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Volcanic Eruptions, Climate Change, the Earth's Rotation and Polar Shifts

Updated on September 19, 2015
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Moving to the next level of human evolution will require a spiritual awakening, creating a new paradigm of peace and harmony and Ascension.

Kuyushu, Japan 9-13-15

The recent eruption of a volcano in Southern Japan shows the Ring of Fire lives up its namesake.
The recent eruption of a volcano in Southern Japan shows the Ring of Fire lives up its namesake. | Source

Volcanic Eruptions

New Zealand sits on top of a major tectonic fault line and when these faults are triggered magma flows to the surface.
New Zealand sits on top of a major tectonic fault line and when these faults are triggered magma flows to the surface. | Source
Located on the Eastern seaboard of Siberia, the Tolbachik Volcano is considered part of the Ring of Fire.
Located on the Eastern seaboard of Siberia, the Tolbachik Volcano is considered part of the Ring of Fire. | Source
Located on the Chile/Argentina border this volcano sits on a hug tectonic fault line.
Located on the Chile/Argentina border this volcano sits on a hug tectonic fault line. | Source
Rising from sea level this impressive volcano erupted right after Christmas 2012 and is still going strong.
Rising from sea level this impressive volcano erupted right after Christmas 2012 and is still going strong. | Source
The Stromboli volcano has been erupting for the better part of a decade, with no signs of stopping anytime soon.
The Stromboli volcano has been erupting for the better part of a decade, with no signs of stopping anytime soon. | Source
The continued tearing of the South American tectonic plate is forcing magma up all over the continent.
The continued tearing of the South American tectonic plate is forcing magma up all over the continent. | Source

The Science of Disinformation

The Washington Post, one of the leading newspapers in the world, would like us to accept that notion that climate change and small imperceptible alterations in the Earth's rotation is the leading cause for all the recent volcanic eruptions around the world. This article Science explains why volcanoes are erupting all over the place right now published, September 29, 2014, proposes the concept that the very small changes in the Earth's rotation, coupled with the relieved weight of melting polar ice sheets and added weight to the Oceans bottom's have lead to the Earth's crust expanding to the point of allowing more magma to reach the surface, causing the increase in volcanic activity the world over. This article Volcanic Eruptions, Climate Change, the Earth's Rotation and Polar Shifts will try to show how absurd these two notions are and why such an article would be allowed to be published in the first place.

Because the rich elite and Powers That Be on this planet have promoted the idea that everything under the Sun can be explained by 'science' for hundreds of years, the majority of unawakened humans 'believe' and embrace this concept, without question. Because the censorship of knowledge, ideas, inventions and discoveries has been so complete, coupled with the fact that education is limited to only what they wish to share with the public, many just don't know any better and don't question what is shared with them.

This perpetuation of ignorance can be explained by a great many factors, the least of which is the vast amount of entertainment and distractions created by the invention known as the TV. The majority of the public get all of their information and news from this device, exclusively. So if information is not shared on the TV, through censorship, millions of people simply do not know about it.

A perfect example of this is the fact that on September 11, 2001, a day that will forever be ingrained in the memories of most American adults, Building 7 of the World Trade Center complex, a 44 story skyscraper, fell on its imprint in less than 11 seconds at 5:18 p.m., despite no significant fires or damage. This destruction was never shown or reported on mainstream TV in the United States and subsequently over 50% of America, after 13 years have elapsed, have never even heard of this event. This building wasn't even reported in the 9/11 Commission Report, compiled after a 'thorough' investigation of the event.

However I digress, by including the word Science, capitalized and the first word in the title of the article, instantly the majority of the readers accept the validity of the story without question. By using the title Science explains why volcanoes are erupting all over the world right now they have convinced over half the readers of the veracity of the article without ever having read a word.

By including facts in the article and repeating them over an over again, it gives the reader the impression that if these facts that are known as indisputable, then the rest of the article must be true as well. This is a common tactic used by writers, if A is true and B is true then C must be true, regardless of how absurd C might be.

