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Using Stupidity

Updated on September 7, 2023

The Decline in Intelligence

It has been documented that a 'Dumbing Down' process began at educational institutions in the 1970s.

This was necessary to create a population of sheep who did not have the capacity to question, nor even the interest so to do.

This Dumbing Down was a reaction to the post World War II push to create a super educated population.

During the 'Cold War' between the Soviet Union and the United States there was a need for America to produce the best and the brightest population.

A simple glance at syllabus of a 6th grade class in 1960, compared with the syllabus used today in a 10th grade class, is so superior it is astounding.

What children were required to know to graduate elementary school in 1960 is above that which allows graduation from High School today.

This 'dumbing down' as I call it, was and is deliberate. It is to prevent an intelligent population capable of questioning.

With the end of the Cold War there is no need for brilliant minds. Sheep, easily led, easily fooled are required, and produced.

The Purpose of 'Dumbing Down'

In the late 1960s there was a vast population of highly educated and intelligent people who had the capacity to question.

Despite the absence of an Internet, the ability of people to gain information and utilise it, led to a great deal of public demonstrations.

Whether Civil Rights, Anti-War, Women's Rights, there was a population which could think for themselves and were willing to go out on the streets and demonstrate.

The United States lied about entering Cambodia. This was quickly uncovered because enough people had links to outside sources to prove the truth.

To be blunt, people questioned their government and had the mental acuity so to do.

This led directly to the process of Dumbing Down. Educational institutions would no longer place children with I.Q. s above 130 in an advanced class. This 'streaming' was ended. The brilliant child was dumped in with those of inferior intellects.

The intelligent child would soon become bored, distracted, and diverted from learning. The less intelligent child would not be challenged as the lessons were modified.

In this way, one could produce a population of persons of average intelligence or less who did not have the capacity to question.

Dumb and Dumber

As the rich could hire tutors, send their children to prestigious private schools, the class system was strengthened.

The child of average means would need to be quite intelligent and motivated to go to University so the cost became prohibitive.

This resulted in a large population of people more concerned about what came on television that evening than what the government of their country was doing.

They were easily led, confused, and tended not to think. They accepted what they were told unless a louder voice told them something else.

Comprehension limited, minds distracted, they were easy prey for the demagogue.

Reality vs Propaganda

As education created persons of low comprehension, who grant their volition to those who 'press their buttons' a demagogue could easily twist them as he pleased, knowing they had not the capacity to verify what they were told.

For example, during the past twenty years, China has created markets in most 3rd World nations. Everything comes from China. The only America products on the shelves would be there because of 'string loans'; this is when America offers to loan a 3rd World Nation a sum of money, but that sum must be spent on the importation of American products.

Nations which do not take these kinds of loans do not have American products. Further, as American goods are more expensive than the Chinese, the result is obvious.

To attempt to launch a 'Trade War' with China was ridiculous. China would not suffer dislocation. America would suffer.

For example, many American products are bought by China. If one removed every American Car from the streets of China, not only would that nation produce its own but provoke and influx of Japanese and Korean cars.

If China did not buy soy beans from America but from Brasil and other nations, America would be stuck with tons of a product there is no other market for.

As the American people are unaware of this reality, they could rally behind their leader and agree to this 'Beautiful Trade War'.

The supporters of the President are stupider than he is. They were raised to be stupid. The went to modified schools and took modified classes and might not easily find China on a map.

Unless they are employed in some China related industry they accept the 'Beautiful Trade War."

The fact that America suffered and China didn't is only known outside of America, for inside, the minds are locked.


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