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Unscrupulous Law Firms

Updated on October 19, 2015

Behren Law Weston, Florida

When the State of Florida Department of Agriculture declared me guilty of manufacturing for resale yet cannot provide evidence a suit in Federal court was filed. Florida demands dismissal Corporations cannot file civil rights complaint MUST hire a law firm.

Using AVVO law referral site a request for representation was sent. Within days Behren Law Civil rights law firm responds saying that the civil complaint on PACER ( electronic legal filing system) had been read and understood and willing to represent my corporation. This law firm did not!

Guilt without evidence

Civil rights complaint filed was against Six officials of Florida, Governor Scott, Commissioner of Agriculture Putnam, Director of Aquaculture Knickerbocker, Inspector General Sears, Counsels Hall and Costigan Department of Agriculture ALL declare guilt without evidence. When two or more officials conspire to conceal, obstruct the truth is called a conspiracy and violates the Conspiracy Act of 1964.

$3,000 Retainer

So as to file the already created complaint Behren Law demands a $3,000 retainer so as to file a complaint against six individuals. Somehow the clerk of courts revises the complaint against six individuals and changes complaint to Department of Agriculture, you cannot sue a State?

Behren Law and Assistant State Attorney Weaver recognize this mistake and rather correct it Behren Law begins revising the entire complaint, now suing the Florida Department of Agriculture.

Additional $3,000

Post filing of complaint Behren Law request an additional $3,000. Knowing that after filing a civil rights complaint there next step is discovery where each individual is questioned and where the demand for evidence would take place.

Suit against State vs individuals opened the door for the State of Florida to use Rule 11. This rule addresses the reimbursement to State of Florida for a loss verdict. Behren Law now that the original complaint was revised decides that the complaint filed guilt without evidence has no case and advises to withdraw the complaint! Asked about the additional $3,000 Behren Laws responds NO REFUNDS! $6,000 by a civil rights law firm only to declare that guilt without evidence is no grounds for a civil rights complaint A SCAM!

Grievance Florida Bar

Complaint filed to Florida Bar and a mediator assigned. Hearing with a mediator ( also an attorney) was not fruitful. More and more it seems that the legal community pre judges citizens representing themselves and legal professionals favor other lawyers disregarding the facts.

At this meeting my effort to grieve that fact that a law firm contacted me saying they knew and understood my complaint but while representing my company changed the complaint and so as to protect Behren Law recommenced dismissal even though no evidence has ever been presented of guilt?

Mediator ruled in favor of Behren Law and the belief that $6,000 was reasonable for a civil rights law firm to spend in order to find that guilt without evidence is not a case? STINKS

Florida Dept of Agriculture Lies and Deceits the truth


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