Atmospheric Gases

At 368 parts per million CO2 is a minor constituent of earth's atmosphere-- less than 4/100ths of 1% of all gases present. Compared to former geologic times, earth's current atmosphere is CO2- impoverished.
At 368 parts per million CO2 is a minor constituent of earth's atmosphere-- less than 4/100ths of 1% of all gases present. Compared to former geologic times, earth's current atmosphere is CO2- impoverished.

Climate Change

Without a doubt the planet Earth's climate is changing, this is not in dispute. What is in dispute and is being debated by scientist and the public all over the world, is the reasons why? This article Volcanic Eruptions, Climate Change, the Earth's Rotation and Polar Shifts will show the true reasons why, using common sense, critical thinking and a little speculation.

One of my main contentions with manmade Climate Change (formally known as Global Warming) is that it doesn't take into account the increase in volcanic eruptions due to earthquakes. While a dubious theory (mentioned above) has been created and used to explain the increase in volcanic activity and earthquakes, it never mentions the fact that when earthquakes happen it displaces rock beneath the surface allowing magma to rise to the surface.

However scientist readily agree that earthquake swarms are the precursor to volcanic activity and yet remain insistent that the swarms are due to the Earth's surface becoming lighter and the oceans heavier. I would fully admit that this might make sense if earthquake swarms were a recent seismological event but they are not, as this phenomenon has been occurring long before the polar regions began to melt and even before manmade industrial pollution and the oil based transportation systems was initiated.

Its common sense people, earthquakes displace the surface crust which allows magma to rise to the surface. This allows the magma to find the cracks that lead to eruptions, which in turn spews dangerous and toxic chemical compounds into the atmosphere. Yet these eruptions are never mentioned when the debate about Climate Change is hotly disputed (excuse the pun), so the real question is why?

Why the disinformation, why the creation of dubious theories that don't hold up even to casual inquiry and research, why fail to introduce volcanic activity into the Climate Change debate?

The reason is that if the public were to become aware of the increase in volcanic activity and earthquakes world wide they would soon recognize that they can't possibly be due to manmade Climate Change and would demand alternative answers that would eventually lead to the real reason that Climate Change is happening now.

The average CO2 emissions for ONE volcano per day is 950 tons, that is 346,750 tons a year. Now consider that there are over 50 erupting volcanoes on the surface of the Earth and over a hundred thousand on the ocean floors and you have a recipe for some serious Global Warming or Climate Change. Using a conservative estimation, just the erupting volcanoes on the surface are contributing over 17,000,000 million tons of CO2 a year to the greenhouse gas (GG) effect.

"In 2013, we witnessed the most volcanic eruptions worldwide that we had ever seen in a single year, and 2015 is already threatening to be another one for the record books."

What is very important to realize is that active erupting volcanoes on the surface account for a very small percentage of all active volcanoes world wide. I counted 51 erupting volcanoes today on the Earth's surface.

However according to a report by Hillier & Watts (2007), entitled Global Distribution of Seamounts from Ship-track Bathymetry Data surveyed 201,055 submarine volcanoes estimating that a total of 3,477,403 submarine volcanoes exist worldwide.

Three and a half million submarine volcanoes worldwide, is a lot of volcanoes.

Based on other related data it is estimated of those 3.5 million underwater volcanoes only 4% are active and erupting, which comes to about 139,000. Now if you consider that the average volcano puts out roughly 950 tons of CO2 per day and do the arithmetic, you come to a staggering 48 billion tons of CO2 a year.

This is an important consideration because Global Warming/Climate Change proponents completely discount the volcanic activity scenario when trumpeting their theories and back it up with so called science.

How can you leave out volcanic activity that contributes 65 billion tons of CO2 per year to the Climate Change scenario and still expect anyone to take it seriously? It defies logic, unless of course you consider why it is being left out of the equation. Then it begins to make some sense because if you were to include these staggering numbers it would introduce information that could potentially reveal a far more sinister cover up.

