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Vaastu Shastra - Science of Architecture

Updated on March 18, 2019
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Not an expert of Vaastu Shastra, just want to introduce a system of architecture used here in India. Hope readers find this article helpful.


Explained - Science of Architecture

In general terms, Vaastu Shastra or Vaastu is based on the philosophy of creating a harmonious atmosphere inside the building, which helps the individual to relax and puts them at ease. When this energy is in harmony with the universal cosmic energy, a more heavenly environment gets created in the house, and the more it is in disharmony the more the individuals suffer. Besides emphasizing aesthetics, it also stresses on maintaining harmony with nature which ensures a proper mental balance, higher spiritual advancement and suitable physical nutrition. Vaastu Shastra lays down design and construction guidelines of a building or vaastu.

Core Principles of Vaastu Shastra

Vaastu Shastra sets out the basic principles of architecture to be followed in the design to ensure a beautiful, proportionate, comfortable and well-oriented building. It aids in bringing in positive energy to our house and in removing negative energy, which in turn brings an upliftment in the lives of the residents.

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Bedrooms should never be in the middle of a house because this part of the house acts as connecting point

Guidelines on Interior Design

In order to get maximum benefit for the individuals residing in a building, Vaastu Shastra has numerous guidelines in place. The main aim of these guidelines is to get the ultimate benefit from elements like sun, wind and air. These guidelines, which are based on both scientific and logical reasons, pertain to each and every aspect of a building, right from the entrance point to the living room, bedroom all the way to kitchen. It may be difficult to cover all these guidelines at a stretch. As a case study, we can take into consideration the guidelines laid out by Vaastu Shastra with regard to the bedroom.

Vaastu Guidelines for a Bedroom

A bedroom is the most important aspect of a building where the residents spend around a third of their life. It is a place where the residents recharge themselves after a strenuous day with a night of sound sleep, to keep them ready for action the next day. Needless to say that special attention should be paid to the design and location of the bedroom in a building.

Guidelines for Master Bedroom

According to Vaastu guidelines, the location of the master bedroom must always be on the South or South-West. The reason for this is the private room should be away from the living room where guests are welcomed and given refreshments, the ideal location of which is on the North. Bedrooms should never be in the middle of a house because this part of the house acts as a connecting point to access all other rooms in the building making it the busiest spot, which in turn can be a nuisance. In the Nort-East location, which will be receiving a lot of early morning sunlight and ideal for religious purposes, should never be a location for the bedroom. Also, it should not be above a kitchen, garage or a car porch because the hazardous air from cars and kitchen may go up.

Guidelines for Children's Bedroom

Children's bedroom can either be on the West or East side, the reason being the bedroom in the West where the children spend a lot of time playing and studying in the evenings will get better light in the evenings on account of the sun rays coming from West whereas on the East the bedroom will be brighter in the mornings which aids children in their morning studies.

Vaastu guidelines in a nutshell


Best Position to Sleep

Vaastu advises not to sleep with head in the North. This is because Vaastu sees the human body like a magnet with the head in the North pole and feet in the South pole. In cases where two poles come together, the chances of getting disturbed sleep and other health concerns are high.


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