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Want to get Hypnotized?

Updated on July 29, 2012

I have been reading that a lot of people are opting for Hypnosis. They believe that it could be an alternative therapy for dealing with our day to day challenges besides treating mild to moderate diseases.

Below, I have tried to answer some very basic questions pertaining to hypnosis and how it works. Later on, in my hub I want to try to prove a point concerning this topic.

What is hypnosis?

Hypnosis is where a person loses the power of voluntary action and is highly responsive to suggestion or direction.

How does Hypnosis work?

A Hypnotist serves as a tutor for the hypnosis to work. He brings about a state of focused attention towards the patient's motive.

What Effects Does Hypnosis Have?

The Effects of Hypnosis varies from individual to individual.

  • Some have reported to get a feeling of detachment from the world and that makes them perform the activity they have got hypnotized for.
  • Some individuals are fully aware of the surroundings and are yet, able to carry out their hypnotic work.

My Analysis & Theory

We have two states of mind: Sub Conscious & Conscious mind

Hypnotherapy is based on the principal that the mind and body work together. When we tend to talk to ourselves either in a positive or negative way; it affects our actions since our sub-conscious mind becomes active.

Studies show that our Conscious mind comprises of just 12% of our total mind capacity thus, many of our actions come from our Sub Conscious mind.

The bottom line is that:-It is OUR Sub-conscious mind. O-U-R

So, why do we need a hypnotherapist to work on OUR mind. (Apologize to all the docs out there!) We should be able to have that control over our mind and our body so, that when we want; we can achieve it.

Question is:-How do we make our body and mind in OUR control?

There are many natural therapies which guarantee the above. Such as:- Meditation, Pranayam, Yoga.

It all goes back to the medieval ages where each man was his own doctor and they had ways to conquer their mind and body. With the rise in the health insurances and with the state of our economy. We could take charge of it.

Maybe this rise in inflation is an indication for man to start being his own doctor and try to work on his sub-conscious mind.

Since, being an Arthritis patient; I have a few steps outlined which I have been using it on myself since the pain tends to overwhelm me and my lifestyle on a daily basis.

Step 1:-Each Morning; Detach from the community

Do not worry which friend is doing what and just get centered within yourself. Close your eyes and feel the pain and the pinch in your body.

Step 2:-Take a few deep breaths

Visualize the oxygen going in those places where it hurts. Feel the sensation. Let your sub-conscious mind feel the muscle relax of that area.Keeping your eyes shut. Be in that moment until you feel comfortable.

Step 3:-Slowly open your eyes

Look around the room. Stretch a little and you will feel the intensity of pain in that area diminish substantially.

The Yoga of deep breathing and visualizing the effected areas being charged with the extra pump of oxygen makes all the difference.

It is our mind and our body which come together to help make us stay healthy!


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