Because submarine (underwater) volcanic activity can be easily suppressed the public doesn't consider this information when the Climate Change subject comes up. The only time they are even aware of them is when these volcanoes create small islands or create boiling hotspots as the magma rises to the surface of the oceans.

Man contributes a very small amount of CO2 to the atmosphere in relation to the natural processes of our planet, this too is not being denied. The true debate is centered on how much of manmade carbon dioxide levels are being reabsorbed or (locked up) back into the Earth and Oceans via plants and microscopic animals.

Climate Change alarmists (or what essential amounts to lobbyists), because there is big money in this, make no mistake, would have the public believe that manmade Greenhouse Gas emissions are tipping the scales and the Earth and its Oceans simply cannot handle the rather negligible increase of GG (CO2) emissions foisted on it by industrial pollution and SUVs.

  • The debate then is really centered on which information, scientific reports, per reviewed articles and studies being conducted world wide you choose to believe?

  • After reading article after article, report after report and study after study both for and against Climate Change, my main question was where is all this information coming from?

  • Who exactly is supplying all this data and how are they obtaining it?

These are the questions that lead me to my current hypothesis, that in fact volcanic activity is the real culprit for Climate Change and is being suppressed to prevent humanity from recognizing why the increase in volcanic activity is being caused in the first place.

CO2 Monitoring Observatories

Half of the main CO2 Monitoring Observatories are located in the Ring of Fire known as the hotspot on Earth for volcanic activity.
Half of the main CO2 Monitoring Observatories are located in the Ring of Fire known as the hotspot on Earth for volcanic activity.

Kuyushu, Japan

The recent eruption of Japan's Kuyushu Volcano shows an awesome display of nature.
The recent eruption of Japan's Kuyushu Volcano shows an awesome display of nature. | Source

The Location of CO2 Monitoring Stations

Do ya reckon the location of the five CO2 Monitoring Stations might be an important factor in considering CO2 emissions reports of manmade Greenhouse Gas emissions?

After all if you are going to publish reports that indicate manmade industrial pollution is causing the Earth's Climate Change and then creating and instituting laws that are designed to tax those contributing to this supposed manmade phenomenon, wouldn't it be important to recognize the source for these reports?

Let's take a look at the locations of CO2 Monitoring Stations world wide and see if we can learn anything form them, shall we?

  1. Cape Kumukahi, Hawaii is located in a volcanically active province in Eastern Hawaii. The Mauno Loa Observatory is located within thirty miles and downwind of two active and erupting volcanoes Kilauea Pu'o O'o and the Halema'uma'u.

  2. The American Samoa Observatory is located 150 km downwind of the one mile wide Nafanua submarine volcano which recently emerged from the sea and the active erupting volcanoes of Savai'l and Upolo.

  3. The Kermandec Island Observatory is located 10 km downwind of the active Raoul Island volcano.

All three of the above mentioned Observatories were built in the Ring Of Fire notoriously known for volcanic activity, despite prevailing winds these sites will always show large amounts of CO2 compared to other regions of the globe that are situated away from volcanic hotspots.

4. The Trinidad Head Observatory or La Jolla is considered to be tainted from prevailing headwinds from coal-happy China, the leading producer of Greenhouse Gas emissions in the world, across the Pacific Ocean. However it also sits on a major fault line and is surrounded on the landward side by a thick forests that produces large amounts of CO2.

5. The South Pole Observatory is located just yards away form an electrical power plant that burns jet fuel 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and is also subject to CO2 from the Mt. Erebus volcano (800 miles away). Because of the extremely cold temperatures in the Antarctica and less water vapor in the regional atmosphere, the amount of CO2 from this volcano is actually magnified and the prevailing circumpolar winds tends to move the volcanic pollution over the continent instead of out to sea.

6. The Point Barrow, Alaska Observatory is located within the prevailing crosswinds (circumpolar) of the Arctic circle and is located downwind of the North Slope Oil Industry which subjects it to the 'Arctic Haze' produced from Chinese and Soviet coal-burning iron, nickel and copper industries in the region.

