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Planets: Venus - What it Gives to the Mankind

Updated on January 16, 2013
Botticelli, Venus
Botticelli, Venus

Venus - social planet

Venus represents the principle of perception on a social level. What does that mean? There are many things that a man perceives not like a side observer but with the feeling of integration inside the human race on the whole or on some social levels. This concerns the aesthetics, (which is socially conditioned much more than it seems at the first sight), of the perception of people, social groups and some social situations. Of course, he does not always realize it or fix it, but his perception of the ongoing events is always socially conditioned, maybe, positively or negatively, but in any case the social egregore looks through the person at what is going on around him and, in a certain way, guides and narrows the attention, and, in some way, influences the will. At the same time Venus is a second level planet, and its impacts should be viewed as manageable by people, at least, on the third and the fourth levels of its mastering.
So, Venus is active when a man feels some social attachment and in a subconscious way is oriented on the social schemes that he perceives intuitively. It is important to underline that a man just keeps in mind these schemes but does not necessarily obey them.
The first time when the Venus “turns on” is at the age of 14, when a child suddenly feels sharp necessity to be like everyone, and to the horror of his parents tries to speak and dress in a standard way, acceptable in his social group. The inevitable banality of his self-expression will be the sign of a good mastering of the Venus and will become by the way, the base for the successful social, emotional and personal life.
Venus is the goddess of love and beauty, but the planet Venus helps socialize these aspects. In particular, biological aspects of love and divine love are ruled not by the Venus, but by the Moon and the Neptune.
Venus plays a very important role, preparing a man to a true religiosity (ruled by the Neptune), that is, to the perception of the higher vibrations. On the lower level of soul’s evolution a man can hardly notice them, and his faith can only be mental.
Aesthetically, Venus gives a socially-oriented perspective while individual, socially unconditioned aesthetic experiences of a higher cosmic harmony and evolution that come from the superior “I” of a person are ruled by the upper planets, especially by the Neptune. However, Venus symbolizes the inner principle of a man’s social interaction, that is, his and the intimate engagement in the society, and, in particular, the impossibility of a total isolation of one’s personal aesthetics from the social one. Aesthetics gives a subtle regulation of behaviour and the attitude towards the world. When ethics is silent, aesthetics still keeps on talking. The criteria of bad and good is much ruder than that of beauty and ugliness, and, especially, than that of “more harmonious” and “less harmonious” statements. This is why well-developed Venus gives the ability to socialize in a subtle way, by the means of a subtile aesthetic feeling - the skill that is vitally necessary for the diplomats and censors.

Venus rules romantic love
Venus rules romantic love

Venus and love

In love, Venus gives the first non-biological feeling of a union with another person. Love is always love of God, but Moon love is always on a biological level while Venus love is the perception of another person as a social being which provides for an incomparably wider channel as far as the understanding of higher cosmic love is concerned. Bright flashes of romantic love during youth be it for the partner of the opposite or the same sex, for the teacher or the movie star, always have the origin in Venus. When the family and children appear, Venus gives its place to the Moon. Venus love differs from Moon love just like champagne differs from ale: both are good, but we get much more inspired by the first one.

Venus love means aesthetical aspect of romantic relationships: beautiful gestures, flowers, gifts, poems, and sometimes, romantic prose. All this makes biological feelings social and this is one step from the divine. God is everywhere and its main revelation is love, but one should learn to see this. And it is most easy to perceive love of God through the social level where it has two important aspects: the aesthetic experiences of Venus and love.

Although Venus means passive perception, the person having Venus "on" at this moment, radiates strong magnetic charisma, and this power is real. The person gives the energy. That is why when you hit a person like this, you start getting attracted to this person in a very intensive way, although he does nothing at all to make this happen.

Rude feelings like anger are typical for low Venus
Rude feelings like anger are typical for low Venus

Different levels of mastering of Venus

On the first level of mastering of Venus aesthetic feelings, that is, the capacity to see God and cosmic harmony in surrounding objects and events, are underdeveloped. The exterior decoration of a person's life is indifferent to him, and so it stays very plain. The simplest ethics that works here is: it is good and beautiful when there are useful things that function. 

On this level, social ethics is completely primitive. A man doesn't feel the mood of the group or a person. He only reacts to rude orders, threatening, and most of all, physical ways of the influence: the last one is perceived very well and is remembered for a long time. The culture of feelings is very low: it is the rude feelings that dominate, such as hate, anger, lust, gloat as well as envy, jealousy, and all this is very directly programmed socially. This is why the expression of all these feelings is the same with different people.

On this level of mastering of Venus love is perceived like sexual attraction. It is in accord with the social erotic norm. Any "romantic" behaviour on this level is a strict dictatorship of the partner's behaviour and the person himself. Everything must happen according to the social laws and rules of behaviour both on the exterior and in inner life. All abnormal and out of ordinary emotions are ignored or subdued. Here social imprints of perception are absolute. 

Kangan Sulle Korean dance and ritual
Kangan Sulle Korean dance and ritual

On the second level of mastering of Venus aesthetic feeling corresponds to social norms in a very strict way, but it plays a bigger role in a man's life than on the previous level. A man starts thinking in terms of "beauty" and "ugliness", and this becomes a very essential circumstance to him, sometimes determining an important choice. Beautiful things, especially prestigious, can become the object of almost religious worshipping and adoration. And this is the maximum of religiosity to which a man is capable of. But if Venus is harmonious, it is possible to feel the state of Samadha (a state close to Nirvana). 

Social ethics here is quite ferm, but details can be distinguished: a fork should be held in the left hand, bones should not be thrown under the table. Ritual and other forms of social interactions become meaningful. For example, a man can observe religious rituals with interest, but remains indifferent to the religion. If one is religious, then the beauty of the ritual nourishes his religious feeling. 

