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Perception on Beliefs

Updated on November 25, 2017

Blue Hawaii Cocktail

It is so tempting to taste this recipe from creative culinary.
It is so tempting to taste this recipe from creative culinary. | Source

The Contents

This hub is sub-divided into categories. The categories are the following:

A. Food and Drinks


C. Profile Information

D. Fashion

E. Politics

F. Urban Customs

G. Relationship

H. Health

Food and Drinks

“Eating and drinking cold food and drinks during snowy or cold days.”

“Eating and drinking hot food and drinks during summer.”

Should it be cold food and drinks for sunny days and hot stuff for cold seasons? Well, many people are confused with this. The belief about eating and drinking hot food and drinks on scorching sunny days is actually correct. You might ask why. Basically, our body cools off when we are sweating. Hence, hot food and drinks trigger our sweat glands to sweat. This may sound weird but there are studies conducted about this. Click here for the details of the study.

“Drinking alcohol during cold days”

Several people are drinking alcohol as their mechanism on lowering temperature. This belief is a myth. Yes, our body feels warm sensation as we take an alcohol because our blood vessels dilate and send the warm blood from our inner part to the outer layer of our skin. The warm benefit of the alcohol is just temporary. Drinking alcohol during cold days make us hypothermic. For more information, click here.

“I don’t like eggs but I love chicken.”

This statement has no difference with the question “Which comes first? Is it chicken or egg?” Sounds confusing right? Scientifically, where does chicken come from? Chicken comes from an egg. People who don’t like eggs perhaps don’t like the yolk or the white part. Certainly, they don’t want to eat the origin of the chicken. Did you see logic in here? Well, this could be part of taste buds difference.

“Some people are using their own food utensils but they love eating street foods.”

The logic in this statement is barely seen. Medically speaking, using separate or own utensils prevents people from contagious disease like hepatitis. However, eating street foods is more likely prone to this disease. Do you agree? Contamination easily spreads on pick foods with common sauce or serving spoon. Therefore, the prevention for such disease is not correct. I have nothing against with street business owners as long as hygiene and sanitation are observed. If you can’t refrain from street foods, then choose your vendor and stall just to be safe.

“I love to eat beef noodles but I don’t want to eat beef.”

Sounds funny, right? But, this food preference is the justification of this adage “What’s delicious with our nose is also delicious with our tongue”. It is usual to smell first the food before eating. Therefore, most people will not eat a certain food if the smell is not satiating or encouraging.

“It’s okay to eat more. I will just do my exercise later.”

This belief of some dieters is wrong. The amount of cholesterol and fat is not burnt in one session. People who want to achieve a well-shaped body must observed right amount of food and drinks. If they continue eating bulks of food, their goal is impossible to happen. Their effort of attending an exercise session is just a waste of time and money.

“I love raw carrot but I hate boiled carrot.”

This sounds odd, right? Both are carrots. These are just two of the polarized reactions when you meet people who don’t eat certain food when prepared differently. This is another proof of taste buds differences and sensory perceptions. The sounds of crispiness and other factors are the reasons behind preferring a raw carrot rather than cooked. Click here for more information.

Many people are using facebook as their means of communication.
Many people are using facebook as their means of communication. | Source


“I’ll just write it on my paper. I’ll just encode it here in my computer later.”

Well, this view is not time practical. What‘s with the paper writing that you can’t do directly in your computer? After all, what you have written on the paper will just be transferred, edited and saved in your computer. Therefore, there is no reason to write it on the paper if your computer is one grab away.

“Some people are sending chat message to a family member in the same room.”

For example:

Mother : Son, please wash the dishes.

Son : Okay. I’ll just finish this game.

Is computer the medium of communication at home? Why not communicate to people inside the room or house personally? Though, we are living in a technological world, personal affection and communication is still important. Computers have limits. When there is no power source or stored energy, these gadgets are out of used. Does this mean communication time out as well? Certainly, it sounds weird to hear “yes” for this question.

“Some people say they are very private but their facebook timeline is like diaries of their selfies and status.”

There are people who are different from what they are describing themselves. There are a lot of people who are like this. Some people will say they love dogs but they don’t have any dog in the house. People act depends on their behavior and mechanism. Some people are trying to be someone else in order for them to be accepted in a certain group. This behavior is not appropriate. We must act what we are and just be ourselves. Adults especially the parents must teach this virtue to their children in young age. It is difficult to correct grown up people. Being true to ourselves and to others is the best way to make our own personality.

“There are educated people who don’t fight back because they don’t want to lower their level. However, they are posting their irritated feelings on social media.”

This view of some people is somehow related to the preceded point. This is another behavioral problem that should be watched out for. Discrete revenge or fight back via social media is just the same with an actual quarrel or fight only that physical results are prevented. But, physical result is not totally prevented. After posting a status, a more aggravated seen could be expected. Posting an intriguing status on social media calls the attention of many people to comment and talk about the issue in public. So, who is the educated person in the situation? An educated person knows how to reason rationally without doing any public scandal.