It seems to me it would be important to recognize how cities and countries are contributing to the GG affect and that these monitoring stations might want to be located near major cities or nations that contribute to this affect.

Yes, it is true that the Earth System Research Laboratory (ESRL) network established in 2006 has created monitoring stations in other locations throughout the globe but this data is less than ten years old and subject to wide variety of tainted data and unreliable conditions.

Considering the ESRL network was created many years after Al Gore's infamous An Inconvenient Truth, then it would stand to reason that the only scientific data he could rely on would have been the above mentioned monitoring stations located near erupting volcanic activity. This is an important consideration to recognize and one of the reasons I wrote this article Volcanic Eruptions, Climate Change, the Earth's Rotation and Polar Shifts.

There are many factors that contribute to the Greenhouse Gas Effect, certainly man's oil based economy and transportation system contributes to this phenomenon but is it really creating Climate Change?

Nibiru Update Xtreme Weather

Censorship of Ancient Knowledge

Have you ever wondered why the written histories of ancient civilizations have been destroyed over and over again on so many different continents. The burning of the Library of Alexandria, not once but three different times throughout history. The confiscation and burning of all the so-called heretical books of the Incas, Aztecs and Mayas the book called the Mexican Annals of Cuauhtitlan. The collection of rare and invaluable books by the Roman Catholic Church, hidden in vaults below the Vatican, never to be seen again.

The complete destruction of the Essene's Civilization and vast library of ancient records. In the Book of Joshua taken from an earlier account called the Book of Jasher, he speaks of 'Luminaries' the Sun and Moon standing in the sky and not moving. Even in the Islamic literature it is described in the Kitab al Irshad (The Twelve Imam).

Why this is important is because recently, starting in June of 2014, many Doom and Gloom articles began appearing on the internet, scare tactics designed to create fear and panic, about what would happen if the Earth's rotation stopped.

Huffington Post - June 20, 2014 If The Earth Stopped Spinning, Some Really Bad Things Would Happen . . . But it's a good thing that our planet keeps spinning, because if it suddenly stopped it would unleash a torrent of catastrophes.

Daily Mail - June 17, 2014 Supersonic Tumbleweed, Human 'Bullets' and Winds Faster than an Atomic Explosion . . . Everything would be launched in a ballistic trajectory - around 1,100 mph (1,670 km/h). Those who are somehow able to survive turning into 'supersonic tumbleweed' would have powerful winds to content with, which could destroy everything in their path.

Gizmodo - June 16, 2014 This is What Would Happen if Earth Stopped Spinning Right Now . . . The spinning iron core in the center of the Earth would stop too. Without the spin, Earth's protective magnetic field would be gone too.

My point is if many ancient cultures throughout our history have written about the stopping of the Earth's rotation and the Sun or Moon hanging in the sky for a very long day or night depending on what side of the planet you're on when it stops, then it stands to reason they survived this cataclysm and rebuilt their civilizations.

This censorship of past cataclysms proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that the ruling elite, The Cabal, The Powers That Be or The illuminati (whatever you wish to call them) have known for centuries even before American began that Nibiru Planet X was returning.

Because they knew that this planetary complex (Nibiru Planet X) would return they had in place a plan to prevent the public from connecting events such as Volcanic Eruptions, Climate Change, the Earth's Rotation and Polar Shifts.

Pole Shift

These images show visions of what the planet might look like after a Pole Shift.
These images show visions of what the planet might look like after a Pole Shift. | Source

Earth's Rotation

A study published in the journal Terra Nova in February showed that, since the early nineteenth century, changes in the Earth’s rotation rate tended to be followed by increases in global volcanic activity. It found that, between 1830 and 2013, the longest period for which a reliable record was available, relatively large changes in rotation rate were immediately followed by an increase in the number of large volcanic eruptions. And, more than merely being correlated, the authors believe that the rotation changes might actually have triggered these large eruptions.

While this study is still far from complete it does underscore the impact the Earth's rotation has on global tectonic stress and volcanic activity. So the real questions arises from this data is what could possibly be affecting the Earth's rotation to the degree that it would cause an increase in large earthquakes and volcanic eruptions?

