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New Teacher Guide-How to Operate the Smartboard Interactive White Board?

Updated on November 24, 2017

Well, Here's a Short Guide to Help You!

The primary purpose of the smart board interactive whiteboard is to provide an interactive learning environment in the classroom. Teachers and students are able to engage in a variety of interesting activities using unique software called notebooks. Notebooks consist of a collection of blank pages on which students and teachers can write on, capture notations and export to PDF files. Tools , including drawing programs and word processors, allow teachers to incorporate lesson plans with smart board activities.

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Smart boards interactive white boards come in several series, including the smart board 800, 600 and 400 series. The 800 and 600 series are mostly used in the United States while the 400 series is common in Europe and several other nations. The most popular, upper end 800 series contains two pens activated by pressing colors blue, red, green and black on the pen tray. Right click functions, including copying, cutting, pasting and selecting are activated by pressing two buttons below the pen tray.

Skills Required

Incorporating lesson plans into smart board interactive white board activities is a simple process that any classroom teacher can perform. All that is needed is a knowledge of computers, projectors and downloading skills, utilizing various software, including additional, interactive notebook software. Armed with such knowledge, a classroom teacher is ready to lead students into as many exciting and adventurous lesson activities as necessary to affect academic success.

Step One: In order to incorporate lesson plans with smart board activities, you must first prepare the lesson you want to present to the the classroom. This could be a math or English lesson or any other relevant information . You may also desire to utilize one of the unique notebook subject designed specifically for the smart board. Since the smart board gets power from the computer, you must make sure the VGA cable from the projector and the USB cable from the smart board are connected to the mechanism. The lower right hand corner of the smart board will show a green light when connected.


Step Two: On the computer, download the lesson plan or program you would like to teach. The lesson program may involve Microsoft PowerPoint, Word , Excel or Auto Cad. The program loaded on your computer should appear on the surface of the smart board interactive whiteboard. Make sure the lesson is aligned on the screen so that students can have a clear view of the information and graphics. Alignment also allows points of movement to be accurate when presenting the lesson.

Step Three: Present the lesson to the classroom. Using the select arrow , you may use a variety of floating tools that will allow you to switch between the select mode and write mode. Press the pen button to start writing or press the select button in order to use the pen as mouse. You can also use your fingers as well. If you are teaching a lesson on power point, you can utilize the slide show toolbar. This allows you to present the lesson without a mouse or keyboard.

Step Four: Allow students to interact with the smart board during the lesson presentation. Give them the opportunity to practice with the pen as well as their fingers. Allow them to write in the Notebook or to annotate a web page. They should also be trained to capture annotated content to Notebook as well as control and annotate power point presentations. Some smart board 800 series interactive whiteboard even allow two students to work on it simultaneously. This level of interacting with the smart board will inspire students to learn more effectively


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The most interesting things about smart board technology is that operating the smart board interactive whiteboard is similar to manipulating a computer mouse or touch screen. Therefore, students should be quiet familiar with the operational variables needed to manipulate their laptops or personal computers. With a working knowledge of their own laptops or computers, students will develop confidence almost immediately. However, unlike the computer screen, students and teachers can write anywhere on the surface of the smart board, either to make annotations or to emphasize important points in the lesson plans.

Trouble Shooting

Make sure you follow the instructions for setting up the smart board interactive white board in your classroom. Connecting the smart board interactive white board to the computer may be slightly different for MAC users. For instance, when connecting the VGA cable, Mac users will need and adapter. In addition, in order to view the computer screen on the smart board, Mac users must go to the control panel, look under display and click detect displays. However, all Window users need to do is utilize the screen switching key located on the laptop in order to view both the smart board and computer screen.


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