Profile Information

“What is your greatest fear? : I’m afraid of heights.”

“What is your hobby? : climbing”

“What is your greatest fear? : blood

What is your dream job? : doctor”

These questions are often seen on slum books, profile information gathering or heard on an interview. Analyzing the answers, would help the interviewer and reader to know the personality of the one who answered or the interviewee. On the first set, would you believe that the interviewee’s hobby is climbing? Certainly, you wouldn’t. How could he or she climbs something if he or she is afraid of height?

The same with the second set, how could someone become a doctor if he or she is afraid of blood? Does this make sense?

1950's Fashion Style

The 1950's summer dress.
The 1950's summer dress. | Source

21st Century Fashion Style

The glittering and shimmering dress of the 21st century.
The glittering and shimmering dress of the 21st century. | Source


“Some people are wearing sleeveless and mini-skirt during cold days and jackets during summer or sunny days.”

The body’s defense mechanism during cold season is to chill or shiver to make the body warm. As a reaction, most people are wearing comforters to make them warmer. But there are few people who courageously wear the otherwise. Though their skin is developing chicken bumps or pouring sweat all over their body, they are still wearing what they want. Psychologically, clothing preference sometimes depends on what looks best for one's eyes. This weird clothing preference sometimes gathers negative reaction. Some people perceive those who are wearing weird or untimely clothing as attention seeker or has inferiority problem. But, the rest remain passive and speechless about the fashion or clothing choice of others.

“As time goes by, boys’ shirts are becoming bigger and their shorts are becoming longer. On the other hand, girls’ shirts are becoming smaller and their shorts are becoming shorter.”

This is somehow related to fashion choice which is mentioned above. For conservatives, the fashion change especially for the girls is an eye sore. For crime investigation, wearing of revealing dress invites people with bad intent to do crimes like rape and sexual harassment. Well, there’s nothing bad about fashion change or development. Self-responsibilities and grace must be observed if someone tries to wear revealing clothes. Place and time must be considered as well when wearing such dress.


“If you will vote me as your president, I will make this country rich.”

This sounds familiar during campaign period. Politicians’ promises are like roads. Most of their promises are long and bumpy. Observe the politics in a third world country; is there any drastic change in economic status after voting and electing a certain head of government who promised to elevate poverty? There’s no one. Genuinely, the vision is nice but the promise is an unrealistic. Is it the country which would become rich or a certain person or group of people? Certainly, making a country rich for a term needs magic wand. Thus, promising things that cannot be done are frustrating. It is better to promise simple and doable things.

For some people, sleeping with wet hair is not good.
For some people, sleeping with wet hair is not good. | Source

Urban Customs

“Do not sleep when your hair is wet.”

This is an old folks saying that has no scientific basis. As they say, when you sleep with wet hair, you would get cold or you would become blind. As we all know colds are caused by viruses not from sleeping with wet hair. Moreover, blindness is caused by hereditary and external factors but not sleeping with wet hair. There are a lot of illnesses associated with sleeping with wet hair but with barely medical explanation. The only side-effect or result of sleeping with wet or dump hair is mildew or mold on the pillow case. There is no health related result.

“Do not clean during wake for the dead.”

This custom is observed in some urban areas. As far as health and sanitation is concern, this belief is not acceptable. Not cleaning during the wake makes the area dirty and susceptible to diseases. Flies that carry bacteria or germs would be the greatest agents of diseases. Bacteria and viruses related diseases could be easily spread as well.

On the other hand, not cleaning the house during the wake could be associated to ethics. It would be unethical to clean if there are visitors. If there are no visitors in the area, that’s the perfect time to clean.

“When you are about to leave the wake, do not bid goodbye.”

Permission to leave is a way to show respect. Therefore, leaving without any words would seem unethical. There are no records indicated that people who bid goodbye after attending the wake follow the death of the visited dead person. All people die on unknown day. Therefore, there is no truth on this belief.

“Do not take a bath after attending a wake.”

This belief is somehow reasonable. When people are sleepy, the balance is affected. Most of the tiles in shower rooms are slippery when wet. So, the tendency is to fall and experience complication after the fall. Another effect could be falling asleep inside the tub. Since, people are sleepy already; they might desire the comfort of their bed in the tub.

“Several people come early for work on the first day of the year.”

Many people say that coming early on the first day of the year, makes them early the year round. There is no justification for this New Year’s resolution unless you get up early every day and be motivated for work.

“Money is not important.”

If this is not important, why is this invented? No one would eat without money. Yes, people eat foods not money. However, without money no one could buy any piece of bread. It is true that money cannot buy everything. It cannot buy love. This may not be the MOST important but this is still vital.