The coverup crowd or rich elite on this planet have been using a wide variety of scientific theories and concepts to hide the most obvious reason for such atmospheric and geological disturbances. That another planetary body has entered our solar system and so far has not been recognized by the public due to the censorship of information, both scientific and astronomical.

Only a large planetary body in our solar system could have the wide ranges of affects we are experiencing here on Earth. From Climate Change to the increase in volcanic eruptions and earthquakes to the melting polar ice caps and extreme weather, these types of phenomenon would easily be explained by a Near Earth Object (NEO). Volcanic Eruptions, Climate Change, the Earth's Rotation and Polar Shifts are all connected to the presence of another planetary body in our solar system.

The slowing of the Earth's orbit is nothing new as was detailed in this article on the website Troubled Times, showing how the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) and other scientists had noticed the reduction in spin and reported it to the public.

An article in the December 13, 1984 Washington Post report that the Earth had experienced a sudden unexpected slowdown in rotation. Later, on July 15, 1988, an article in the Wall Street Journal stated "Why earth should have slowed isn't wholly understood," and further reported that scientists at the US Naval Observatory and at the Jet Propulsion Lab found that the "earth, like an unbalanced washing machine," has developed "wobbles as it spins." Still later in July, 1990, Omni Magazine reported that between January 24 to February 3, 1990, the Earth's rotation suddenly and unexpectedly slowed down again. US Naval Observatory scientists reported that the slowdown was more abrupt than usual. On August 9, 1991, the New York Times speculated as to the causes of the slowdown in the following article.

One of the main reasons I detest scientific theories, is that many of them simply don't make any sense and often produce data to fit the theory and not, a theory to fit the data. This can be shown by 'science's' theory of the Earth's Core.

According to seismologist Inge Lehmann in 1936, he concluded the Earth's Core must be solid due to experiments with earthquake generated seismic waves bouncing off the inner core and reflecting back to the surface to be recorded by sensitive seismographs.

Right at the heart of the Earth is a solid inner core, two-thirds of the size of the Moon and composed primarily of iron. At a hellish 5,700°C, this iron is as hot as the Sun’s surface, but the crushing pressure caused by gravity prevents it from becoming liquid.

However according to Dr. Fred Duennebier, Professor Department of Geology and Geophysics University of Hawaii, Honolulu he teaches his 8th grade students that and I quote

"We need to remember that gravity is the attraction of mass for other mass, so that when we're in a cave the mass of the rocks ABOVE us is pulling UP on us. So that even if we're closer to the center of mass of the earth, gravity will not go up much. If you are at the center of the earth, gravity is zero because all the mass around you is pulling "up" (every direction there is up)!"

Now consider what scientists the world over are telling us about the Earth's Core and remember that iron melts to molten liquid 1,535 degrees Celsius and you have some conflict.

This should help you to understand why the Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, Omni Magazine and JPL all have reported the Earth is slowing down, starting 1983 when NASA first reported that they had detected a large planetary mass on the edges of our solar system.

In layman's terms the reason for the slowing of the Earth's rotation is due to the stronger magnetic pull of Nibiru Planet X as it competes with the Sun for Earth's magnetic attention. What this means is when Nibiru moves closer to the earth as it passes out of our solar system it will slow the Earth's rotation to a stand still.

The reason I have mentioned the Earth's Core is because it does indeed create the Earth's Magnetic Field, not the rotation of the Earth or the Core, itself. The core of the Earth is a gigantic liquid magnet and because of this is also attracted to the stronger magnetic pull of Nibiru Planet X.

The Earth's Crust and the Earth's Core will realign themselves with the passage of Nibiru Planet X and come to a complete stop but the core being liquid and separate from the layers of the Earth's crust will eventually realign itself with the Sun as Nibiru Planet X moves away and accelerates out of the solar system. The Earth's core will begin spinning again, while the Earth's Crust and all it's layers will remain where they are.

