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Vaccinations: Truth or Dare? Human DNA Survival ?

Updated on September 19, 2012


Since the beginning of the 1950's, there has been a pronounced encouragement to have the children vaccinated against everything. Sometimes, the infant would be given 5 injections at one time, with immense pain to the child. These injections could include such substances such as heavy metals like mercury, animal parts and DNA from those animals, dead and/or alive viruses and chemicals to stabilize the vaccine.

Is there a justice to the vaccinations or are they just a way to make more money for the institutions?

Are the school systems in the United States required by law to have the students vaccinated before attending the school? According to most school districts, the children must have the vaccinations before attending school. There are students that wave the policies due to religious reasons, these still meet rejections from the school representativesand school boards. The reason being is that the un-vaccinated child might give or spread the viruses or sicknesses to the other children. The reasoning for this is insane because the vaccinated protected child should be immune to the virus? There must be some other underlying reason for the school officials to control the actions.

Vaccinations can cause Mutations for generations ?

Ever thought of a new-borne infant having an animal tail?

The nurses that are delivering the babies are now stating that the hospitals are having to snip the tails off some babies when they are borne. The male and female characteristics are changing from generation to generation, also. The adam's apple that was a characteristic of males are now showing up on the females. The hands, which the forefinger of the females was characteristically longer than the ring-finger in now showing to be shorter than the ring-finger in some females. In other terms, the female/male genetics are changing and mutating into a new human characteristics. The genetic alteration is changing each generation to present a different blueprint of the generation before. What is causing this generational difference? Could it be the VACCINES AND VACCINATIONS causing the mutations?

Survival of the Fittest?

In Biology and the existence of man and beast, the rule of the thumb is the survival of the fittest and the strongest. This, if bypassed, becomes a real issue of the survival later on down the generations. If a sub-gene of any species is protected, the gene will jeopardize the species later down the generational line.

The vaccines that are administrated to the infants, children, adults and elderly contain certain genetic codes from the contents of viruses, bacteria and animals, along with sometimes toxic substances. These materials bypass the natural immune system defences that normally are present to be shot straight into the blood. This DNA, RNA, and remains of the substances can now present themselves into the new building blocks of the blueprint of rebuilding of the body and future generations.

Maybe 4 or 5 generations down the road, the animal, viral, or bacterial genetic code could institute a new creature or mutation. The genetic coded material could create a super virus, resistant bacteria, new forms of humans or cause a genetic breakdown in the human evolution.

What is in a Vaccine?

What is so bad in a vaccine and why would you want to think of not having a vaccination?

From most of the research, the vaccines contain some heavy metals such as mercury. Mercury is, according to Wikipedia, a highly toxic substance, that causes damage to the brain, kidneys and lungs and can cause sensory impairment to the vision, hearing and speech. Wikipedia also states that the vaccines can also contain thimerosal, live, dead and immobileviruses, aluminum compounds, formaldehyde, and other substances, some that are known as carcinogens.

The vaccines also can contain substances from eggs, pigs, brains, animal fluids and fetal tissue. Some vaccines also contain cancer cells.

The animal parts, the DNA, the RNA and the fluids contain and are parts of the building blocks to rebuilding the next generation of humans. The blueprint of the rebuilding process is encoded in the genetic makeup of those genes that are injected into the bloodstream.


When it comes down to the truth, the facts say that the vaccines are safe and the vaccines are not safe. There are reports of vaccines used in the past have created cancer and deformities. The vaccines are also reported to create tumors in people and also to give the actual virus to the person.

On the other hand, vaccines have been reported as instrumental in stopping and slowing down pandemics, viruses and sickness in today's world. The vaccines are said to immune people from sicknesses that the people would have normally would have been deadly to the people.

The vaccine and vaccinations are still a debatable topic, dealing with what will mutate into the future generations, the sicknesses that the vaccines will prevent and how much death the vaccine will prevent or spread.

The vaccines do have traces of DNA, which are building blocks and schematics to the rebuilding of the human body and the blueprint of future generations. Are we actually tainting the pattern of present and future generations? Are we creating a master, genetically-superior virus that will be able to spread and kill all on Earth? Are we playing with the plan of nature where only the strong survive and the weaker die, thus making the weak survive to spread deadly pathogens? Do the vaccines have potentially hazardous materials that could prove to have diverse effects on the human body, causing sicknesses, allergies and diseases?

Do you think that vaccinations are dangerous?

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Do you think that vaccines contain cancer causing material that may produce cancer later in life?

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