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Unleash the Power of Human Brain

Updated on December 13, 2015

Any sort of the discovery about the brain is nothing but discovering something new about ourselves. Earlier our brain was not attainable for any research or exploration and that is why its biological structure was not acknowledged recently. The reason behind this is the fact that our brain is enclosed in an almost impenetrable skull and only after the invention of CT scan and PET scan; it became possible to have the clear images of Brain Anatomy.

CT Scan: It is basically computerized tomography and it uses computer processed x-rays for producing tomographic images of the different areas of any scanned object. Through this process it allows user to see inside without cutting or damaging the object.

PET Scan: It is known as position emission tomography and it is a functional imaging technique which produces 3-D images of the different functional processes in the body. PET scan detects pairs of the gamma rays which are emitted indirectly by a positron emitting tracer and that is further introduced into the body on a molecule which is biologically active.

After the introduction of these scan devices, it has become possible now to understand different intrigue and remarkable details of brain structure and its functioning. It is quite fascinating to observe different changes that take place in the brain when it thinks, registers memory, feels, processes information and so forth. 3-D brain images of these scan devices can easily trace the routes of neurotransmitters which congregate to bring out different mood changes and then lay down in the long term memory. In addition to these scan devices now MRI (Magnetic Resonance imaging) and SPECT (Single Photon Emission Computerised Tomography) are also available and with the help of them scientists can track the functioning of human brain to the minutest level.

Brain Wave Frequency

Now it is scientifically proved that human brain emits delicate electrical impulses and all these impulses are known as mental waves. Electroencephalograph (EEG) can measure these waves in the terms of micro volts. Amplitude, frequency and voltage of the brain waves have close relationship with the mental state of any individual as per his consciousness. Brain waves represent a manifestation of psychological states of the mind which exist because of the corresponding activities of the human brain. Studies have proved that the alternations in the Electroencephalograph (EEG) are nothing but the changes in our perceptions and thoughts. Brain waves are of four types and they are explained below:

1. Beta Waves: These sorts of waves are emitted when the person is fully awakened. Brain emits beta waves with frequencies over 14 cycles per second and these waves get its occurrence when the active thinking of the mind is turned in the direction of the outside world. If you are stressed or tensed then your brain emits beta waves of high frequencies.

2. Alpha Waves: These waves represent relaxed state of mind which comprises higher degree of passivity, tensionless and non anxious state. In the circumstances of relaxed awareness brain produces Alpha waves with the frequencies of 7 to 13 cycles per second.

3. Theta Waves: These waves produce when anybody is in almost unconsciousness or during disturbed sleep with frequencies of 4 to 7 cycles per second. According to different researches it has been found that children up to the age of nine mostly produced theta waves. It is also a proven fact that when someone is in a heightened form of the meditation or if he is creatively engaged somewhere then theta waves gets its production. Whenever there is an absence of negative emotion then brain emits theta waves and that means emotions play greatly important role in producing these waves.

4. Delta Waves: Production of these waves occurs in the situation where there is complete absence of the consciousness for example dreamless sound sleep. Delta waves get its production with the frequencies lesser than 4 cycles per second.

Left Brain & Right Brain

Human Brain is also divided in two hemispheres, called as Left Hemisphere & Right Hemisphere. Both of these hemispheres are responsible for different-different types of thinking and that are mentioned below:

1. Left Brain: Different types of thinking processes associated with the left brain are logical, rational, linear, sequential, orderly, systematic, organised, dealing with the abstract ideas, reality based, reading, verbal expression, writing, identifying facts and figures, auditory association, micro approach, phonetics and symbolism.

2. Right Brain: Different types of thinking modes incorporated by right brain are creative, random, imaginative, intuitive, unorganized, non-verbal ways of knowing, shape and pattern recognition, spatial awareness, music, art, feeling the presence of objects and people, colour sensitivity, macro approach and visualization.

© 2014 Shivendra Tiwari


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