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Valentine's Day - The 4 Legends of Happy Valentine's Day

Updated on September 20, 2015

On February the 14th of every year, people all over the world - and most certainly NOT only Christians, as everyone can and does fall in love with equal facility - celebrate Valentine's Day.

The expressions of love that flow forth freely often takes several forms; the exchanging or giving of boxes of chocolates, decadent gift baskets, flowers, cards, or any combination thereof, which are all collectively known as valentines.

Of course, Valentines Day need not be accompanied by expensive commercial gifts - it's a day to show how much you care about your loved one. There are many ways to do this that don't cost money, so start planning - the day's arrival is inevitable!

Fittingly, such expression need not flow merely between lovers; good friends and family members are also held in higher regard on that special day. It is interesting to wonder how such a day came about...

Yep - you're the reason. Happy Valentines Day, wolf.
Yep - you're the reason. Happy Valentines Day, wolf.

Valentines Day Legend 1

Perhaps the most ancient story purporting to be the origin of Valentines Day is centered on the Roman religion.

By extension, this means that the Romans probably took it from some Greek holiday that is currently lost somewhere in time.

It began as a holiday celebrating the wolf-god-guardian Lupercus, who supposedly kept the wild dogs away from the mighty nation.

Understandably enough, this was cause for celebration, so the Romans decided that festivities would take place on Lupercalia - on the 15th of February.

As two millennia-old legends are wont to do, the holiday got a bit rearranged, losing a day and gaining a different purpose.

Godiva Chocolates Lovers Gourmet Holiday Gift Basket
Godiva Chocolates Lovers Gourmet Holiday Gift Basket

If the above Godiva gift basket is the budget-box, then this one's just "the box". More of the same, and much better because of it. It offers, in addition to what the Godiva budget-box offers, Godiva Milk Chocolate Strawberries, Truffles and Ballotin (a special decorative box, particularly for chocolates) Chocolates. With additional servings of the special Godiva Hot Cocoa, this one's a winner through-and-through.

This chocolate gift box is downright luxurious and often reserved for very close friends, lovers, family, or business partners (not in that order!). It is chock-full of Godiva goodies, so much so that it deserves its own list of them:

- Dark Chocolate Cocoa

- Godiva Demitasse (a small cup of espresso or tea) Dark Chocolate Squares and candy dish

- Dark Chocolate Toffee Popcorn

- Godiva Strawberry Cheesecake Dessert Chocolate

- Dark Chocolate-covered Raisins

- Godiva Chocolate Hazelnut Almond Biscuits

- Milk Chocolate Pretzels

- Chocolate Truffles

- Chocolate Crème Coffee

This all may be 'too much' chocolate for some; but only if you believe in that sort of thing! Of course, the actual chocolates may vary a bit per basket.

Greek Goddess Hera
Greek Goddess Hera | Source

Valentines Day Legend 2

Yet another Roman holiday revolved around worshiping the goddess Juno, who was the Roman equivalent of the Greek queen goddess, Hera.

At least here, we can see the hallmark of Valentine’s Days origin: young women would toss their names into a communal bowl, and wait for a boy to pick out a name.

The “lucky” girl would be the young man’s companion for the day – and in many cases, they would eventually marry. Although marriage didn't always follow, it was much more likely than not.

Girls and boys had very different activities back then and didn't mingle very often. There simply weren't many opportunities to be close together, so "love at first sight" wasn't as rare (arguably) as it is today.

You have to understand that there was quite the separation of the sexes back in those days, and young men and women rarely interacted in daily life if they weren't married to each other. Indeed, for more information on Valentines Day check out this comprehensive resource.

pink roses for your valentine
pink roses for your valentine
California Delicious Black Tie Gourmet Gift Basket
California Delicious Black Tie Gourmet Gift Basket

I prefer the Ultimate Godiva Indulgence Gift Basket, but it is again almost always out-of-stock. Instead, my husband and I gave a dear friend (newly-weds) the Gourmet Gift Basket from Godiva, which was very favorably-received.

If the above Godiva gift basket is the budget-box, then this one's just "the box". More of the same, and much better because of it. It offers, in addition to what the Godiva budget-box offers, Godiva Milk Chocolate Strawberries, Truffles and Ballotin (a special decorative box, particularly for chocolates) Chocolates. With additional servings of the special Godiva Hot Cocoa, this one's a winner through-and-through.


Do you celebrate Valentines Day?

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Saint Valentine kneels before angels
Saint Valentine kneels before angels | Source

Valentines Day Legend 3

And now on to the noticeably more modern interpretation of Valentine’s Day: there was once a priest named – you guessed it – Valentine.

He lived hundreds of years ago (as opposed to the thousands of years ago that the previous origins of Valentine’s Day took place).

