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Want to learn hypnosis?Come here.Free guides on how to hypnotize someone.

Updated on November 3, 2013

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How To Hypnotize Someone

Before you learn the tricks of how to hypnotize someone, it is important to understand the effects hypnosis can have on the other person.I will summarize the most important points of these talks next:

  1. All hypnosis is self-hypnosis,there is no thing as mind control since the individual decides what to imagine and feel.
  2. Real hypnosisi is not what you see on TV for entertainment purposes.
  3. Hypnosis is a natural state of the mind and a powerful force for self-development and insight.

If you expect a hypnotized person to be in a state of trance, stare into nothingness, and agree to your every suggestion and command, you are probably drawing your reference from a sci-fi movie. The reality is quite the opposite. The subjects of hypnosis are often aware – at least partially – of their surrounding and events happening around them. It is a state of heightened alertness and increased responsiveness a person can be induced into, with or without their knowledge and consent. Mostly, people do not feel anything unordinary when under the spell of hypnosis.

That is what real hypnosis is.

Now you know what real hypnosis is,you might be asking yourself the question how to hypnotize someone?

Well,I will show you the required steps to do it instantly next:

1.Tell the other individual they will remember the whole session.

By doing this they will remember every single detail,which will be useful not only to improve further sessions but also for gaining insight from the subconscious mind.It goes without saying that all electronic equipment,devices and distractions should be turned off at this time.

2.Reassure the individual they will be in control de whole session.

This is really important,since it starts the relaxation process and will avoid further resistance.Be mindful of the person's energy level since it's too low they will fall asleep.Pre-scheduling the session will do the trick.Believe it or not they are already hypnotized at this point!

3.The induction.

Although this step is the meat of all the process,every single phase is required for it to be effective.

  • First of all,tell the individual to close their eyes and begin imagining a place of happiness,and begin to describe in detail what this place is like,using words to engage all five senses.
  • With a slow pace and a deep tone of voice time your words to the individual's breathing and begin describing how their body parts begin to relax completely.Begin with the feet and end your instructions when you reach describing how their head is completely relaxed say"now your whole body is completely relaxed."
  • Begin adding suggestions to deepen the relaxation state.

This is where you will help the individual enter into a more relaxed state and then you will add any more suggestions you have previously written or memorized.

Here are some signs that will tell you that your subject is/or was in a deeply relaxed state:

*uncontrollable fluttering of eyelids

*flattening of facial musculature

*twitching of legs, fingers, or arms

*depth of breathing

4.Waking up

This is the last step on how to hypnotize someone and it's where you will say to the individual to wake up relaxed and energized at the count of 10.As you begin to count from 10 to 1 you will begin to speak faster and you will finally say something along the line of"1...You are completely aware,fully relaxed and energized."That's it!You hypnotized someone without them even knowing because you relaxed them with your prep talk and you also performed a complete hypnotic session.

To understand what hypnosis is very crucial.In fact,it is seen as special psychological mood in which an individual functions at another level of awareness other than the ordinary conscious state.How to hypnotize someone is easy especially if the individual has the technical knowhow of how the whole process works.

Just knowing how to hypnotize someone or how to become a hypnotist is not enough, to succeed in this field you have to put in loads of hard work, and be thoroughly dedicated.


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