“Many people are not sewing clothes, cutting nails, cleaning the house, and counting money during night time”

Without understanding the real reason behind this tradition, some urban people are still observing this. For them observing this belief would give them fortune. However, the real reason for this is not related to one’s fortune. Sewing clothes, cutting nails, cleaning the house, and counting money at night time are related to brightness of the environment. Truly, it’s difficult to do these stuffs with dim light. Someone might prick his or her finger with a needle, cut one’s skin instead of nail, throw important thing, and miscount bills.

“Do not place money on dining table.”

This is part of table manners. Money is for wallet. Placing bills on the table might be a hazard for families with kids.


“Leave me alone. I don’t want to see you again.” These are common in lovers’ quarrel. But after sometimes, the dialogue switches to “I miss you. Why are you not texting or calling me?”

Be true to yourself and don’t be impulsive. If you don’t want to be left alone don’t wish for it. Not all people can read between the lines. They might interpret as leaving you alone forever.

This monitors the heart rate of a person.


Some people with heart disease love to watch horror movies.”

Movies affect the emotion of the people. People laugh for comedy scenes, cry for drama or sentimental movies, and get thrilled for scary films. According to studies, thrilling or very intense movies increase heart rate. People with heart disease may experience chest pain and high blood pressure. For more information regarding this topic, click here.

“I want to have an athletic body but I don’t want to be tired of exercising.”

Aiming for something needs hard work or pain. Toned muscles without exercise require tons of money. For natural toned and athletic body, regular exercise is needed.

“I will skip my lunch because I’m diabetic.”

Diabetes is metabolic disease in which person has high blood glucose or sugar. So it’s typical for diabetic to think on ways to lower their blood sugar and solve the symptoms like weight gain. Several people with diabetes skip meals to solve this. However, this act is not wise and unhealthy. Skipping meals puts diabetics at risk for hypoglycemia which is another blood sugar abnormality. Hypoglycemia is not good for diabetics. Click here to see for yourself the results of hypoglycemia to diabetics.

Author's Note

These are just some of the beliefs and trends we have in our society. There are a lot more. There is nothing wrong with the grown up customs in the society. Some could have scientific or rational explanation while some exist with unfounded basis. In all these, it would be best to analyze a particular trend before observing and applying to one's life. Remember, knowledge and understanding of the things around are the best shield or prevention to any untoward incidents.

What is your view about the beliefs tackled and uncovered in this hub?

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    • sweetpikez profile imageAUTHOR

      Pinky de Garcia 

      3 years ago

      Dear Jodah,

      Thanks for checking and leaving a constructive comment. I really hope for a favorable result from Google.

      A huge gratitude,


    • sweetpikez profile imageAUTHOR

      Pinky de Garcia 

      3 years ago

      Dear thunkfulthinker,

      Thanks for your suggestion. These are just some of the beliefs that I have observed. As to extroversion and introversion, I don't have any background about those. Perhaps, I have to consider gathering information before I scribble about the topics that you have suggested.

      Thanks for the tip anyway. Have a good day.

    • thunkfulthinker profile image


      3 years ago from Ohio


      I think it would be interesting if you talked about extroversion and introversion and how that plays into society. I think it would tie into your article because there a lot of beliefs about extroversion that are false.

      I may be slightly biased because it's interesting enough to me to have written an article and to have made a Youtube video about it.

      But overall, great article. Great read. There was a part I didn't like. :)

    • sweetpikez profile imageAUTHOR

      Pinky de Garcia 

      3 years ago

      Dear Ladyfiddler,

      I can see how you find this article. I can imagine the cloud callout when you say "isn't it the same potato". :-) Thanks for your share.

      Enjoy your day,


    • LadyFiddler profile image

      Joanna Chandler 

      3 years ago from On planet Earth

      Hi sweetpikez good day too you :)

      LOL good hub . Hey i don't like to hear or believe in some of those crap either they makes absolutely no sense. Like my sister don't like potato but she eats fries and I am like isn't it the same potato. Some people don't like pork but they get down on baked ham for Christmas or thanksgiving lol,

      The one with the dead sounds pretty crazy. where on earth do people come up with these notions?

      But you got me caught there with i like carrots but not boiled that's me sugar i hate boiled carrots. Simply because all the nutrients is boiled out and it tastes yucky when soft. However when its fresh and not boiled its crunchy and you can rabbitize it he he he.

      Have a lovely day.

    • sweetpikez profile imageAUTHOR

      Pinky de Garcia 

      3 years ago

      Dear CatherineGiordano,

      Thanks for visiting my page and finding it interesting.

      Best regards.

    • CatherineGiordano profile image

      Catherine Giordano 

      4 years ago from Orlando Florida

      I never heard of a lot of these. interesting reading.


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