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37 Clever Ways Of Using Bamboo

Updated on November 25, 2017

Bamboo is an evergreen perennial and is a valuable use specially in Asian countries. This fast growing plant can be seen as a part in Philippines bahay-kubo (nipa hut) building. It can be seen growing in riverbanks.

And did you know there are lots of uses for bamboos than you could imagine or that you had seen? Before we go to the photos of different uses of bamboo, here's some interesting bamboo facts:

* Bamboo is a plant that has the most widest range of use.

* Bamboo is not considered a tree but is a grass and considered one of the tallest in the world. (It is part of the true grass family.)

* Bamboo is the fastest growing plant in the world, being able to grow for up to 4 feet a day.

* Bamboo can be found from all over the world in various climates.

Where does bamboo grows? Bamboo, the tallest evergreen grass can be found growing from cold mountain areas to tropical hot lands.

And now, here's photos of how bamboo are being used, or say, different ways of using bamboo and products made up from bamboo.


Hand fan

Bamboos being used in hand fan making.

Seeing this photo reminds me of my mom's hand fan. I grew up seeing my female relatives having such fan, some made of silk and there's some simply made of colorful cloths or papers. But as of now, I haven't or rarely seen a hand fan around.


Nipa hut building

One great use of bamboos are on building nipa hut (bahay kubo.) It can create many designs just the one in this photo.

I enjoyed watching my dad and other men building our house back in the Philippines just using bamboo trees and cogon grass.


Bamboos as fence

Bamboos can be usually seen being use like this fence in provinces serving as protection from the outside and to add a bit of privacy to the homeowner, it is like, "this is my area."

Different fence designs can also be used if like, but the one in this photo is just such a simple beautiful bamboo fence.



Not only useful in making fences, bamboos can be made into doors as well.

Makes me wonder what processed the bamboo went through to transform into such a strong looking door. Nevertheless, it is pretty. Imagine living in a nipa hut, a bamboo made door, furniture, and using bamboo made utensils!


Bamboo blinds

Blinds made from bamboo.

Bamboos can really be made into wonderful things! And I think this blinds made from bamboo are just beautiful.

Wonder what other useful items can be made from bamboo? Continue scrolling down for more photos.


Flower base

If you are scared of accidentally dropping a glass vase, bamboo vases can be a good substitute. It looks beautiful! And you don't have to worry about it turning into pieces in case you accidentally drop the bamboo vase.


Chopsticks made from bamboo

Have you experienced using chopsticks? It is fun learning to use it and that first time you had successfully eaten your noodles with it.

But had you ever thought where those chopsticks are made from? Yes, these chopsticks are all made of bamboo.



Have you ever tried using these?

Spoons, forks, and cutleries all made from bamboo. Such can be reusable too and all natural.


Hat made from bamboo

This hat can be seen being wear by farmers as protection from the sun's heat and from rainy days too while attending to their crops or doing their works.

Just seeing this hat reminds me of rice field and I enjoying the scene and gentle breeze of wind, walking on the rice field dikes while watching dad and mom on the field.



Isn't this pretty? And who wouldn't fall in love with this bag?

This is a bag made of bamboos from Vietnam. It can come in many designs too, you can say a gift from mother nature since it was made from bamboos.


Bamboo placemat

I think there's nothing that can't be made from bamboo. This placemat was even made from this perennial grass. It is simply yet beautiful.


Bamboo plates

I actually had seen this wooden made plates in stores. But hadn't occurred to me that these was made from bamboos too. Now I know and next time I saw such plates on the grocery stores or from Asian stores like Seafood City, I would know what is it made from.


Bamboo plate holders

Actually had this one at home and using it to put all kinds of snacks in it. And I really thought it was made of something else. But as I search and made this hub, I learned it was made of bamboo too.


Steamer made from bamboo

Who wouldn't want steamed siopao, dumplings, or bibingka (Philippine rice cake)?

These delicious foods can be made from a steamer made of bamboo.



These steamroller pipes are made from bamboo.



Tired of standing up?

Come and have a sit! This two chairs are all made from the bamboo grass. Just add a sit cushion if that would make you more comfortable. Then relax and enjoy.


Plant Stakes

Bamboos can be a great help on gardening too. Use bamboo on plant staking. If you live in a province, you can just go get a bamboo if there's some growing in your area. But if you are living in a city, yeah you have to buy it. Reminds me of the bamboos we had bought from Walmart, been 2 years ago I think but we still have and reusing it.

But back in the Philippines, dad would just take some walk on the river bank and get some bamboos if we need some. We had used it on a lot of things like plant staking, nipa hut building and as fire woods.


Bamboo bed

Bed can be made of bamboos too. Just like in this photo. Having a bamboo bed, table, and bamboo blinds would just make you feel like living along with nature.


Picture frame

This photo frame was made from bamboo.

And did you noticed something on the photo with the woman? Yes, she's on a bamboo made raft!



This long bridge was made of bamboos. It could be fun crossing on that bridge. Bamboo bridges can be seen being used on provinces for crossing rivers to connect neighbors and it can be seen being use on tourist spots too.



These torches we're all made from bamboos. Reminds me of those school days of starting each year's school games and activities with the lighted torch.

