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Unknown History

Updated on September 26, 2013
The model reconstruction of this mysterious construction dated to nearly 13,000 years ago and under 400 feet of water is of a presumed temple complex off the coast of Japan.
The model reconstruction of this mysterious construction dated to nearly 13,000 years ago and under 400 feet of water is of a presumed temple complex off the coast of Japan. | Source

Hidden in Plain Sight in Myth, Ooparts and Out of Place Monuments

J. B. S. Haldane once opined; “My own suspicion is that the universe is not only queerer than we suppose, but queerer than we can suppose.” We take this and frame it in the context of history by stating, “History is not only stranger than we suppose, but stranger than most can suppose.” In our arrogance, we proclaim to know history, but nothing can seldom be further from the truth. There is the popular notion as to history as it has unfolded, told by those in power who won and attempted to censor all other stories. Then there is hidden history that can be revealed by poking around in the recent past and as revealed by listening to the losers; examining what has been left in shattered remains of bygone civilizations and old tales. Then there is the fact that many people are literally digging it up. Myth is part sky lore and part history and this takes some unravelling in order to come up with a working theory. Myth deals with things so ancient, that it is hard to prove objectively in the ordinary sense, but by comparing some details of stories with what we know from geology and earth changes, we can begin the fathom some fantastic revelations. Next are the perplexing ruins and Ooparts found, by paleontologists and archeologists who poke around in all sorts of places, that are located where they should not be in our ordinary reckoning, but are there nonetheless and beg logical explanation. Even more astounding are finds such as human footprints alongside those of dinosaurs. Then there are giant human footprints, some almost as long as a modern human is tall. Some of these are undoubtedly hoaxes, but others are definitely not In the context of the greater geologic history, let us begin our exploration by a brief history of the earth over the last 15,000 years. From a period around the end of the last major ice age to around 12,900 to 12,600 years ago, sea levels were much lower and and ancient civilization ruled the world. Then according to what various researchers say, a massive cataclysm struck anywhere between 12,900 to 12,600 years ago. There are many markers for this period that consist of underwater massive artificial structures, the age of the Niagara escarpment (1), traces of dramatic and sudden climate change in the ice cores for the same period (2). There is also the loss of mega flora and fauna in the Americas, the first Clovis people and the stories of Atlantis as handed down to Plato (3) and then passed down to our modern era. It is thought that the world was plunged into a period of chaos as told by Velikovsky in his book “Ages in Chaos” (4) when a world shaking cataclysm occurred. That catastrophe is now believed to be an impact that struck the Laurentide Ice sheet at the end of the last major ice age that caused a flash melt, a massive earthquake, sudden temperature rise as indicated by a sharp methane spike and the end of a world girdling civilization that was technologically advanced.

Their technology left a lot of strange traces that have been rapidly uncovered since 1996 by those people who dig up a lot of strange things in search for old shipwrecks, treasure and ancient cities. There were other clues before then, but since 1996, the findings have exploded in quantity. Perhaps it has to do with modern electronic techniques that are sensitive to anomalies located underground or under the surface of oceans and lakes. Some of the anomalies have been spotted and photographed form space and later located on earth by ground crews of archeologists. Two such space findings are Angkor Wat (5) and the Bosnian pyramids (6). The finds include working analog computer and orrey such as the Antikythera mechanism (7), huge underwater structures, pieces of landing gear fused in ancient rocks, metals that do not rust, alloys that we have only recently been able to duplicate, descriptions of sophisticated flying machines and techniques in ancient literature, batteries, laser like devices, objects or art resembling jets, cave art of a strange and inexplicable design and a huge list of other strange items. None of these can be attributed to the modern era. A few have an exact record of manufacture, but most have no other dating other than their found location in sediments or locations under water. The advent of the internet has allowed much of these finds to find a home where many of us can have a look. Whole books have been written on these finds, such as by Graham Hancock's works like “Fingerprint of the Gods” and in writings by others such as “The Technology of the Gods” (8). Velikovsky wrote four seminal works that have by and large been proven showing that the earth has been through a tumultuous history and that our ancestors were along for the ride. Several times, humanity has flirted with extinction, but enough people survived to rebuild and tell, weird to us, myths of the deep past. Civilization is not limited to the last 6,000 years, but functions on an aperiodic cycle that waxes and wanes, sometimes catastrophically and suddenly. Many times it comes from nature, and sometimes at our own hand. This then is the story of that history beginning 13,000 years ago after the ancient civilization reached its zenith. The preexisting state was a world far different from ours.

