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Unleashing Your Creativity through Game Art and Design Colleges

Updated on August 6, 2011

What are the different jobs in the video game industry?

There are various entry level jobs in the video game industry.  Below is a handful of samples.:

  • Game-play tester - Test games, playability, provide the early feedback. Seems pretty cool. Dream job for some.
  • 2-D conceptual artist - An artist who fleshes out ideas and puts them on paper / computer screen before any real work takes place.
  • 3-D character builder - Works with rendering software to implement the designs of a character.  This is the position who made Lara Croft come to life.
  • 3-D object modeler - Implements the design for the world which video game characters venture in.
  • Interactivity designer - Works with game mechanics to deliver with the best gamer experience.
  • Background artist - Digital artist who creates those fantastic sky and mountain backdrop in Warcraft and other games.

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Halo screen shotIncredible Hulk Video Game ScreenshotsStar Wars Unleashed ScreenshotWorld of Warcraft screenshot
Halo screen shot
Halo screen shot
Incredible Hulk Video Game Screenshots
Incredible Hulk Video Game Screenshots
Star Wars Unleashed Screenshot
Star Wars Unleashed Screenshot
World of Warcraft screenshot
World of Warcraft screenshot

How to Start as a Video Game Programmer

Video Game Testing Myths Revealed

Future Outlook of the Video Game Industry

There was a time in the mid-2000's when the US video game industry made more money in sales than the movie industry. Now, the video game industry is in good position to overtake the movie industry around the world.

In the near future, video games will be a $10-12 billion industry! The industry is expanding rapidly. We're already seeing another field to conquer -- video games for mobile. More and more consumers are buying iPhones and similar devices. Many video games are already being developed for them.

A quick summary for future jobs in video game -- It's gonna good!


In 2008, Bureau of Labor Statistics surveyed that graphic and game arts designers made between $30,000 - $60,000 a year in salary.


Do you like playing video games?

Are you more interested in arts (creative) than technology (technical)?

Then maybe a career in Game Art Design is for you. But you need to go to school because much of the skills and tools needed to get a job are taught there. In video game production, many animation and rendering softwares are used and they're mostly too expensive to buy on your own.

Also, you should know that in most schools, game art design is a degree from Art & Humanities department not Computers & Technology.


Say you're still in high school or even, out of high school.  What classes do you need to be a game designer?  Since game art design requires creativity and artistic ability, you should take as many art classes as possible. 

Despite game art design ultimately requiring the use of computers, it's good to know the fundamentals of drawing and sketching using paper and pencil.  These are valuable skills that are fundamental basis of any creative arts career.

Video 3D Modeling of a Chinese Dragon

Game Art Design Project: Character and 3D Object Modeling

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