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Void Of Course Moon

Updated on February 10, 2018
Sheryl Willetts profile image

Sheryl has been interested in astrology since childhood. She has studied and worked with many astrologers for over 20 years.

I am writing about moon void of course, you may or may not have heard this term before, it is not regularly mentioned by astrologers as it occurs quite often & can last days! What is moon void of course? It's when the moon is no longer aspecting or making a connection to any other planets & therefore the story has run its course. Much like reading a book & finishing the chapter, then beginning a new chapter. The moon stays in an astrological sign for approximately 2 1/2 days, during this time, it will connect to planets in astrological signs, both the sign the moon is travelling through & the planets the moon connects to, tell a story or theme to what is playing out in your life.

When the moon has made all its connections within that astrological sign, that's when we can feel as though nothing much is happening, & that is exactly what it is, "nothing is happening" this is time to just let be & don't push! It can be quite frustrating, especially if you have a dead line or need things to be done, however just accept that nothing more can be done, so take the time out, if your work allows that & if it doesn't, simply observe & listen to what is going on around you, as nothing more can be done to change it! The moon is connected to our emotions, so simply observe where & what is going on with you, during that time.. now while this effects everyone on the planet, this is a general overview, the moon could be aspecting something specifically to you as an individual due to your own astrology on your personal chart.

The moon void will play out exactly the same, however, if it's aspecting something on your chart, movement can be made with little effort made by yourself, again to whatever it is connecting to you personally. With moon void of course, it's best to arrange job interviews or important meetings around to avoid these times during the moon void of course, as all your hard work will stay in the void & you could miss hitting your target with anything you are moving or working towards. Knowing when this is occurring is good for navigation, as some American Presidents have learned & worked with astrologers to assist with being successful. I will post regularly about the moon void of course times & speak more about it as we go, I don't want to overload everyone!!! Just remember, it's "when nothing much is happening!!!"

Moon Void of Course times
Brisbane 10/8 moon voids 10.37pm connects 11/8 2.22pm
London 10/8 moon voids 1.37pm connects 11/8 5.22am
Los Angeles 10/8 moon voids 5.37am connects 10/8 9.22pm


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