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Updated on June 13, 2016

Alumni are the by-product of the services provided by Alma-mater; a prosperous and enriched alumnus is a boon. Waving goodbye to such potential is a lapse of opportunities which could have otherwise visited, and bloomed the portrait of the institution. Alma-mater aids in building the best human resource for the world and the resulting channel should involve the realisation of prosperity which comes from its former scholars.

What good can alumni do its Alma-mater? An alumnus has a constitutive role in brand building; financial supporting and mentoring of new cadets. But often ex-students are of view that they have paid enough tuition fees to their respective institutions and, now in any regard, they are not liable to favour back the institution; in such cases arises the acute need of some action by institution to attract back its alumni and thus, ensure optimal utilization of opportunities next-door.

The first step in constructive building of an alumni association is to find out the practices to build an ideal alumni network:

1) Immensely spread network: Focus should be to connect all the dots and to gather maximum members; this way a lot of the contribution will be acknowledged. Initiatives should be taken to gather the masses; use of social networking sites is one example; furthermore, excellent quality services for alumni should be ensured.

2) Perks: Many universities offer discounted rates on car, home, and health insurance. Some schools even offer pet, travel, disability, or long-term care insurance, and this is one way to attract the masses. Most alumni associations offer discounted rates for airport parking, rental cars, and perks at hotel chains. And your ex- scholar may expect the same.

3) Purpose: An educated man searches for an apt reason rather than just perks, so if the alumni association is build up for a purpose, for example: motive behind an alumni association can be to help women achieve professional goals, based on this criteria alumni association; fostering executive women(FEW) of QUT university is founded.

4) Events: Events are an imperative and implicit part of the successful running of an alumni association. Events help people connect and it develops a sense of belongingness. An institution which is just trying to set up the foundation of its alumni association should start with an alumni reunion event. And these kinds of events also help in increasing the number of members in the association.

5) User-friendly websites- it should be simple to navigate through the alumni association’s website. Staff contact information should be easy to find and website should be updated regularly; because in today’s hi-tech world at such factors has an upper hand in building a strong alumni network. The best example of this is the university of Virginia alumni associations, which won a CAZE District III award last year.

6) Pleasing services- alumni may place a call at your office for some information and for these situations it should be ensured that institution has appropriate staff that can handle alumni and provide them with the best services. Furthermore, parking services etc should be ensured when alumni approach the event sites.

7) Career-related opportunities- An institution’s alumni observes prosperous personalities. An ideal alumni network should tap the experience of such personalities and should channel it in a right direction so that it helps create various personality development and job opportunities for the present lot of scholars.

Some rich alumni networks:

Examples are the pragmatic version of different notions. Therefore few examples of rich alumni network are being incorporated to provide a picturization of the alumnus. There are some established. Prominent alumni networks; that are well known for their association; benefactions and convocations. The ranking list for the same is led by Princeton College and Dartmouth College.

1) Dartmouth College: Dartmouth’s relationship with its alumni is very regarded in the world of higher education. Dartmouth’s alumni offer what every senior undergrad wants i.e. job security. The university’s tucks school of business links students to the financial capitals of the world through a formal mentorship programme. Students are directly connected with alumni that make names for themselves in the big world of business. Two third of the 2007 class credit alumni for their careers.

Dartmouth’s alumni: 77,235

Total number of students enrolled: 6,342

Percentage of alumni to management positions-39.62%

Percentage of alumni which actively donates: 49%

Famous Dartmouth alumni includes

Robert frost (1874-1963)

Daniel Webster

Kristen Gillibrand

Stephen Macht

Shonda rimes

Brian j. White

Leon black

Jeffrey r. Immelt

Paul zamecnik(1912-2009)

Aisha tyler

Timothy Geithner and many more.

2) Princeton College: Tigernet is Princeton’s online alumni community. Princeton maintains diverse alumni with former tigers found in industries varying from business to entertainment. Michelle Obama and Jodi Picoult both credit the University for third degrees. Princeton has highly active alumni in terms of donation according to the US news: over a two-year period, more than 62% of alumni gave their contributions.

Famous Princeton alumni include;

Woodrow Wilson, the 28th president of US, graduated in 1879

F.scott FitzGerald, one of the America’s greatest writers

George F. Kennan, best known for shaping U.S. policy during the cold war

Jimmy Stewart, an American film actor, received a B.A in architecture in 1929

Richard Feynman, an American professor and physicist who won the Nobel Prize in physicist in 1965.

Paul Volcker, American economist and former chairman of the Federal Reserve.

James Baker, served a secretary of state under president George H.W. bush from 1989 to 1992

Donald Rumsfeld, American politician, and businessman, he served as secretary of defence under president Gerald ford and George W. Bush

Bill Bradley, a former professional basketball player with the New York Knicks and three-term U.S senator from New Jersey, serving from 1979 to 1997.

3) HEC Paris business school: HEC Paris alumni were established in 1883 and it is evidently the largest alumni network in Europe. HEC alumni count up to 50,000 old grads based in 107 countries. Alumni association plays a vital role in promoting “HEC Paris brand “and fosters future development. It organises over 1000 events across the world and provides career coaching with 1000 experimented mentors.

Few Famous HEC alumni:


Jean-Paul Agon, CEO, L’Oréal

Nasser Al Ansari, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Qatari Diar, and Undersecretary of Qatar’s Office of the Prime Minister and Foreign Affairs

Jason Araghi, President, Green Beans Coffee Company

Francis Bouygues, Founder, Groupe Bouygues

Isabelle Guichot, CEO, Balenciaga

Bruno Lafont, CEO, Lafarge

Guy Morgan, Former Chairman and CEO, BlueStar Energy Solutions. And many more.


Pierre Bellon, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Sodexo

Daniel Bernard, Chairman of Kingfisher and MAF Retail Group, President of Provestis, President of the HEC Foundation

Mercedes Erra, Founder of BETC and the Executive President of Havas Worldwide

Philippe Foriel-Destezet, Honorary President, Adecco

Rick Thompson, former Corporate Vice-President of Microsoft. And many more.


The following personalities received the HEC Honorary Degree:

José Manuel Barroso, President of the European Commission

Jacques Delors, former Minister, former President of the European Commission

Bill Gates, co-founder and Chairman of Microsoft. And many more.

4) Melbourne business school: MBS alumni are a strongly networked community of leaders across the Australian and international business, government and not- for-profit communities.MBS alumni community includes 50,000 business graduates; 7,000 MBA graduates based in more than 90 countries.

MBS created the global alumni celebration in 2013 to increase alumni engagement and network around the world where they met with great success.GAC is a single alumni event with multiple mini celebrations and connects up to 600 alumni every year.

5) QUT University-QUT University has two alumni associations namely:

Brisbane executive club, it was founded in 1903 and includes past and present post graduate students of QUT business school. Alumnus have eminent personalities such as famous industry pioneers, business leaders, and professionals. It engages in executive day workshops and social events to create network opportunities.

And, fostering executive women (FEW) - established in 2003. It is an alumnus for current and past female postgraduate students. It is formed to celebrate the achievements of female business graduate through advocacy. Mentoring and networking opportunities. The main aim of FEW is to support female graduates toward executive leadership, business ownership, and commercial leadership


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