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Use Connectors and Gambits When Speaking Spanish

Updated on August 20, 2019
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I studied Spanish at a high level, and got good grades and exams. Besides that, I have also traveled a lot in Spanish-speaking countries.


Gambits are small words and phrases that are important to keep a dialogue going in Spanish. They are also available in English, but we do not have a similar categorization.


Pues/Bueno: Well

¡A ver !: Let me see!

Es decir que/o sea: That is

Vale: Okay

¿De acuerdo ?: Are you with? Do you agree?

It's worth it: That's true

Es que…: That's because/It's like ...

Puede ser: It can be

Es igual: It doesn’t matter

Eso es/eso sí: Exactly

Talk vez/quizás/a lo mejor: Maybe

If You Need to Dialogue

¡Mira!: Look here!

¡Oye (oiga)!: Listen, listen!

¡Anda/vamos!: Let's go.

Lo que pasa es que: That's because that

If You Have Understanding Problems

No lo sé/No sé: I don't know

No lo entiendo: I don't understand

No te entiendo: I don't understand you

¿Quieres repitir?: Will you repeat?

No te oigo bien: I don't hear you very well

¡Habla más despacio!: Speak slower

¡Habla and voz más alta!: Talk a little louder!

¡Cómo! huh?: Excuse me

¿Qué dices?: What do you say?

¿De qué estás hablando?: What are you talking about?

If You Want to Ensure Understanding

¿Me entiendes?: Do you understand me?

¿Me explico?: Is it understandable?

¿Me sigues?: Can you follow me?

Keep the Dialogue Going

¿Es verdad? ¿De Verdad?: is it true?

Sí, es verdad: Yes, it's true

¿No me digas?: You do not say?

Claro/Claro que sí: Of course/It is clear

Claro que no: Of course, not

Sí, teens razón: Yes, you are right

Me imagino: I can imagine that

The todos modos: In any case

Lo que quiero decir es: What I want to say is ..

El caso es que: Is the case that

Creo que sí: I think so

Fíjate: Mind you

Imagínate: Imaging

If You Want to Change Topic

Otra cosa…: Something completely different…

Hablando de…: Now we talk about…

Cambiando de theme: For changing topic

Como decía antes: As I said earlier

A propósito: By the way

¿Sabes un cosa?: You know what?

Díme: Now tell me

Ahora que me acuerdo: Now that I remember

If You Want to Take Over the Right to Speak

¿Puedo decir algo?: Can I say something?

No estoy de acuerdo: I do not agree

Vale, pero: Ok, though

Tengo una pregunta: I have a question

If You Want to Retain the Right to Speak

¿Me dejas terminar?: May I be allowed to speak out

Todavía no he terminado: I'm not done


Connectors are words or groups of words that are used to create a logical context in a text or speech. Context is thus created by words that bind the individual sentences together. It can typically be hyphens (and, but, then, before, so that…), but also other word classes and larger sentence parts can link sentences together. The table below presents several examples of words and expressions that serve as clauses and help to emphasize the relationship (cause, contradiction, etc.) that exists between the different actions, things, and people in the text/speech.

Structuring and Classification Information

Primero/En primer lugar/Primeramente: First

Segundo/En segundo lugar: Next/Second

Por un lado/por otro lado: On the one hand/On the other hand

Para empezar/continuar: First

Antes que nada: Primarily

Ante todo: Above all

Finalmente/en último lugar: Finally

En conclusión: To conclude/as conclusión

Por fin/en fin: Finally/finally

Notify Personal Position

Para mí: It seems to me

En mi opinión: In my opinion

Creo que: I believe that

A mi entender/parecer: In my opinion

A mi juicio: As far as I can judge

Según mi punto de vista: From my point of view

Personalmente: Personally

Me parece que: It seems to me that

State Cause (Causal)

Porque: Because (not used after time period)

A causa de/debido a: Because of

Por esa razón: For this reason

Ya que: Well, because

Puesto que /dado que: Well, because

Como: Well, because

Indicate Conversation/Contrast

Pero: But

Sin embargo: However/yet

No obstante: Nevertheless/nevertheless [used as however]

Por otra parte: On the other hand

Por otro lado: On the other hand

A pesar de (que..): In spite of..)

Aunque: Though

En cambio: In turn/in contrast

A diferencia de: Unlike

Mientras que: whereas

Por el contrario: On the contrary

Al contrario de: In contrast to


Es decir (que)…: That is…

O sea: Or in other words

En efecto: Actually

Dicho de otra manera: Said in another way:

En otras palabras: In other words

Con esto quiero decir: With that I want to say


Por ejemplo: E.g

Concretamente/en concreto: Absolutely concrete

En particular: Especially

Indicate Impact

Por eso: Therefore

Por consiguiente: Therefore

Así que: Therefore/So…

Por lo tanto: Therefore

En consecuencia: Therefore/As a result:

De modo que: Therefore

Add Information

Además: Moreover

Incluso: Also/on top of the bargain

También: Also

Igualmente: Likewise

Entonces: So/Then

Por otro lado/por otra parte: On the other hand

Porque: Because

Ya que/puesto que /dado que/como: Since

A causa de/debido a: Because of

Led to Conclude/Exit

En resumen: In short/to summarize

Finalmente/para finalizar/en último lugar: Finally

En conclusión/para concluir: To conclude/as conclusion

Por fin: Finally/finally

Al fin y al cabo: After all

En fin: Finally

Por ultimo: As the last

Como conclusion: As a conclusion/as a conclusion

The Spanish people use these gambits and connectors a lot, and I hope this helps you to speak some more Spanish


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