The Pole Shift occurs when our Earth dramatically aligns itself with Nibiru Planet X and comes to a rotational stop, this stoppage of rotation is recorded in the histories of many civilizations throughout time and is even in the Bible.

That many have prophesied doom and gloom with the approach of that Planet known as Nibiru, also known as Planet X, and also known as Wormwood, but this Awareness will say that there have been mitigating circumstances around the arrival of Nibiru. It has been entrapped up to now in a force field, in a “gravitaional pocket” of the Sun for many, many months and has been held back from proceeding along a designed, designated route that it is following.

— The Awareness

Pole Shift Reversal

Some scientist believe we are already undergoing the process of Pole Reversal.
Some scientist believe we are already undergoing the process of Pole Reversal. | Source

Pole Shift Facts and Evidence

There is a city (actually two cities) submerged beneath the waves off the coast of India, called Dwarka (meaning gateway) or Atlantis of the East that has been excavated for the last thirty years. The evidence shows that these two cities were destroyed over 32,000 years ago, by weapons of mass destruction and sunk beneath the waves.

During our recent past there have been numerous archaeological discoveries made, that defy any rational explanation, based upon currently accepted beliefs regarding the history of mankind.

The Bosnian Pyramids also show an advanced civilization flourishing over 30,000 years ago, with five pyramids, that predates the Gaza Necropolis by thousands of years. What is interesting to note is that when archeological sites are found that could potentially rewrite our modern view of history, wars are often 'created' around them or military bases erected to prevent them from being excavated, explored and publicized.

The War in Bosnia would be a perfect example of this as well as the recent invasion of Iraq and so-called 'looting' of the Baghdad Museum. By creating war like conditions around these ancient archeological sites The Cabal can then send in teams of 'mercenaries' to loot these sites and remove all evidence and technology left behind.

After some 400 years of relative stability, Earth’s North Magnetic Pole has moved nearly 1,100 kilometers out into the Arctic Ocean during the last century and at its present rate could move from northern Canada to Siberia within the next half-century.

Geological evidence of our not so ancient past shows that even the largely accepted Ice Age Theory (created in the 1800s) for the shaping of the surface of our planet, is flawed and many scientist, archeologists and geologists no longer accept it as valid. Yet these new ideas and research continues to be censored from our education and the public.

Just as Volcanic Eruptions, Climate Change, the Earth's Rotation and Polar Shifts are being censored to prevent the public from making the connection and find the common denominator.

Past Polar Shifts

It is clear that past Polar Shifts have occurred on this planet in regular cycles and although much of this knowledge has been systematically eliminated from our history, enough of it has remained to awaken even the most skeptical in our society. The geological evidence shows that often a major global catastrophe regularly happens to our planet, in increments of 3,657 years.

Many ancient civilizations have attributed this to a rogue planet that orbits our Sun every 3,657 years. The ancient Sumerians (supposedly Earth's first civilization) had named this rogue planet, Nibiru (planet of the crossing) and NASA and other astronomers labelled it Planet X.

The Powers That Be have known of this planets existence for thousands of years and have systematically tried to eliminate all evidence of its existence from the public. They do this because they do not want the masses to survive this Extinction Level Event (ELE). They only want a select few that have been bred and genetically modified to survive so that they may create a superior race. Of course, they will require that at least 500,000,000 (million) survive as well, to work as their slave race. For more information on that, visit this article Secret Identity of Georgia Guidstone's Founder Revealed and remember that the first line on these mysterious blocks in Georgia reads:


However there is now a growing amount of evidence that this rogue planet, might not really be a planet after all but a large moon-sized Battle Star designed specifically to allow it's inhabitants (the Annunaki) the ability to cause destruction to any other magnetic planet simply by moving closing enough to it to cause a Polar Shift.

The reasons behind this only now are beginning to be revealed, that these natural Polar Shift cycles, are not so natural after all.

