School

Top Medical School in Florida

Medical school is quite an expensive endeavor. Those who choose to go to medical school have an intense passion for medicine and have a drive to go through the long and intense schooling choice. Medical school certainly isn’t for everyone, and it’s really only a select number that make it through medical school and finish all the way. When the prospect of medical school comes up, one has many options. There are medical schools scatter all over the country, and many high caliber, expensive schools. With the cost and distance in mind, making the right choice for medical schools can be quite the challenge. Some states only have one medical school, while others have multiple schools. There are many medical schools in Florida, including the University of Florida. The state is one of those that has a plethora of medical schools to choose from with a variety of pricing options.

The University of Florida is one of the most prestigious medical schools in Florida. It was established well over one hundred years ago and currently ranks 17th in the entire United States. Very notable alumni have graduated from this famous university, including Erin Andrews and Tim Tebow, the football star. It has a total undergraduate enrollment of 32,598 and a campus size of 2000 square feet. The university if located a couple of miles out of Gainesville, the town which hosts thousands of college students. It is a fairly affordable choice among the medical schools in Florida. For the 2013-14 school year, the tuition is $6,150 for in-state undergrad tuition, and $12,590 for a grad living off campus. Books and supplies are estimated to be a little over $1,000. Housing on campus is $5,230 per semester. Combined with other expenses and costs, the total tuition is estimated to be $20, 100 for an undergrad living on campus and $11, 670 for students living off campus. For grad students, the cost is $28,000. Out of state tuition for an undergrad is estimated to be $27,933. These fees are based on a thirty credit hour basis.

The school boosts the impressive stat of an incoming freshmen average GPA of 4.3. In addition, sixty percent graduate in four years, and eighty three percent graduate in six years. In the fall of 2011, the school admitted more than a thousand international students, which was more than any other college in the US that year. Two-thirds of the students leave the school without any debt and the remaining amount only have a debt of $17,000, which is much lower than the national average.

The university also has the highest freshman retention rate of ninety three percent, which in itself is also pretty impressive. Other than that, this college is one of the longest running colleges in the entire country. It has been referenced many times in the media and has a very established list of alumni. For students looking for a good medical school. The University of Florida is an excellent choice.


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      Firoz 4 years ago from India

      Useful article on University of Florida Medical School.