In these unfortunate days, there was a Roman king who presided over all the land, and designed to allow marriage between his young male warriors and women, for by his reckoning, he needed the men to fight.

Apparently, no one told the dense old king that men often fight better when they have women for whom to fight; but there wasn’t a premium on psychological studies back then.

Scene cuts to the pious priest Valentine – who wasn’t yet a saint obviously – who secretly married off many young lovers, as was his presumed duty to the Lord.

In those days there were many spies and, apparently, some of them went to secret weddings. In any case, Saint (oops, not yet) Valentine was caught and imprisoned; he was executed on February 14th.

And so, Saint Valentine is remembered for his sacrifice to this day.

Chocolate Lovers Delights | Godiva Chocolate Gift Basket
Chocolate Lovers Delights | Godiva Chocolate Gift Basket

A very nice choice for a Valentines Day filled with premium chocolates. Haven't tried this one yet, but maybe this Valentines Day...has milk chocolate, dark chocolate, almond-chocolates and man more delicacies. There's also Godiva premium roast coffee!


Valentines Day Legend 4

There is another story surrounding the priest Valentine, and it appears just as plausible as the previous.

It still involves him being jailed, but this time it was for a considerably more serious offense; instead of disobeying merely the Roman king, Valentine habitually disobeyed the Roman gods, by refusing to pray to them.

Makes sense for a Christian.

While jailed, he was visited by a compassionate young woman, who never failed to keep him company. On the day before he was executed, he penned a letter to her which was signed with his name.

This legend accomplishes two things: establishing St. Valentine’s Day as a holiday, and establishing the sending of “valentines”, or letters, as its primary custom. On Feb 14th in those days, many young women hoped excitedly to receive a valentine in the mail from some suitor, known or not.

Chocolate Indulgence Gift Tower
Chocolate Indulgence Gift Tower

This one we like to call the budget-box; it provides you with a sample of some of the best basic Godiva chocolates around, from a nice tandem of the love-inspiring dark chocolate with almonds and hot Godiva cocoa, to Chocolate Biscuits and a Godiva Caramel Bar. It has enough chocolate to last for days if you eat them alone, or hours sharing them with a (very dear!) friend.

The Indulgence Gift Basket is a popular model and often out-of-stock, but you could consider the Godiva Indulgence Gift tower - a much heftier (and pricier) model. I recommend this for only for a committed partner such as a wife or long-term girlfriend :-). All told, there are over 50 pieces of chocolate of all kinds in this beautiful monstrosity.

Godiva milk chocolate
Godiva milk chocolate

Godiva for Chocolate Lovers

The Belgium-bred chocolate company Godiva is synonymous with indulgent, decadent, premium fine chocolate.

Rare is the professed chocolate-lover who doesn't swear by this brand after a choice meeting.

Perfect for gift-giving (and hopefully, receiving!), their comprehensive inventory of chocolates runs the gamut: Godiva's master chef, native Belgian Thierry Muret, ensures that each creation is carefully crafted.

From Cherry Parfait Chocolates, to espresso-ganache white chocolate Dessert Truffles, Godiva doesn't really leave you with the choice of just buying one thing. This is why their gift baskets are such a good choice for gifting...

California Delicious Godiva Chocolate Deluxe Gift Basket
California Delicious Godiva Chocolate Deluxe Gift Basket

This last gargantuan gift of chocolates we call the Godiva Gym Membership basket. They spared no expense at Godiva putting this thing together, and neither will you. But wait till you see what you get and you'll agree it's the best deal for true chocolate-lovers that can't get enough. A word of advice: make space in a fridge or cool pantry for this long-lasting box of delights.

- 4 gold ballotins of assorted chocolates

- Godiva Milk Chocolate Pretzels

- Chocolate cherries

- Premium roast coffee

- Godiva Hot Cocoa

- Dark chocolate almonds

- Dark chocolate gems

- Chocolate cashew

- Milk chocolate praline pecans

- And much, much more

Thanks for reading and interacting with my chocolate lens and Valentines Day theme.


What chocolates do you like best?

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Happy Saint Valentines Day!
Happy Saint Valentines Day!


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    • aesta1 profile image

      Mary Norton 

      3 years ago from Ontario, Canada

      It is interesting to read the legends on Valentine's Day. We usually get tiny gifts that we share with people who work with us or do us service.

    • etaCarinae profile imageAUTHOR

      Sara Johnson 

      4 years ago from United States

      Lol a woman after my own mind! that's what I do in the month leading up to Valentine's Day..drop hints here and there. Thanks for stopping by tobusiness!

    • tobusiness profile image

      Jo Alexis-Hagues 

      4 years ago from Lincolnshire, U.K

      I love chocolates, I'll have to print this and strategically position it where my other can't miss it. :)


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