This maps shows how the continents were joined during the later part of the last major ice age 13,000 years ago.
This maps shows how the continents were joined during the later part of the last major ice age 13,000 years ago. | Source

Evidence is mounting about a huge world cataclysm nearly 13,000 years ago

From 15,000 years to 12,600 years ago, the world was in the grips of an ice age (9). Sea levels were 400 feet lower than today. Though the ice fields extended well south of what they do now, covering almost all of Canada, Europe and Russia, the lower sea level exposed most of the continental shelves and provided fertile lowlands in abundance closer to the equatorial climes. With the exception of Iceland, Australia, New Zealand and the isolated Pacific islands, all other land masses were joined as one. There is some debate as to whether or not the Antarctic region was as icebound then as now. The precession of the equinoxes tells us that the seasons were reversed from what they are now. Winter occurred in the June period of the N. Hemisphere while the south basked in the summer. It is the opposite way today. The progress of the Milankovich cycle (10) for that era suggests that the orbit of the earth was such that the north would generally be cooler than the south. Thus, the ice pack was more substantial in the north than in the south that has been relatively stable from then to now. When the period of 12,600 years ago rolled around, the world changed virtually overnight.

Those who would control information, like to limit the history of civilization to the last 6,000 years and these include the religious and some Marxists. Indeed, censure is so pervasive, calendars have been reset to zero when a power became established. In the current era, some Marxist leaning societies reset their calendars to zero for the beginning of the reign of their leader such as Mao Tse Dung and Pol Pot. This is further proven by the various time lines we see in the world, the chief of which are the Jewish, Hindu, Christian, Islamic and Mayan. Each of these have their year zero where civilization apparently began, or where history started. The prior order was relegated to extinction and censure. Taking today's date, we can derive a different number of years for each one of the five calendars. These numbers are explained as the beginning of time in these systems, but that is more fiction than fact. Indeed, it is only the beginning of time for each of these belief systems. None are historically older than 5,500 years with the Hindu, Jewish and Mayan being the longest in continuity.

The height of the previous great world civilization was reached before the great catastrophe of 10,600 BC, plus or minus a few decades. There were some lessor disasters too that locally reset history to around 6,000 years ago, but that is just details in the much larger scheme of history. Though we are told in popular works that there was no trace of such in the ice and sediment cores, there is plenty of other evidence. This civilization was powered by means independent of oil, gas and coal. However, they mastered nuclear power. They were able to power everything according to sources, using crystals and frequency tuning that suggests similarities to the work of Tesla (11) of our era. They were able to fly, including to the moon and Mars, even perhaps elsewhere. The power of the nation was based on their ability in seafaring as well. They also made maps and oriented vast structures in alignment to the stars, implying and understanding of math, geometry and engineering. Some of the engineering feats alone surpass anything we can do even today. The reports suggest that they projected power world wide and used slaves for various ends. According to Plato, who got his information via elders who were in contact with Solon of Egypt, they vanished 9,000 years before their own time in a huge earth cataclysm (12). There is a record of a huge earth cataclysm independently dated for 12,600 years ago that matches several events. The main events that all center on the same period of history are;

  • Mass extinction of large animals and plants all over the western world, Russia and Europe

  • The end of the first Clovis people of N. America and the birth shortly thereafter of the second Clovis people

  • The sudden meltdown of the Laurentide ice sheet that raised sea levels by nearly 400 feat

  • The birth of the Niagara escarpment

  • Evidence of an impact in NE Canada for that date due to iridium traces dated to then.

There is by now, a huge number of ideas as to what Atlantis looked like. There are tantalizing clues by way of underwater temples and huge monuments around the world. There is little doubt that an advanced civilization existed in the deep past.
There is by now, a huge number of ideas as to what Atlantis looked like. There are tantalizing clues by way of underwater temples and huge monuments around the world. There is little doubt that an advanced civilization existed in the deep past. | Source

Here is one of those submerged cities

Something huge happened that caused mass extinction and altered the existing world. Ramifications of that event were felt all around the world. We know that horses and elephants once existed in N. America until 12,600 years ago when they went extinct. There were other large animals as well that did not exist elsewhere and went completely extinct.

Some of the people in that ancient society foresaw the disaster and took to the seas to relocate in new lands and restart civilization. Some accounts describe the previous civilization describe it as starting out on a spiritual or selfless footing and then became selfish and corrupt. If we look to our own past where we started out in small communities and then grew to a world civilization obsessed with power, wealth and consumption we can see that possibility more clearly.

The account of Atlantis as it became to be known, tells that the catastrophe was foreknown. Perhaps the astronomers of the day saw the incoming asteroid or comet and knew what it portended. It is even possible that they may have engaged in a form of celestial warfare by redirecting these objects to obliterate enemy strongholds. The latter consideration is hypothetical only and is highly unlikely, as other indications suggest that they had weapons of mass destruction such as nuclear weapons as described in the Vedas (13) and used them in war and not planetary protection. At a certain point of the end of their world, the impact occurred setting off the chain of events described in ancient sources. First was the tremendous explosion that rocked the world setting off a flash melt, scorching temperatures, a mega world wide earthquake and subsequent volcanism. This explosion also set of tsunamis that destroyed all lowland areas where civilization concentrated. The tsunamis swept up wildlife and forests, depositing them into mass graves of twisted trees and slaughtered animals. After the initial heat and high winds, everything was plunged into the relative darkness and freeze of an impact winter (14). As most of the landmass was linked in those days, the flooding separated the landmasses at the lowest points and created the continents as we know them now. What the catastrophe failed to do completely was to wipe out all traces of that civilization. Much of it lies buried underwater, but enough survived in accounts such as in the Vedas, the Plato account and ooparts scattered about the world including at high elevations where they survived intact to this day.

