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Vital forces in Human Body and their Control Centers

Updated on August 20, 2014

Vital Force

Vital Force in Human Body is termed as Vayu in Ayurveda. Literal meaning of Vayu in Sanskrit is Move or movement.In some parts of India Vayu is considered as Air.

But its original meaning is much more bigger. It is regarded as a force identical to the divine force in all its action and effects. The Vayu is considered eternal and self originated.It courses throughout the Universe. It is found everywhere.

If it is in movement it can be felt as air. But if Vayu is not moving, it is considered as Ether or Vacuum. It is the potential energy present every where in the Universe. Modern Science may call this as Dark Energy.

It is unconditional, absolute in all action and effects, eternal, Self-originated, Subtle and all pervading. This is the driving force of Universe.

Our Human Body also is controlled by Vayu as it controls the Universe.It is found every where in the Human Body and based on its location Vayu can be sub classified into five important Categories.

Vayu Determines the growth, Origin and Dis-integration of all created beings.

It is invisible.

Characterized by two attributes - Sound and Touch.

In the normal undisturbed condition, it maintains a state of equilibrium in the body and it also governs uniform metabolism of body.

In disturbed conditions it is the principal cause or root for all diseases and so it was termed as 'King of all Diseases'

Vital Forces in Human Body

Vayu depicted a GOD

Types of Vital Forces in Human Body

Vital forces are classified into five sub categories based on their location and functions. Vayu is present everywhere in body as it is present everywhere in the Universe. The Types of Vital Forces (Vayu) in Human Body are :

  • Prana Vayu
  • Udana Vayu
  • Samana Vayu
  • Vyana Vayu &
  • Apana Vayu

These five Vital forces perform almost all bodily functions - both conscious and unconscious. Growth of the individual cells, their actions and destruction are also governed by these vital forces.

Any disturbance in their flow of action directly gets converted into a disease. In Ancient days almost all the diseases that creep into the human body are categorized in accordance to the deficiency or disorder of the concerned Vital force or Vayu. Each Vital force has a specific function and a disease attributed to that particular part of the body is translated into a problem posed by deficiency or disturbed condition of the concerned force and a cure is devised to set that right.

Prana Vayu - (Life Force)

As the name implies this is the life force of human body. It governs the breath and is located in the cavity of mouth.

We can breathe through Nose or Mouth, but on either cases the air goes only to the lungs. But when we take food it does not enter lungs but takes a separate route and enters stomach.Even though there is a inter connection between these two passages who closes and opens the right pathway at the right time. This is certainly not a conscious act.

This act is performed by this Vital force (Prana Vayu)

Any disorder or problem with this force might result in hiccough or dyspnoea (breathing related problem)

Udana Vayu:

We talk, shout, cry, sing and hear variety of sound emanating from our throat.Vibration of different decibels originate from throat with the help of a Vital force present there that is called as Udana Vayu.

All diseases that occur above the Clavicles (Shoulder Bone area) are contributed to this Vital force.

Samana Vayu:

Entire activity happening in the Stomach region are attributed to this Vital force.This Vital force is located in the region of intestines.

The force digests food with the help of 'Agni', another vital force present in our body that maintains the body temperature.It also disintegrates the digested food and extracts the essence of it before wasted through excretion.

Any disorder present in this Vital force results in dysentery, Gulma (round compact lump that gives excessive pain) and can also cause impaired digestion.

Vyana Vayu:

This Vital forces travels throughout the body and its main function is to transport Lymp Chyle and the likes to all parts of our body. Also helps in outflow of Blood and Perspiration. Five kinds of muscular movements are also attributed to this Vital force.

As it flows throughout the body any disorder in this Vital force ends up in affecting the entire body like fever.

Apana Vayu:

It is located in the lower region of intestines. Functions are

  • Bearing down the foetus and faeces
  • Evacuation of Urine, Semen and contaminated Blood

Any disease related to Urinary bladder and intestines could be the result of disorder in this Vital force.

What Vital Forces can do to your body?

Disorder in Vyana Vayu and Apana Vayu can cause Prameha (Diabetics) and seminal fluids.

If all five Vital Forces get excited a sure and speedy death is assured.

Aggravated Vital Force in the Stomach gives rise to

  • Vomiting
  • Vertigo
  • Epileptic fits
  • Thirst and
  • Pain in the sides

Disordered Vital force in Intestines result in

  • Rumbling in the Intestines
  • Piecing pain in the region of Umbilicus
  • Scanty and painful Urination and Stool and their entire suppression.
  • Pain in the region of Coccyx

Aggravated Vital Force interfering with the principle of Blood results in Ulcers.

In the Flesh it can produce

  • Painful nodes and Ulcers
  • Painless Tomours
  • Stiffening or painful Contraction
  • Numbness
  • Aching Pain
  • Convulsive jerks

In the bones, it can create

  • Painful inflammatory swelling
  • Bone Marrow
  • Bone bursting
  • Bone ache.

When it affects the principles of Semen, it can produce scanty, defective or excessive emission of fluids or could stop emission completely.

Almost each and every part of Human Body is governed by these Vital forces and and each and every disease caused in the respective parts are the result of some disorder or malfunction of these forces. Each and every disease is mentioned in that book in a lengthy way, but I feel almost a great part of the diseases known to mankind are mentioned.

And, of course cures for them too.....

Depending upon the response I get for this post I am planning to cover all diseases covered in that book and share them here.





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