Every 3,657 years, which is the exact cycle of time that Nibiru Planet X takes to orbit our Sun and creates Polar Shifts on our planet, waves of Gamma Rays reach Earth from the center of the Universe that raise the vibrational frequency of every living being on the planet and the planet as well, causing them, us and the planet to Ascend or evolve. This is known throughout the Universe as a Stellar Activation Cycle and is as natural as the seasons are to us here on Earth, to the Cosmos.

About 246,000 years ago a Frequency Fence was erected around the planet to block this naturally occurring cycle from happening. The reason this fence was erected was to prevent humanity from Ascending naturally. This Frequency Fence is used in conjunction with the Nibiruean Battle Star to cause a tectonic plate shift that will not only rearrange the continents but also create ten mile high tidal waves that will scour the surface of the planet and remove all animal, plant and humans and any evidence of their civilizations from its face.

This has been done over and over again every 3,657 years, sometimes it is severe and total annihilation occurs and sometimes it is relatively mild. It all depends on how much progress the current race of humanity has achieved by the time the Stellar Activation Cycle arrives. This cleansing of the planet is known by the Zeta/Draco-Reptilian/Annunaki Alliance as a Tara Cleansing. They will invariably remove enough of their 'cattle' or humans to preserve the species, before the destruction occurs, in spaceships known as Arks.

The motive behind this genocidal destruction is to keep humanity enslaved. Members of the Draco-Reptilian Empire use the planet Earth and it's humans as a power source, they literally feed off our emotions and the strongest human emotion is fear. So by keeping humanity in a constant state of fear, they are able to harness that emotion as a power source or energy.

The Frequency Fence also serves the dual purpose of preventing the souls of the dead from moving into higher dimensions upon death and must be reincarnated over and over again, without the benefit of learning any new spiritual lessons. This Frequency Fence also sends are large electrical shock into the recently released soul, which creates a certain amnesia ensuring that each reincarnated soul upon its return to Earth completely forgets its link to higher dimensions.

  • This is why the true history of our past, planet and spiritual nature has been kept from us and why we have such a difficult time reconciling past events as they all seem to run together.
  • This is why our Pineal Glands have been purposely blocked by introducing fluoride into our water and any and all spiritual practices have been ridiculed and censored to a degree.
  • This is why their exists a permanent ban on ancient archeological discoveries, disinformation about our ancient ancestors and censorship of astronomical knowledge.
  • This is why much of our religious doctrine has been twisted, perverted and censored as well to prevent us from recognizing our true spiritual nature, divide our opinions and war between ourselves.

Keeping humanity in ignorance of our past, present and future prevents us from Ascending on our own. Creating a so-called 'natural (astronomical) disaster' anytime civilization becomes too advanced prevents any survivors from understanding the truth behind The Events and recording them for future generations.

However this time around The Council of Worlds has stepped in and is preventing the natural orbit (cycle) of Nibiru Planet X from being used to cause another Tara Cleansing and wiping our civilization from the face of the Earth.

This article Volcanic Eruptions, Climate Change, the Earth's Rotation and Polar Shifts was written not to spread fear but to help enlighten my readers that we need not fear the change that is coming but to embrace it and use it as a tool of spiritual enlightenment.

The Galactic Federation Forces have been key in this and have held back the approach of Nibiru, but it was always understood, because it has always been part of the Divine Design and Plan, that Nibiru would one day be released so that it can continue on its designated route, that it can pass Earth, not to the same degree, not in the same proximity as an earlier path would have led it. This was prevented and altered, a different “Timeline” presented that many have experienced . . .

— The Awareness

NASA and Nibiru Planet X


These subjects are riddled with disinformation designed to divide public opinion and create fear and although I was convinced early in my research that Nibiru Planet X, would cause a major geological upheaval and eventual Polar Shift, my research now shows me that an alternative timeline has been created.

This alternative timeline was created through a spiritually awakening of the public and the manipulation of the orbit of the Nibiru Planet X complex by The Council of Worlds. However by recognizing the deception and censorship of information, it allows us to make the connection between Volcanic Eruptions, Climate Change, the Earth's Rotation and Polar Shifts.