From that day to this, the initial impact caused huge devastation in a brief time. World legends describe a world girdling flood (15). The Plato account describes the sinking of an island continent and massive volcanism. Geological history shows that there were three flooding periods dated from 12,600, 8,600 and 8,000 years ago of enormous or regional extent. Within that period, there were a few super-volcanic explosions. The two most recent occurred in 1626 BCE (16) and 535 AD (17). Both of these had global consequences. There is little doubt that impact caused volcanism 12,600 years ago did likewise. The impact also set of mega-tsunamis that created mass graves leaving behind mass extinctions. Most technology that existed back then was also destroyed. From that great event to the modern era, the climate has been on a general warming trend as shown in the disappearance of the Sahara forest and following grasslands and desert. Evidence exists for great inland lakes for the period of 8,000 years and earlier. It is also thought that the modern Mediterranean Sea formed 8,600 years ago and the Black Sea formed 8,000 years ago due to a huge disaster and chain reaction half a world away in Canada. The earth in upheaval has made it tough for civilization to reach its present form. There are those who are in the know and are preparing for the next great blow. They do not want it well known just how dangerous and precarious our position is. They do want to keep their own lives intact complete with the fullness of what they know. But modern science has revealed so much that these secrets are now out.

What we are left with by evidence of an advanced ancient civilization and cataclysm can be summed up with, but limited to the following;

  • Huge underwater complexes such as off the coast of Yonaguni Japan, Cuba and elsewhere (18).

  • Huge single piece obelisks and stone walls with blocks weighing in up to a thousand tons (19).

  • Metal alloys used as masonry ties that have only recently been duplicated (20).

  • Pyramids around the world and massive temples oriented to the sky

  • Intriguing patterns etched into the landscape that can only be seen clearly from the sky (21).

  • Mechanical wonders exhumed from the sea dated to 2,000 years or older (22).

  • Small metallic effigies that look like modern jets (23).

  • Descriptions and illustrations in the Vedas of vimanas that use sophisticated levitation technology that is positively dated to 5,500 years ago (24).

  • The Piri Reis maps of similar but differently oriented landmasses (25).

  • Descriptions of nuclear weapons and war dated to 5,500 years ago.

  • The Baghdad battery. (26)

  • Non rusting ferrous poles.

  • Stonehenge and like sky oriented structures.

  • The Bosnian pyramid (27).

  • Machu Picchu at 18,000 feet up in the Andes, commonly attributed to the Inca, but some say is far older (28).

  • Ruins under the surface of Lake Titicaca.

  • At least 500 underwater cities around the world in ocean shallows and current continental shelves.

  • Undecipherable writing on stellae and obelisks predating Egypt.

  • World wide distribution of pyramid structures.

  • Legends of floods, giants and other anomalies out of synch with the standard view of history

  • Mass animal and vegetation graves (29).

  • Evidence for rapid flow of huge masses of water.

  • The Niagara escarpment dated to 12,600 years.

  • Underwater caves with stalagmites and stalactites that can only be formed above water dated to 12,600 years ago (30).

  • Extinction of large species in the Americas, Russia and Europe while African and India relatively untouched dated to 12,600 years ago.

The list could go on with many other details and oddities, but these are the main ones that tell us that since 12,600 years ago, we have fallen a long way and are still rebuilding. Since this has already happened in the past, we must now face the prospect that this can happen again and what we are prepared to do in the event of such an event. We have only recently come to an awareness of the threat from the sky, though many ancient civilizations had a dread of comets. Our space defence is still relatively primitive and incapable of either deflecting an asteroid or comet or providing the human race an escape. We also have only recently acknowledged the possibility of mega-tsunamis and mega-volcanoes. Velikovsky detailed much of this, but was ridiculed by the scientific community for publishing these ideas that he found described in myth, lore and legends. Since then we have come around to accepting all of these possibilities. We are now just beginning to come to grips with how to deal with huge civilization crushing events at the same time we are becoming our own biggest threat. It is now clear that the world went through a huge change in the past that reset the clock in many ways. It is also clear that we have to prepare for the next big event at some unspecified point in the future.

Ooparts abound all around the world and come in all sizes from the minuscule to the huge.
Ooparts abound all around the world and come in all sizes from the minuscule to the huge. | Source


































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