Inner life allows many standard shades. The world of socially programmed positive feelings becomes real. Romantic love copying movie or book scenarios, kindness in a narrow sense and the feeling of sincere gratitude, the concept of self-denial come to life. Alongside with this, a person starts noticing these feelings and states with other people. 

On this level, a man is able to adapt well in the social group that he belongs to, and if Venus is harmonious, can get a lot of joy from social contacts, feeling the unity with the egregore of his group. The fermness of the management does not bother him. 

Only on the third level of Venus mastering love can become really selfless
Only on the third level of Venus mastering love can become really selfless

On the third level of mastering of Venus a difference is made between a personal perception and the stamps of the society. Some freedom appears as far as aesthetic and social perception are concerned. "I can perceive the way they do in my social surroundings and I can do it my own way". However, this viewpoint is still weak, one is not sure about the righteousness of his perception of the outer and inner world as far as social norm is concerned. On this level, aesthetic and ethic feeling is developed more than on the previous. One starts seeing details unnoticed by the social standard aesthetic consciousness and he can feel that these details sometimes even the entire works of art are addressed to him, which creates a new quality of aesthetic feeling that can be called pleasure. Artistic and writing creativity becomes possible on this level. Social ethics become flexible. One not only feels the rules of behaviour in his environment but also the situations when these rules can be broken by the specific charm of his personality. This person is pleasant, socially interesting and is perceived as attractive. He looks pleasant and original. Inner emotional life becomes evaluated from the viewpoint of ethics and aesthetics. Besides, a man discovers that his emotional state has a big impact on the surrounding people and that by translating soft Venus radiating - for example, soft smile and intonation, nice clothes, posture and movements one can easily acheive many positive results. In love, this person can rise high to the heights of creativity and inspiration. Only on this level Venus love can become really selfless. 

Dalai Lama - the realm of a spiritual teacher
Dalai Lama - the realm of a spiritual teacher

On the fourth level of mastering of Venus a man can work directly in the social egregore. On the material level, this means that his ethic and aesthetic influence is so great that they become fashionable and start changing the world perception within big groups of people. Such are big painters, writers, sometimes politicians. In the inner life a person learns how to tell feelings from emotions, suggested by the social subconsciousness, and, so to say, their own, and not to be dependant on any of them, but to manage them to achieve the most adequate behaviour in his surroundings. These are the actors of a very high class that pursuit inegoistic, that is, evolutionary, goals, in particular, they are practising spiritual teachers.

Manon Lesco - opera
Manon Lesco - opera

Are you a Venus person, in your opinion?

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The Kingdom of Venus

Venus reigns during social routs where we need to say exactly what is acceptable, in secular lounges and during diplomatic receptions, official banquets and similar events. Venus gives light to the inamoratas during the beginning of their feeling and it also enlightens, but in a different way, their separation. Unrequited and unhappy love goes also under the sign of Venus, which quickly transforms into Moon love. Venus guides love for science, art, social work, charity.

A Venus person, in whose map this planet is stronger than any other, will be closely connected with the social consciousness and subconsciousness. Such a person is enchanted by the ruling ethics and aesthetics in his social level. Depending on the aspects of Venus, he will either obey them completely, or fight them desperately, but he will not be able to formulate his personal aesthetic criteria or ethic rules, although the surrounding people need this.

Beauty and feelings, especially socially appreciated, will play a great part in his life. He will love painting, music, poetry, and he will play several musical instruments and write poems. Venus laziness and demanding attitude towards the surrounding people should be turned into zeal and strictness towards himself. For this, he will need to plunge into his inner world and understand that the beauty of soul is expressed mostly in permanent impartial attention and is incarnated in exact actions done in correctly chosen moments.

For a Venus person to live means to love, but Moon love is boring to him. If Venus is wounded, the career of Don Juan or Manon Lesko is possible. In any case, there will be a lot of love in his life. He will be loved by women, men and the whole groups, but more often than not these will be wrong people and love will not bring him satisfaction. However, this person will feel, till the end of his days, some kind of love.

Weak Venus creates difficulties as far as social contacts are concerned. The person is not welcomed in companies but if this person takes an effort to smile and to listen to what he is told, he has a chance to find himself among the elite. In fact, the weakness of the planet means the non-violence of karma - a person is free to choose whether to develop these aspects or no.

Harmonious Venus enjoys social success. People like her. It is pleasant to talk to her, she is a good listener, she appreciates art and perceives it in a good way, she knows how not to see the ugliness of people and life. She is inclined to romantic love, she knows how to court and likes to be courted. Well mastered harmonious Venus gives artistic talents, the gift of constructive communication with people, diplomatic skills, the capacity to manage a group in a mild way, and regulate its karma, by forming the ethics and the aesthetics of the social subconsciousness. It feels like roses bloom around this person, and these roses have a strong effect of a deodorant. 


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    • avorodisa profile imageAUTHOR

      Anna Sidorova 

      8 years ago from Russia

      Reynold Jay, thank you for your nice comment! And thank you for sharing your hub here. I will try to detect a Venus in it;)

    • Reynold Jay profile image

      Reynold Jay 

      8 years ago from Saginaw, Michigan

      Wow! Whole books have been written about this and this was a magor revelation for me. I enjoyed this very much. You have this laid out beautifully and it is easy to understand. Keep up the great HUBS. I must give this an “Up ONE and awesome.” I'm now your fan! RJ

      Based upon your HUB, you might enjoy today’s HUB…

      Let me know if any VENUS is involved in the story...


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