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Willfully Blind

Updated on May 4, 2016

A step at a time

This photo has little to do with the point we are trying to make. But at the moment we are considering the rocks on the hill I live on. I have lived here for over forty years. And I want to tell you that we have rocks. Real rocks. And large rocks. The stepping stone in the front of the steps is simply one of the rocks off this place.

That stepping stone is larger than most of our rocks. If you could see the pile of rocks that resulted from the plumbers digging a ditch for the water line, you would agree that rocks is one thing that we have. You know, a solid foundation.

Look at the rocks

This photo was not taken on my property. But it is on the same hill about one fourth of a mile down the road in the woods. The point I am making here is that this hill is a pile of large rocks with some dirt between the rocks. However it is pretty good dirt and can make a fine garden.

Here in the Ozarks where I live it has been getting real crowed lately. So, there was only one thing that I could do - go find a place to hide when I needed to. Just like you did when you were a kid. Your own little private "hid away". It might have been under the bed. Behind a book case. In a closet or some where. But your own little private place. O.K. I'm in my second childhood. So, I bought a few acres of woods in the county just east of me. So, my little private hiding place is some woods. Works great.

Closer to the point. Those woods are on a hill too. But what a difference. When God made that hill he just dumped down a bunch of gravel and scattered some dust over it. It is hard to work and hard to grow anything on. In fact after about three years I still have not found a rock on that hill a healthy man could not pick up with one hand. Any large rocks there now were hauled over in my truck to make seats, or a fire pit. I am still amazed at the difference, and only about twenty miles from my home "as the crow flies".

Look at the fossils

"Closer to the point. In that patch of woods I have been finding sea shell fossils. All over the place, and just scattered on top of the ground. I have not even tried to dig one up. I just look for a certain type of rock and it very likely will have the imprint of a sea shell in it. I have picked up over a dozen and a half already.

SO! According to the topographical maps that is at an elevation of about 2000 ft above sea level. And, it is approximately 600 miles from the closest ocean. How did all these fossils get there. Simple;

"The flood continued for forty days, and the water became deep enough for the boat to float. The water became deeper, and the boat drifted on the surface. It became so deep that it covered the highest mountains; it went on rising until it was about twenty five feet above the tops of the mountains." - (Genesis 7:17-20 GNT)

I know, you think the "Deluge" is a myth. The pseudo scientist have been telling you so. But I have proof right here on my own property that it is not. But instead is just as the Bible tells us.

I confess that I was feeling just a little special having hill top property with such proof on it. But then I ran into this information.

"In Mountains all over the world one can find sea shells and other marine fossils. These include the Sierras, the Swiss Alps, the Himalayas and many more."

O.K. So I am not so special. Such evidence is all around the world. Of course, that makes the doubters even "blinder".

Fossils everywhere.

In my checking for accuracy ,I ran into a fact that never entered my mind regarding fossils. Whether we are considering things that live in water, such as fish, or land animals and birds etc. or plants, the same fact applies.

It cannot become a fossil simply by dropping dead and laying there. It just will not work. What happens in nature is one of several things. 1. Scavengers will get it. You know. Like road kill and the birds, worms or other critters. 2, Weather can destroy the it. Wind, rain etc. 3. And if it is not destroyed by any of these things, bacteria is going to get it.

To become a fossil it must be buried very soon after death to seal it from the elements and air. Then it will be there to fossilize. Makes sense to me. So just a fossil in itself is evidence of a catastrophe such as a flood - even if just a local flash flood.

One such fossil is of special interest to me. 1976 workers in a diatomaceous earth quarry found an entombed whale in the quarry. My understanding is that this quarry is near Lompo, California. Depending on the map you look at, Lompo is about 5 to10 miles from the Pacific ocean, with an elevation of about 80 to 100 feet above sea level. I think each discovery made in this quarry is turned over to the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County.

Some one said this fossil was 80 ft. long and standing on it's tail. Now that takes a lot of force to push that fossil, and the others near it, that far with all the mud, silt and debris to bury it, then leave it there to dry.

But again, that makes sense. The Bible says;

"...on the seventeenth day of the second month all the outlets of the vast body of water beneath the earth burst open, all the floodgates of the sky were opened, and rain fell on the earth for forty days and night." (Genesis 7:11 GNT)

Near Chalonsur-Saone France is the hill Mont de Sautenay. It is a flat topped hill. In the rock of the summit is a fissure filled with animal bones. These bones are; cave lion, bear, rhinoceros, horse, ox, and deer, wolves etc. Now why would all of these bones be together in the top of a hill? Obvious to some one who is not trying to defend an agenda of millions of years. They were fleeing rising water. And it was not from some "global warming" but a sudden rise of rushing water.

Or consider the mass of fossils found at Cerro Ballena in the Atacame Desert, the driest non-polar desert in the world. This is about 40 metres above sea level.

About 40 whale fossils along with seals, dolphins and aquatic sloths all in the desert. They had to be washed up there and buried quickly. How did this happen? Again it was the deluge the Bible tells us about.

This find, like most of the others, scientists try to explain away. Have you noticed that most of these "scientific" articles are filled with words like, possibly, maybe, explanation, surmise etc. etc. etc. Now where I grew up that is not science. That is conjecture or guessing. Would you want your medicine given to you that way? Or your car repaired with that kind of guess work?

That is simply the blind leading the blind.

Billy Graham made a wise comment when he said;

"The Bible says there is no possible way of escape. Sooner or later we must leave our dream world and face up to the fact of God, sin and judgment."

"Fools say to themselves, 'There is no God'" (Psalms 14:1 GNT)


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