My contention is that the Nibiru Planet X complex that is made up of seven planets, was allowed to advance into our solar system until it reached our Sun. At this point its orbit was halted so that the glare from our Sun would obscure its detection by the public. This was done to allow more of our population to awaken spiritually and intellectually and also allow other 'events' to unfold that would allow our current civilization to Ascend or evolve to the next level or dimension.

I still expect for the Nibiru Planet X complex to eventually be allowed to continue its journey and leave our solar system, causing a Polar Shift but only after humanity as a whole has been allowed the opportunity to Ascend to the next level of human evolution.

Just as the False Flag 'terrorist event' of September 11, 2001, was a wake up call to many, so too was the discovery of The Cabal's deception involving the Nibiru Planet X complex and the lies of our true ancient history.

What is important to recognize is that most people simply cannot be told the truth, they must learn it on their own.

This is prevalent in all parts of our society, consider why the significant other is always the last to know when their spouse is cheating on them. It is because we do not want the truth to be known because we know it will change our world dramatically. So we deny it for as long as possibly until it can no longer be ignored.

  • So why we are certainly guilty of polluting our planet and adding CO2 to our atmosphere, we are not responsible for the increase in volcanic eruptions, large earthquakes and changing climate.

  • So while many articles have been recently published designed to create fear in the public minds of what would happen if the Earth rotation were to suddenly cease, the fact that it has happened in the past with the human race still surviving shows that it will not be the End of the World.

  • So we are certainly guilty of allowing ourselves to be deceived to the true nature of our spiritual, educational and intellectual existence, we do have the free will to choose to reeducate ourselves and find another way to live.

  • We can, if we truly desire, change the current paradigm of conditioning and embrace and adopt a paradigm of balance, harmony and unconditional love with our planet and each other.

Will their be some rough spots ahead, certainly but we are even now being given the opportunity to awaken and co-create this New Golden Age of Humanity before the Nibiru Planet X complex is allowed to proceed on its path out of our solar system and create an eventual Polar Shift on Earth?

So although The Cabal, Planetary Wardens (Annunaki) and the Zeta Reticuli/Reptilian Alliance has used the Nibiru Planet X Complex in the past to eradicate most of their cattle, this time around their own agenda will be used against them to allow humanity the opportunity to Ascend.

This article Volcanic Eruptions, Climate Change, the Earth's Rotation and Polar Shifts was written to inspire all of us to continue striving to discover our true nature and unlock the mysteries of the past so that we may create a brighter future for tomorrow.

The Nibiru Planet X Complex

This complex is currently in a holding pattern near our Sun, held in check by The Council of Worlds until more humans have awakened.
This complex is currently in a holding pattern near our Sun, held in check by The Council of Worlds until more humans have awakened. | Source

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    • somethgblue profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago from Shelbyville, Tennessee

      Yes, and I have read them and also listen to an interview he did which was quite good.

      Of course my point about volcanic activity is that almost all the monitoring stations for carbon dioxide are located near active erupting volcanoes, which kinda taints the results.

      While we have fifty erupting volcanoes erupting on the surface we have over 100,000 below the surface of the ocean, so like them lying about chemtrails, they are also lying about Climate Change.

    • sparkster profile image

      Marc Hubs 

      5 years ago from United Kingdom

      I haven't read through every word of this just yet so I'm going to come back to it later. However, I did pick up on the part about how volcanic eruptions emit high levels of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. As you know, chemtrail spraying started after the 1991 Mount Pinatubo eruption which caused the planet to cool down over the following year or two. So, essentially, they are using aerosols to cool down the planet whilst simultaneously using them to eliminate carbon dioxide levels, if the official story is to be believed. That seems quite strange to me. Also, I don't know if you've heard but highly reputable scientist Dr Marvin Herndon has just published a peer-reviewed scientific paper which proves that chemtrails are being sprayed, that they are responsible for the rise in mental illnesses such as autism and that they are intentionally spraying coalfly ash into the atmosphere. This is actually the second peer-reviewed scientific paper he has had published about chemtrails.


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