And of course watching the Olympic Games coverage on television.



Of all the products that can be made out of bamboo, here comes another one. This table was made using bamboos. If you live in the province and knows how to build tables, chairs and other furniture, bamboos are a good source of income.


Bamboo flutes

If you love music, here's flutes made out of bamboo. This musical instruments are easy to learn and once you learned using it, it is such fun way to spend time with the family or peers.

And this flutes reminds me of my flute I had in my grade school days. We even had a school contest for using the flute.



Waking up in the morning and having a cup of coffee with this bamboo made cups would be considered a treat. Makes me imagine living in the forest or close to nature. I wonder if Tarzan and Jane uses the same cups in the jungle? These cups are just cute.


Bamboo Fountains

It is just relaxing hearing the water running through this bamboo fountain. Having a garden and this bamboo made fountain is just a perfect spot for relaxation, de-stressing, yoga, and even for meditation.

Also seeing this fountain, I remember those anime I had watched with the scene of Spring, Cherry trees and this fountains.



And look at this trellis! Creative bamboo trellis can be made out of bamboos too. And the trellis in this photo is beautiful.

We have our own trellis made from bamboo. It's built 3 years ago on our patio for our climbing vegetables and still is very much sturdy, looks like it was just built this year and is now in use with our chayote plant.



What about games?

This dominoes are made from bamboo as well. Another good way to kill time and have fun with friends or family.



Even toys can be made out of bamboos, just like this bike toy in here. A kid would absolutely enjoy and appreciate bamboo trees this way.

This also shows that not having money means no toys as they can be made from bamboos too.


Bamboo sticks

Those sticks that you had your barbecue on or the kids marshmallows are made of bamboo. In the Philippines, the bamboo sticks are also used on favorite foods such as the hot dog and on making banana cue.

And yeah, I also remember vendors uses these same sticks too for fruits such as turnips and green mangoes, even on pineapples.

Flip flops

Even this flip flops was made from bamboo. I wonder how would they feel on my feet?


On irrigation

Bamboos are friends to farmers as these perennial grasses are being use and a great help on irrigation just like the photo shown on the right.


Panda's food

Bamboos are panda's source of food. Just like this adorable panda here as it enjoys its meal, spending 12 hours a day eating 38 kilograms of bamboo.


Wind Chimes

I love the sound wind chimes makes as the wind sway them! And this bamboo made wind chimes can be a good addition to gardens too or on front doors.


Bamboo raft

A raft from Kawasan Falls in Cebu, Philippines. And yes, it was made from bamboo.



Charcoals can be made from bamboos too, or can be use as firewood. To make bamboos as firewood, just let the bamboos dry by leaving them on a sunny spot. Once dried, they can be use as firewood. That's what we ysed back in the Philippines when I was still a kid.


Crafts made from bamboo

And just when you're out of ideas on what else to make out of bamboos, here's one more. One can make crafts from using bamboos. It could be a good hobby or another source of income.

Just with the imagination and a hard working hands, one can create bamboo-made items or product like this one.


For food supply or source of food.

One more used of bamboo is a source of food, and it is the bamboo shoot that can be seen mostly from Asian stores in can. Back in the Philippines, this bamboo shoot is called "labong" and I had seen relatives who would happily go on a nearby bamboo grove to find "labong" (bamboo shoot) which my aunt would prepare for cooking.


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    • precy anza profile imageAUTHOR

      precy anza 

      7 years ago from USA

      I can't say it is better than wood as most of this items anyway can be made out of woods too, but it could depend if one prefer a bamboo made or wood made item. :)

    • precy anza profile imageAUTHOR

      precy anza 

      7 years ago from USA

      Wow! That's so cool Vinaya! ^.^' Now you making me missed those bamboo grove on the river bank back in my childhood. :)

    • precy anza profile imageAUTHOR

      precy anza 

      7 years ago from USA

      We used bamboo too on our plants, as trellis. :) And we still have those bamboos.

    • precy anza profile imageAUTHOR

      precy anza 

      7 years ago from USA

      Thanks. And I agree about pinoys being like bamboo, sturdy and strong-willed. ^.^'

    • katrinasui profile image


      7 years ago

      It is a fantastic hub on Bamboo. I didn't know that Bamboo is being used to make so many things before reading this hub. Is Bamboo better than wood?

    • Vinaya Ghimire profile image

      Vinaya Ghimire 

      7 years ago from Nepal

      In my farm, I have a small hillock where I grow bamboo. I make extensive use of bamboo in my vegetable patch, to fence the yard and to build huts.

      This is very useful article. Thanks for sharing.

    • agreenworld profile image

      Dawn A. Harden 

      7 years ago from CT-USA

      I really like bamboo. I use it in some of my plants to stablize the leaves and I use it in my kitchen. Very well written.

    • thesingernurse profile image

      Tina Siuagan 

      7 years ago from Rizal, Philippines

      I love your bamboo hub as well as the cute panda, bamboo flip flops, and the bamboo flute. Filipinos are like bamboo... Sturdy and strong-willed. People who can definitely withstand any 'harsh weather' in their lives. :D

      Voted up and awesome!


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