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Unlock Infinite Creativity In The Brain Using Beautiful Music

Updated on August 18, 2016


By Sineng

To live in the 21st century, we need to be equipped with not only a sense of competition, but also the capability to compete. Creativity forms a key component of this capability and hidden in our brain is infinite creativity, waiting to be released.

Can music unlock creativity? As I am personally very interested in this topic, I have studied a lot of books on neuroscience, psychology and creative study. At the same time, I have consistently stimulated my right brain with beautiful music, aiming to activate the neurons in my right brain and initiate their functionalities. Such training lasted for more than a decade. Luckily, I am finally able to confirm the role of beautiful music in unlocking creativity, and have obtained preliminary research outcomes. I shall name this creativity development skill as the Whole Brain Activation High Technology and I am sharing my research outcomes with you, in the hope that you will benefit from it.

Creativity work is performed using both halves of the brain. The right brain is in charge of music, space, and image thinking etc, while the left brain is in charge of language, calculation and logical thinking etc. Creative work and creative thinking are inextricably intertwined. There are many forms of creative thinking, such as abstract thinking, image thinking, inspirational thinking, and divergent thinking etc. When we perform creative thinking, our right brain plays the leading role. Therefore we have to develop our right brain to unlock our infinite creativity. The most effective way to develop the right brain is using music to activate the neurons in the brain and to initiate right brain’s functions. However, not all music can be used. Baroque music is the most suitable type of music, such as the works of Mozart, Bach, Handel, Vivaldi and other musicians. Alpha wave music is also suitable. All these music can be found on YouTube.

There are four types of human brainwaves, namely Beta, Alpha, Theta and Delta. When we are thinking, the Beta brainwaves are present. As we listen to Baroque music or Alpha wave music, our brain waves convert to Alpha brainwaves. At the same time, a large number of neurons in the right brain are activated. As a result, the brain is in a special kind of excited state, and begins to secrete a hormone known as B-endorphin. B-endorphin has the ability toenhance brain vitality, stimulate potential, relieve mental stress and bring happiness. In addition, B-endorphin can enhance human body's immunity and is very useful in disease treatment. Continual stimulation of the right brain through music will therefore unleash the right brain’s potential and inspire endless creativity. Of course, creative achievement success also relies upon the close integration of theories and practices, as well as accumulation of knowledge and experience.

So how do we use music to develop creativity? Here are the specific steps: 1. Sit or lie down when listening to music. Make yourself comfortable. 2. Relax your body. 3. Eliminate distracting thoughts. 4. Breath slowly and evenly.

Listen to two hours of music a day. Immerse yourself in the music and try not to think. Besides, drink plenty of water too. We believe that through continuous and relentless training, you will be able to master the Whole Brain Activation High Technology.

Upon completion of each music training session, our brains will stay in a special kind of excited state for several hours. We will feel happy, energetic, and confident. Our thinking process becomes fast and our subconscious is extremely active. Under this condition, engaging in creative thinking or creative activity will yield unexpected results. Studying under this condition will lead to learning efficiency improvement and learning progress acceleration. When this High Technology is used in writing, ideas will appear from time to time and lead to the creation of good pieces. When used in education, the High Technology helps students to develop their creativity and cultivate creative talents. When used in medical treatment, the High Technology cures illnesses and brings hope to patients. I used to suffer from several serious illnesses in the past and I can never forget the excruciating pain. In order to cure myself, I started using the Whole Brain Activation High Technology. A few years later, I was restored back to full health with all my illnesses cured. When this High Technology is used in scientific research, researchers will be able to achieve breakthroughs and even create miracles. In conclusion, time spent using the Whole Brain Activation High Technology is time well-spent. I believe that wide-scale adoption of this High Technology will likely generate huge economic benefits.

In addition, creative personality must be cultivated to allow a person to fully master the Whole Brain Activation High Technology. Everyone has their own creative personality. People with creative personality generally possess some of the following distinctive traits, such as high self-confidence, emotional stability, independent thinking, healthy skepticism of authority, innovative spirit, strong will in overcoming difficulties, as well as curiosity. Those who possess creative personality are able to master the Whole Brain Activation High Technology with ease and use this High Technology to achieve their goals. Once that happens, success is just around the corner.

Music can develop creativity. Music can also introduce us to elegant lifestyle. During our happiness or sadness, music can accompany us, share our joy and comfort our hearts. Akin to a mysterious force, music is captivating and mesmerizing. Let’s use it to unlock our infinite creativity!


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